Zotye T500 2018 1.5T Flagship SUV Interior and Exterior Overview

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ZOTYE T600 Sport 2018

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New 2018 Zotye T500 SUV Unveiled On The Shanghai Auto Show In China

This is the new Zotye T500, and it is surprisingly original for the infamous ripoff automaker. Sure there are some influences visible here and there, Skoda comes to mind, but overall it is almost as if the Zotye designers had a real idea of their own. And it didn’t turn out that bad… Handsome side profile with a high bonnet, a thick roof, black wheel arches, and a blacked-out D-pillar. That thick-roof design is something we are seeing a lot recently on new Chinese SUVs. New trend! The T500 will be positioned between the Zotye T300 and the Zotye T600. There really isn’t much space there. T300: 56.800 to 93.800 yuan. T600: 79.800 yuan to 149.800 yuan. But Zotye won’t be Zotye if they wouldn’t squeeze the T500 right in the middle, and I bet they will do a T400 too. So price for the T500 will likely start around 70.000 and end around 110.000 yuan. Engine? What do you think?!? No need to guess. The T500 will get the same 1.5 turbo as all the other Zotye’s, including, yes really, the T300 and the T600. Same engine; in all of ‘m. It has 156 hp and can be had with a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic. Horses go to the front wheels. The interior is nice with alcantara seats and a clean layout. 8.8 inch touch screen is on the small side for a new Zotye. Steering wheel is very sporty and the instrument panel is fully digital. Screen stands atop the center stack. Below the stack are the vents, and below that what seems to be another screen or touch screen, likely to control the air conditioning. The T500 will be equipped with a PM2.5 clean-air filter to keep the evil air pollution particles out of the cabin. The safety equipment is impressive; the top end models will get: body stability system, traction control, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and a night vision system. Chinese car makers are starting to take safety very serious.

2017 Zotye T700 SUV Interior and Exterior Overview

This is not a Porsche Macan. This instead is the new Zotye T700 from China, developed and manufactured by Zotye Automobile, a local Chinese automaker with quite some expertise in copying cars. The Zotye T700 will be launched on the Chinese car market in 2016. This is the Porsche Macan. Overall design is 99% similar. And check the grille, the bumpers, the aur inlets, the shape of the roof, the mirrors, and even the shape of the doorhandles. Zotye did not forget the strip on the low end of the doors, and made it more shiny with a lot of chrome. The Zotye T700 is the new flagship for the Zotye SUV line. It will be positioned above the current Zotye T600, the upcoming Zotye T600 Sport, and the upcoming Zotye T600S. The Zotye T700 will be powered by a 177hp 2.0 turbo and by a yet mysterious new 3.0 V6 turbo that is currently under development at Zotye. Price for the T700 will start around 170.000 yuan or 27.390 USD according to today’s exchange rate. Price for the Porsche Macan starts at 558.000 yuan or 89.920 USD. Some say the local Chinese automakers will one day stop copying cars. But I think that might take a while. It is much easier today to copy a car than it was some ten years ago, mostly because software and computers that are used for the copy-paste process have become much cheaper and easier to use. I heard that when it comes to motorbikes, all a Chinese company has to do is scan a picture from a brochure, and the computer will design the rest. When this sort of software becomes available for doing cars the age of the Chinese copy will take off like warplane, instead of dying down.

2018 Zotye Domy X7. Бюджетная копия Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE за $15300.

Zotye Domy X7 - Бюджетная копия концепта Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE. Официальная премьера модели состоялась на автомобильной выставке в городе Чэнду на территории Китая в конце 2016 года. Дизайн Zotye Domy X7 практически во всем повторяет концепт немецкого автомобиля VW, небольшим правкам подверглись лишь некоторые элементы. Габаритные размеры составляют 4736 мм в длину, ширина равна 1942 мм, высота - 1672 мм, колесная база достигает 2850 миллиметров. Интерьер Domy X7 был также перерисован с концепта немецкого кроссовера. Качество материалов и самой сборки порядком ниже, но внешне не вызывают особых нареканий. Пакет оснащения машины может включать сенсорный 10-дюймовый экран мультимедийной системы, трехзонный климат-контроль, электропривод передних кресел и крышки багажника, бесключевой доступ с кнопкой запуска двигателя, электрический стояночный тормоз, панорамную крышу с люком и др. В пакет безопасности может входить адаптивный круиз-контроль, система мониторинга слепых зон, парктроник, камера заднего вида и многое другое. Стандартная версия авто имеет 5-местную конфигурацию, а в качестве опции доступен вариант на семь посадочных мест. Зоти Доми X7 базируется на шасси с передней подвеской типа MacPherson и независимой многорычажной конструкцией в задней части. Привод осуществляется на передние колеса. Тормозная система полностью дисковая, усилитель руля электрический. Подкапотное пространство Zotye Domy X7 занимает турбированный 1.8-литровый мотор с пиковой мощностью 177 л.с. и максимальным крутящим моментом 245 Нм или же 2-х литовый турбомотор, выдающий 190 л.с и 250 Н.м. Заявленное среднее потребление топлива составляет 8.5 л/100 км. Работают моторы с механической коробкой передач на 5 скоростей или 6 ступенчатым автоматом. Цена в Китае начинается от $15300 за самую простую версию кроссовера и заканчивается на отметке в $23000.

2017 Zotye T600 Coupe 1.8T Interior and Exterior Overview

Zotye is following Haval’s example by launching ever more variant and variant of variants of exiting cars, all based on the same platform with the same engines and almost the same price points. The latest addition to the Zotye lineup is the T600 Coupe, the production version of the T600 S concept. It is based on the Zotye T600. It should not be confused with the T600 Sport, which is a sporty version of the T600. The T600 Coupe is also a sporty version of the T600, but with an extra unique design; most notably at the front with new lights and a new grille and at the completely different D-pillar with. Interestingly, the design of the dash differs from both the T600 and the T600 Sport. It has a digital instrument panel, an 8-inch touch screen, which is not very large for today’s standards, perforated pedals for extra Coupe speed, and loads of orange leather. The digital instruments look amazing, sadly we can only see a tiny bit on this photo. The touch screen is pretty good too, with a multi-blue colored ‘grid’ and some cool graphics on the right. The T600 Coupe does indeed look more sporty than the T600 and T600 Sport. There will be two engines available, the same engines as in the T600: a 1.5 turbo with 150hp and a 2.0 turbo with 180hp. Strangely, the T600 Coupe won’t get the newer 190hp 2.0 turbo that powers the T600 Sport. Maybe it will get this engine in the future, Zotye can then call it the T600 Coupe Sport.

Time now for some careful praise for Zotye; they just launched their new Zotye T500 SUV and it is not really a copy of any other car. And for Zotye that is progress. Good work guys!

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