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How to clean cloth seats

2005 Prius is shown with dirt and grim that hasn’t been cleaned in over 10 years!!! Be sure to like and subscribe for more. Thanks guys!

11 Simple Tricks to Protect Your Car in Winter

Do you drive a car? Do you wanna save yourself quite a bit of time and effort in the winter months? In most parts of the world, winter means snow, frosty weather, hot chocolate…and an ordeal for drivers. Changing the tires, cleaning snow and ice off the car in the morning, defogging the windshield and windows — and the list goes on and on. You wake up one fine winter morning to find your windshield perfectly frozen. Breaking the winter spell can take a while, and it’s especially painful if you’re in a rush to get to work or school. There’s an easy home solution for you. Mix vinegar with water in a 3:1 ratio, and spray this solution onto clear windows to prevent them from getting icy overnight. One easy way to fix a frozen car lock is by using regular hand sanitizer. The alcohol in it will remove the ice and allow you to unlock your car. If you want to know what other tricks are, watch our new video! TIMESTAMPS: A solution for icy windows 0:52 Socks on windshield wipers 1:42 Fix a frozen car lock 2:26 Prevent doors from freezing 3:04 Fix foggy windows 3:35 Avoid frosty side mirrors 4:15 Prevent frozen or foggy headlights 4:34 Winter survival kit 5:08 Keep your gas tank at least half full 5:54 Start a car in the cold 6:14 Get your car out of a snowbank 7:13 #cartricks #carhacks #drivinginwinter Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - In a spray bottle, mix the following ingredients: 20 fl oz of rubbing alcohol, 6.7 fl oz of water, and 1 drop of dish detergent. Spray the mixture onto the icy windows, and the ice will melt away. - Socks on windshield wipers might sound like a name for an indie pop band, but it’s actually a quick way of preventing your wipers from freezing to the windshield. First trick: leave them in a raised position as you park overnight. - To keep a car lock from freezing, try spraying a little WD-40 into the keyhole. If you take a moment to do this simple procedure before the cold days of winter hit, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble! - It turns out that using a regular cooking spray that can be found in any supermarket will help you forget about this pesky problem. Just spray it onto the rubber seals on the top, side, and bottom of car doors, and rub it in with a paper towel. - The kitty litter will absorb moisture and prevent fog from ever happening. A word to the wise — never leave open water bottles or other drinks in your car overnight. - To avoid ice on side mirrors, you can cover them overnight with plastic bags fitted in place with rubber bands. When you take off the plastic bags the following day, you’ll see that the mirrors are free of ice, and you won’t have to clean them! - Clean the headlights thoroughly of any dirt, and let them dry. Then apply a thin layer of wax. This will prevent snow and moisture from accumulating on your lights, and you’ll be able to get wherever you need to go safely this winter. - The US Marine Corps Winter Survival Course Handbook recommends that you keep enough water and some food (mostly dry snacks) in your car during the winter months. - The last thing you want when you’re driving in the cold is your vehicle’s engine failing. To prevent that from happening, keep your gas tank at least half full. - It might sound obvious, but still — parking in a garage or under or near something big (like a tree or building) will keep your car warmer overnight and help you start it more easily in the morning. - It’s a good idea to keep a couple of bags of kitty litter in your trunk. If your car becomes stuck in hard snow or ice, sprinkle some cat litter in front of the tires, and you’ll get out of that mini crisis easily. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:


Here We Show You How To Properly Clean NASTY DIRTY Cloth Upholstery so they will look new again and it will last a lifetime..all for just a few minutes a year! Click "SHOW MORE" Below for the TOOLS used to make this video Hello Everyone, SWEET PROJECT CARS here with cool, trick and affordable ways to do things for the DIYER'S OF THE UNIVERSE! Tools: Wet and Dry Shop Vac Carpet Extractor Oxiclean Funnel Spray Bottles Dish Soap Glass Cleaner Rubbing Alcohol Drill Brush Crevice Tool Duct Tape House Fan 3M Scotch Guard Scrub Brushes Plastic Jug We had to go over this SEAT 5 TIMES to get the original light blue color back! 21 YEARS OF NEVER CLEANED AND NEGLECTED CLOTH.. Here We Show You How To Properly Clean NASTY DIRTY Cloth Upholstery so they will look new again and it will last a lifetime..all for just a few minutes a year! The Vehicle we perform this on was a 1998 Mercury, it looked to have never had the seats cleaned in its lifetime, as you can see the seat before and after condition. So keeping up with your vehicle looking sweet is not very difficult. SO LETS GIT ER DUN !

16 Benefits of Baking Soda

16 Benefits of Baking Soda. Check out these super easy uses for baking soda to make your life easier Latest Video : Please Like & Share. Thanks for subscribe. ------------------ Facebook : Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: ------------------ El Magicia by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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Easy way to you own clean you car seats o carpet,not expensive its too cheap all you need is 20 Dollars.

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