Beyond Tallow - Will it Improve Your Shave?

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How I Test Shave Razors

Brian Brown semi custom razor tested. Is it all That? Is my Parker 510 a counterfeit? This is what I will do to make sure a razor is shaving at 100% of it's potential. My Chef Knives To Go webpage where you can get all your razor honing gear and the Barrister & Mann shave cream.

How To Sharpen Your Razor In 3 Minutes

This is how I do all my razors. This is not just a touch up. I use a coticule here but you can use any finish stone you'd like. The first yellow stone I use is a Norton 8K and the finisher is a coticule. Anyone can do this!

Shave On A Budget

Ebay vintage razor, Gold Dollar, Barrister & Mann Latha and Razo Rock Plissoft. My Chef Knives To Go webpage: And the music... Smoke on the WATER! See, an underlying aquatic theme!! LOL

Shaving Soap Lathering Tutorial - How To Make Thick, Rich, Shaving Lather

*** FYI. I do not own anymore. *** This is a short tutorial on how to lather shaving soap, brush, and a bowl. Shaving with a safety razor has become a bit of an obsession for me. Now I look forward to this daily routine. This video is on how to make shaving lather with a shaving brush and shaving soap. A good quality shaving brush paired with a good quality shaving soap makes a huge difference when shaving with a safety razor. The brush needs to be soft, but firm enough to lather the soap and work into your face stubble. So get yourself a decent boar hair or badger brush. A good quality soap will lather nicely will be slick enough to lubricate your face when shaving, and will not dry out your face. You will know a good soap when your razor glides nicely without skipping on your skin, cutting you at the same time. Of course, your safety razor and blade combination choice is critical. You can have a great safety razor with a junky blade. Or, you can have a junky safety razor with an awesome blade. Either way, both will result in a terrible shaving experience. With that said, don't go cheap on the blades or the razor. Have fun exploring, and learning about all your options. Thanks, Mark

A Box Of Filis

I shave with a bunch of Filis I just sharpened. In case you were wondering about the music. All of my videos that have music, there is usually a theme and many times it's obvious why I chose a particular track(s). This video may not be as obvious. The music theme here is movie soundtracks. All 3 songs were from movies. 1. 1:07 Strawberry Letter by The Brothers Johnson from the movie Jackie Brown written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. 2. 6:01 Son Of A Preacher man by Dusty Springfield from Pulp Fiction. Again, by Quentin Tarantino 3. 9:14 Sister Christian by Night Ranger from Boogie Nights. Dr. Matt's Morning Blast organic grass fed tallow balm and soap L&L Grooming -

If you're a fan of tallow shave soap here's something that I've had specially formulated to my specifications that may improve your shave. If it wasn't clear in the video, both the soap and lotion have the "Morning Blast" scent.

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