How to texture canvas / Texturing canvas with GESSO for abstract painting / Demonstration

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Abstract Painting / GOLD metallic / Acrylic / Textured / Project 365 days / Day#027/ Golden Story

Demonstration of abstract painting using gold metallic acrylic and gesso from project 365 days / Day #027 Info about my abstract painting Instructional workshop video for SALE @ Instagram : Facebook : Facebook : Email :

How to Create a Textured Canvas with Spackling

DIY textured canvas made with spackling and common household items. Check out the video where I paint it. Link down below. Textured Abstract Painting: Tools to Create Textured Art: Please Subscribe! Visit Studio SIlver Creek on Facebook: My Other Channels: (Mixed Media Channel) Visit BeCre8ive2 on Facebook: (Polymer Clay Channel) Visit InClayNation on Facebook: Pinterest: Music Credits: "Music for Manatees" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Direct Link:

BobBlast 206 - "More Fun with Gesso!"

More Fun with Gesso! Welcome back to another BobBlast. Gesso, as you know, is a paint primer. It’s the first paint coat applied to stretched canvases. Its purpose is for better adhesion for subsequent layers of acrylic of oil paint. You may recall I also brush or squeegee gesso on my 300 lb watercolor paper - for the same reason. I prefer painting on the dried, hard gesso, instead of the natural soft paper. And… there is also the added fun benefit of introducing texture at this point. The gesso I like to use is thick - so instead of a smooth finish, adding texture by scraping lines or stamping patterns in the applied gesso is ideal at this time - while it is still wet. My added textures of choice, besides scraping lines and imprinting bubble wrap for a heated pattern, is layering tissue papers into wet gesso. Another product I like using for texture is Heavy Texture Gel Medium. I trowel it on for a similar effect. You can watch me demonstrate these techniques in the video. Also available for creating texture are high-peaking thicker gels and gesso for building and sculpting. All art catalogs and better art stores have a variety to choose from. When all the above dries, I begin painting. The finished surface will appear to look like thick paint, when actually very little paint was used. There are books and classes on texturing - but for me, this is what I’ve narrowed it down to! Play with the surface before painting!

Homemade Gesso and Texture Paste

In this video I show you how you can make your own Gesso and Texture Paste and save art/crafting $$ for other supplies. I should mention I do not know the archival quality of these homemade products or if they are acid free. Recipe for Gesso: GESSO ¼ cup Plaster of Paris (or you can use baby powder) I prefer the texture I get from the Plaster of Paris. ¼ cup water ½ cup white acrylic paint (or whatever other color you’d like to use. Mix in black if you want some black gesso) ¼ cup white glue (I buy the cheap Dollar Store glue for this) Pour all ingredients into an air tight container and mix WELL. You want to make sure all of your Plaster of Paris is mixed in very well. If you want a heavier Gesso then simply add more Plaster of Paris. If you want a light Gesso, add a bit more paint. And the recipe for Texture Paste: TEXTURE PASTE ½ cup Gesso ¼ cup ModPodge 1 cup Plaster of Paris (or again, you can use baby powder here instead if you prefer) Pour all ingredients into an air tight container and mix WELL. You want to make sure all your Plaster of Paris is mixed in very well. If you’d like a thicker paste, just add more Plaster of Paris. I’ve also used Wall Repair Compound or the pre-mixed Drywall Compound You can follow/stalk me here: My Blog: My Instagram: My Twitter: My Pinterest:

Abstract Painting Demonstration Acrylics With Water | Surfer Rosa

In this video I realize an abstract painting on 4 canvases. The set measures 160x60cm. The particularity of this painting is that I will use a lot of water to create a background with a lot of details. DVD -------- Dear friends who speak English, the free "Secrets Of Abstract Painting" DVD is only available in French for the moment. If you wish you can join my full training course to become an abstract painter which is available in English. --------------------------------------------------------- ஜ۩PAINTINGLESSON.TV۩ஜ Do you enjoy my abstract painting demo and wish to learn about abstract painting in more detail, from the comforts of your own home? Discover PaintingLesson and get access to my painting tutorial with audio explanations --------------------------------------------------------- ஜ۩SUBSCRIPTION۩ஜ Thanks for watching ;) If you have enjoyed this video, subscribe to support me and automatically receive future videos. Click here for subscribe: If you prefer to receive an email each new video: If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments ;) --------------------------------------------------------- ◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈Links☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈ You can follow me here: My Website: ▲ My Website : ▲ My painting lessons website: ▲ Ask John Anything: Social Network ▲ Facebook : ▲ Twitter : ▲ Youtube Channel : ▲ Pinterest: ▲ Instagram: ----------------------------------- SEND STUFF TO: John Beckley 10 lot de la noue de givry 51130 Villers aux bois FRANCE ----------------------------------- Music Music by Joakim Karud

Demonstration of texturing canvas with gesso using palette knife and pencil...

Tools : palette knife and pencil

Materials : stretched canvas and gesso

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