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Balaji's Tanjore Paintings - Chennai City Reviews

Tanjore Paintings - Balaji Kalai Koodam Tanjore painting is one of the ancient traditional and classical painting art form. It is believed that King Saraboji had discovered this form of painting. Since it originates from Tanjore (Thanjavur), the art is named after the town. The specialty of Tanjore painting is the usage of original gold foils, stones and pearl to enrich the appearance of the painting. Art and craft have jelled together in the making of these wonderful paintings. The face of the painting is designed by art and jewellery craftwork is done by using Gold, Diamond and Ruby. Government sector had taken various motivational steps to encourage the art by arranging free exhibitions for the promotion of Tanjore paintings. Artists and patrons of this art also conduct Tanjore painting art exhibitions in many places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. Tanjore painting symbolizes the classical richness and tradition of ancient Indian arts & culture. The classic Tanjore painting has the caliber to attract the viewers a lot. For example, if you look at this Andal picture from any angle, you would get an impression as if the image is looking at you. The water proof Tanjore paintings are made of original gold, stones and other precious materials. Since it is grabbing the attention of many people, youngsters and students take a lot of interest in learning the art. Many home makers, college and school going students are approaching us keenly to learn the art. We conduct two month courses for teaching the Tanjore painting. Classes are being held on alternate days of the week like Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays based on their convenient time schedule. Many of our students after learning the techniques of the art well, teach others in many other places of India and even in abroad like California, Singapore, etc. They exhibit their talents and creativity. Tanjore painting represents a traditional and classical Indian art. Government sector and authorities are making full fledged efforts to protect the art from vanishing. We also do our best for flourishing the art by teaching the classical painting art to many youngsters. We also do rework some of the earlier sketched paintings. We would certainly ensure that this art lives forever.

Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore paintings are in more demand now than ever before for their beauty. The increase in the artists and the affordability by the purchasers is taking these paintings abroad.

Art and an Address - A Documentary on Tanjore Painting |Priyanga S Pillay

An exploration of Tanjore Painting which is a unique and fanciful form of Indian indigenous arts. Produced by the Department of Media and Communication, CUTN.

Ancient Indian Sculptures show International Connections - Brihadeeswarar Temple

Follow Me on: Instagram................ Twitter...................... Facebook.............. Website.................... We are in Brihadeeswara Temple in India, and I am going to show some solid evidence that ancient Indians were well connected to the rest of the world. This temple was built in 1010 A.D, so it's just over a thousand years old. You can see plenty of Gods and saints carved on the temple tower, but here you can see a European carved on the temple. This is really surprising because Historians will tell us the first European to reach South India was Vasco Da Gama in 1498, but this temple was built 500 years before his arrival. Does this carving really show a European? To understand this, let's take a look at this carving in the same temple which shows how ancient Indians looked and dressed. You can see how they wore a lot of jewelry, but usually did not wear shirts because South India is a very hot place. Notice the hairdo where they pulled up the hair to the side. This is confirmed by another carving which shows a similar hairdo, and it also shows a broad nose. Going back to this figure, you'll see the exact opposite. He wears a top hat, but no jewelry. His shirt is shown with long sleeves and a collar because it is usually cold in Europe. His nose is carved sharp, and he even has a beard, as opposed to Indians who were clean shaven. His hair is let loose to the sides, and if you look at his hands and his face, it is almost looking like he is posing for the sculptor who made it. If you compare this carving with Robert II, the King of France during the same period, it is almost an accurate match. Notice that the beard and the hair of the King matches with the carving. Even the long sleeves and collar are consistent. The only difference is that the King is shown with a crown in Europe, and here he is shown with a hat. It is very likely that this carving shows King Robert II of France because only Gods, Kings and Saints are usually carved on Hindu temple towers. How is such an accurate carving possible? Were the world leaders connected 1000 years ago, just like they are connected today? Are there any other carvings in this temple that show people from other countries as well? Here is another carving in the same temple that is also quite incredible. This clearly shows a Chinese man with a long beard and a long mustache. Here is a painting of an ancient King who ruled China. Look how, he too has a long beard and a long mustache. Remarkably, he wears a similar headdress in the painting, just like the carving shows. History tells us that the world was not connected before 1500s, but these carvings clearly show that the Indian King Raja Raja had international connections on both sides of the world. How were these international communications possible without advanced technology? Please visit for intriguing and interesting places on the planet. #Ancientcivilizations #India #Disclosure

Making of Tanjore Paintings by Madhurya

Tanjore paintings are the traditional form of Art in India which dates back to Marathas invasion of south India during 16th century. The beauty and uniqueness of tanjore paintings lies in the use of 22 carat gold foil and the natural colors applied for coloring purpose, along with semi precious stones. For Madhurya's collection of tanjore paintings visit:

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