Best Pictures Of The Magical World Of Snails.

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Tutorial Macro 5 2016 ( How To Make Macro Stage Snail )

Photographing Macro With Lensbong - Lensbong it what the heck? Lensbong it is lens-Dismantled. Well, this lensbong designation for ocular lenses handmade for HP built from modified certain camera lens. This Lensbong can make the images HP cameras so more detail. Photography to photograph small objects with detail that is sharper and clearer. If using a camera phone would be difficult to produce images like the one above. The solution is to add a special eyepiece for HP with effect macros. Now, the ocular lens specifically for HP actually is already sold in the market, and not only for macro photography, but also wide effects, and also the fish eye. Macro photography is a technique of taking photos of objects within a very close, to get details of objects that are very small (less than 2 cm). Macro image capture is usually done with a digital SLR camera, using a special lens that normally costs practically very expensive. With the development of the camera on the mobile phone or smartphone, whether taking photos with macro technique can be done with a camera phone? The answer is very able. ================================================= MI 4I PHOTOGRAPHY FANPAGE MI PHOTOGRAPHY Instagram : twitter:

How to Draw a Snail Easy Step by Step

Easy step by step tutorial on how to draw a snail, pause the video at every step to follow the steps carefully. Enjoy ;) - Facebook:

Cedarmont Kids - O Be Careful Little Eyes

Music video by Cedarmont Kids performing O Be Careful Little Eyes. (C) 1995 Cedarmont Kids

The Snail Song | Simple Lullaby for Kids

The snail song is a simple nursery rhyme and lullaby for kids. Music and video animation by our friends at Easy Kids Songs: Watch the "Draw a Snail" activity on the Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse channel: Watch the full Maple Leaf Learning Song for Kids playlist: -------------------------------------------------------- Check out our Peekaboo Animal apps for kids here: Apple App Store: Google Play Store: Get more information about these apps on our website: -------------------------------------------------------- Download "Snail Song" from Sing and Play Purple on: iTunes: Amazon: CD Baby: Find a Shop in your Country: -------------------------------------------------------- Teacher and Parent Resources: Visit our website for more information about our songs: Download song flashcards, worksheets, coloring activities and more in our Resource Library: Check out our Teacher's Videos on the Maple Leaf Learning Club YouTube Channel: -------------------------------------------------------- Follow us online: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google: Linkedin: -------------------------------------------------------- The Snail Song Lyrics: Two little eyes, one and two. One pretty shell. Nice to meet you. He has no legs, just a tail. It’s a snail, it’s a snail, it’s a snail. Snail, snail crawling on my knee. Snail, snail he likes me. Snail, snail crawling on my head. Snail, snail time to go to bed. Snail, snail crawling on my knee. Snail, snail he likes me. Snail, snail crawling on my head. Snail, snail time to go to bed. Snail, snail time to go to bed. Copyright Maple Leaf Learning

The Magical World Of Disney Junior Intro

What's more magical than a castle full of Disney characters? Not much, except for a castle full of Disney and Pixar characters. We had the pleasure of bringing the Magical World of Disney into the Disney Junior landscape. We crafted a fully CG castle, complete with a lush vista of green hills. The real challenge here was aligning all of the rotoscoped artwork from the various movies into one seamless scene. Brien still tears up every time he sees Mickey and Minnie waving at the top of the castle, which means he tears up anytime he sees this page

Snails have always been one of the most unique and interesting species to me. But it’s not that simple to capture the beauty of these tiny creatures, because they seem to be very shy and usually prefer to hide in their little “houses.”

Many photographers, however, find these cute creatures to be a great subject for their work and have enough patience to wait as long as it takes for the snails to decide to show their beauty to the world.

Take a look at these photos of the magical world of snails. If you also have a photo that captures these lovely creatures, be sure to add it here and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!
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