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Diy glass painting tricks and tips for beginners

Latha Mani Rajkumar teaches glass painting tricks and tips for beginners.. Latha Mani Rajkumar can be reached at: No. 17/9 Second Link Street, CIT Colony, Mylapore, Chennai - 6000004. Land Line : 044 24992586 Mobile: 9884415279 Mobile: 9884975279

Paintings of Thanjavur - Filling Final Round

Thanjavur paintings are notable for their adornment in the form of semi-precious stones, pearls, glass pieces and gold. The first stage of painting process is preparing a base or canvas for the painting. Traditionally only three colors of stones are used in the painting that is red, green and white. The glass stones are fixed using adhesive on the places where jewels and accessories are drawn. Thin chalk powder paste is applied on the pasted stones and areas where embossed effect is needed. Once it is dried, wet cloth is used to clean the paste off the stones. Thick paste of chalk powder is poured in a cone to make the designs on the painting. This design is locally called ‘nice subbal’. The designs are drawn on the borders, jewels, thrown and on other accessories and kept to dry. Once dried, gold leaf is cut into required shape, size to paste on the embossed area and design. The next step is painting. For more information visit Write to us at

DIY/Flower Pot out of Disposable Plastic Glass/Best Out Of Waste Idea

Hello friends, decorate your home by using disposable glasses.This best out of waste idea is very easy and beautiful.This is an easy craft idea for home, room decor.Enjoy.

Tanjore Painting Tips and Tricks- Applying gold foil

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Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore paintings are in more demand now than ever before for their beauty. The increase in the artists and the affordability by the purchasers is taking these paintings abroad.

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