Beyond Tallow - Will it Improve Your Shave?

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How I Test Shave Razors

Brian Brown semi custom razor tested. Is it all That? Is my Parker 510 a counterfeit? This is what I will do to make sure a razor is shaving at 100% of it's potential. My Chef Knives To Go webpage where you can get all your razor honing gear and the Barrister & Mann shave cream.

Try This Easy Trick To Improve Your Shave - It's Irresistible!

This is a unique product I created that really will help you improve your shave. If you straight razor shave or even DE shave, it works. (click Show More for order details) If you'd like to order a set of Sofia's Dude Face Shave Cloths, you can use Paypal, or send a check in the mail. Paypal address is: The mailing address if you would like to send a check is: Shave Cloths 194 W. Ft. Lowell Rd. Tucson, AZ 85705 The cost is $19.50 and there is a $3 shipping fee. The total is $22.50 and will include First Class US mail with tracking.

How To Sharpen Your Razor In 3 Minutes

This is how I do all my razors. This is not just a touch up. I use a coticule here but you can use any finish stone you'd like. The first yellow stone I use is a Norton 8K and the finisher is a coticule. Anyone can do this!

Wicked Sharp ! & Keep it Sharp without breaking the bank $$

The knife, strop kit and other items I discuss can be found on my Chef Knives To Go webpage: Someone asked about the stone progression I used. I used an Atoma 1200 to set the angle then a Shapton 1k, 2K and finally a 5K. All of the edge pro stuff can be found here:

The Tap & Wobble Test - A Simple Razor Geometry Test

This video is part of a razor geometry series. There should be 5 or 6 videos when complete. I've talked about it in my bevel setting video and here I show how to do it, even on a smiling razor.

If you're a fan of tallow shave soap here's something that I've had specially formulated to my specifications that may improve your shave. If it wasn't clear in the video, both the soap and lotion have the "Morning Blast" scent.

J&J Farms Dr. Matt's Page Link -

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