Best Pictures Of The Magical World Of Snails.

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World Snail Racing Championships 2017

Over 150 snails slugged it out in the annual World championships on Saturday 15th July 2017. The Championships have been running since the 1960s. The gastropod games are held on top of a table, which has a special damp cloth spread out on it. The cloth has three circles marked on it. The snails are placed in the middle and the first one to reach the outer circle is crowned the winner. The races are started by a shout of “ready, steady, slow” by Neil Riseborough who is the organiser of the quirky event. Anyone, young or old, can take part in the World Snail Racing Championships. Competitors may bring their own snails from their gardens if they wish. The championship heats are held throughout the afternoon, with a grand final at the end with all the heat winners. The winner receives a silver tankard, which is stuffed with lettuce leaves as a reward for the triumphant snail. The Guinness World Record was set back in 1995, when a snail called “Archie” completed the 13in (33 centimetres) course in a far from sluggish time of two minutes and 20 seconds. The Championships are held as part of a local fete and entrants pay 20p for each snail to race. Weather conditions were cloudy but pretty humid, which made for slow going or sluggish. Last year's winner, Herbie 2 returned to see if he could take back-to-back titles – but it wasn’t to be, he was knocked out in the first round! This year's winner was Larry, owned and trained by Tara Beasley 41, from Castle Acre in Norfolk. His time was 2 minutes and 47 seconds. His prize a tankard of rocket salad leaves.

AWOLNATION - Sail Parody - ASHELLNATION - Snail Petody

No snails were harmed in the making of this video. Blame it on my mucus trail. Subscribe to The Pet Collective: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Pinterest: Google+: See the official video here: ***Snail Lyrics*** Snail! This is how I wear my shell I'm climbing up a garden pail I blame it on my mucus trail, baby! This is how a land snail moves Blame it on my sluggish 'tude Blame it on my mucus trail, baby! Snail! Snail! Snail! Snail! Snail! Maybe I'll go eat these leaves Maybe I'll go climb a tree Blame it on my mucus tail, baby! BRIDGE Snail with me into a park Snail! Snail with me into a park Snail! Directed Written Produced and Edited By: The Olde Money Boyz Stephen Cedars Benji Kleiman Scott Yacyshyn Vocals by Ben Stumpf Supervising Producer - Nicholas Fabiano Composer - Antonio Pontarelli

Cedarmont Kids - O Be Careful Little Eyes

Music video by Cedarmont Kids performing O Be Careful Little Eyes. (C) 1995 Cedarmont Kids

The Magical World Of Disney Junior Intro

What's more magical than a castle full of Disney characters? Not much, except for a castle full of Disney and Pixar characters. We had the pleasure of bringing the Magical World of Disney into the Disney Junior landscape. We crafted a fully CG castle, complete with a lush vista of green hills. The real challenge here was aligning all of the rotoscoped artwork from the various movies into one seamless scene. Brien still tears up every time he sees Mickey and Minnie waving at the top of the castle, which means he tears up anytime he sees this page

Snails have always been one of the most unique and interesting species to me. But it’s not that simple to capture the beauty of these tiny creatures, because they seem to be very shy and usually prefer to hide in their little “houses.”

Many photographers, however, find these cute creatures to be a great subject for their work and have enough patience to wait as long as it takes for the snails to decide to show their beauty to the world.

Take a look at these photos of the magical world of snails. If you also have a photo that captures these lovely creatures, be sure to add it here and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!
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