2018 Borgward BX7 TS Limited Edition Luxury SUV Interior and Exterior Overview

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Borgward BX7 TS (2018) Exterior and Interior

2018 Borgward BX7 TS car seen from outside and inside. The car was shown at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 (IAA 2017).

Borgward BX7 - „Der Bremer aus China..!“

Mit Borgward ersteht eine alte deutsche Kultmarke wieder auf... - und das mit chinesischer Hilfe! Wir fuhren den neuen BX7.

2018 Borgward BX7 TS Mods FullSys Features | New Design Exterior Interior | First Impression

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BORGWARD Design Center Stuttgart

Deutsche Übersetzung aus dem Film: "Wir bringen BORGWARD zurück auf die automobile Weltbühne. Das ist mehr als ein Job – es ist Verantwortung und Leidenschaft zugleich." "Wir machen hier nicht 'business as usual'. Wir erschaffen Erlebnisse." "Meine Vision ist die Wiederbelebung von Autos mit Charakter." "Unser Design veranschaulicht 'ACCESSIBLE PREMIUM' von den Proportionen bis hin zur Liebe in jedem Detail. Automobildesign ist mehr als Formsache. Es prägt Ihr individuelles Produkterlebnis." "In enger Zusammenarbeit mit unserer digitalen Entwicklung formen und bearbeiten wir fortlaufend unsere Claymodelle. Wir arbeiten intensiv am richtigen Design." "Als deutscher Automobilhersteller machen wir keine Kompromisse, wenn es um unsere Design-Werte geht." "Unser Design ist stark, weil wir die 'meaningful combination' nutzen: Die Kombination aus Kundenanspruch, Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, Markentreue und neuesten Technologien." "Interieur-Design ist bei BORGWARD mehr als die Kombination von Farben und Materialien. Vielmehr schaffen wir Innenraumkonzepte, harmonisch bis ins kleinste Detail. Unsere Farb- und Materialkonzepte geben jedem Fahrzeug seinen emotionalen, einzigartigen Charakter." "Der OCTAGON Grill mit dem prominenten BORGWARD Rhombus ist unser Brückenschlag von der Historie zur Zukunft. Wing Lines betonen die Dynamik und Stabilität unserer Fahrzeuge. Die breitesten Schultern in jeder Fahrzeugklasse sind typisch für BORGWARD." "Fünf Kernwerte bestimmen unsere Design-DNA: anspruchsvoll, elegant, präzise, dynamisch und authentisch."

2017 Borgward BX5 SUV In Depth Review Interior and Exterior

Borgward is already set the offer its second model SUV as the 2017 Borgward BX5 is on its way. The model is going to be the second SUV vehicles produced by this company as the BX7 was the one which paved the way and introduced this company which was known in the past for making trucks to the SUV world. Borgward is a German based company which had lots of success in Europe for making reliable truck vehicles. This was actually around fifthly years ago and the return was surprisingly not marked by a vehicle that they were known for but rather with a seven passenger SUV model dubbed the BX7. The model was introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2015 and was a real hit as they managed to incorporate all the necessary aspects inside this model. This year the 2017 Borgward BX5 is going to be the second SUV model that they are producing and the vehicles was already spotted doing rounds wearing a heavily camouflaged outfit. The model is actually going to be officially presented at the Geneva Auto Show this year, with the release date coming next year. The BX5 is smaller than the initial BX7 and fits in the slot right beneath it. The models are actually a cooperation of the German and Chinese companies and their plan is to offer a three-vehicle lineup for the next year. With the BX7 already into play and with this announcement and review of the BX5, there is going to be another model offered, but more on that when the information become clearer. The 2017 Borgward BX5 is going to incorporate quite an interesting design. The model is going to use some new headlights which are going to be largely differ rent than the ones seen on the BX7 model before. The same thing is with the grille, but in this case it is similar as far as the shape is concerned but it is quite different compared to before. It actually has a different slat configuration that looks great for this smaller car and they are also angled toward the sides and have much more chrome. The car is going to have an overall mundane appearance compared to the BX5 and is going to be a complete departure from the BX7 model which it bares small resemblance to. But there are still lots of similarities that were kept, for instance the same sculpted engine hood is kept here and the model is going to share the same muscular waistline. The rear end also has the same tailgate design that was used in the previous car and it also uses the same large trapezoidal recess for the the license plate. The taillights are different, the same as the headlights, but the bumper is going to be changed a bit and is going to have a similar look with only few changes. There are less information available for the inside of the 2017 Borgward BX5 than it was actually expected. The car has not been showcased officially on the inside, but still there are some things that are obviously going to be used. As the BX7 was a vehicle which actually had a great design as it offered a lot of premium details for a Chinese-built car. This is perhaps going to be the case for the BX5 and they plan to use an impressive amount of premium amenities, like leather-wrapped seats, soft-touch surfaces, some aluminum inserts and contrast stitching. What the greatest news about the 2017 Borgward BX5 is that it is going to use the same underpinnings like the BAIC Senova X55, which is perhaps a model not that known for the European market as it is a Chinese-based model which comes with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. But the model is not going to transfer the engine as it was confirmed that the 2.0-liter four-cylinder is going to still be used as it was good in the first round for the BX7. The model can create 221 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque and can do it from as low as 1,750 rpm. The BX5 is going to use a choice of a six-speed automatic and the seven-seed dual-clutch transmissions. The specs say an acceleration to 0-60 mph of about 9 seconds and a top speed of up to 120-mph. The thing is that it is quite early to talk about the price of the 2017 Borgward BX5 as there are a lot of things that are unconfirmed that can affect the pricing of the car, particularly for the inside. This is all going to be much easier to assess once the release date comes and it will be officially released after the Geneva Auto Show. The release date is thus expected to be for the later part of 2017 and it will appear in Chine and Europe first with a possible US release date coming by the end of the year.

Borgward's BX7 is ready to hit the German market early next year, with a right-hand-drive BX5 being considered for the UK
Reborn German marque Borgward is preparing to launch in Europe, with the introduction of its largest car, the BX7, planned for the first quarter of 2018 in Germany and neighbouring countries.

A right-hand drive version of the smaller BX5 is the “next step”, according to Tom Anliker, Borgward’s Vice-President of marketing. Asked if it could come to Britain to serve in the ultra-competitive compact SUV segment, Anliker said “Yes, we are thinking about the UK”.
At the Guangzhou Motor Show, the sportiest version of the BX7 – known as the BX7 TS - was centre stage for the firm. A European market launch for this variant of the company’s largest SUV is planned too, priced from around €44,000 (£39,300 approx).
The BX7 itself has been homologated for left hand drive European markets and is now ready for launch. However, a right hand drive version has not been confirmed.

Re-launching the Borgward name – historically not known for SUVs – in a market like China, has granted the brand valuable experience before its German homecoming, according to Chief Design Officer Anders Warming.

The identity of the new Borgward is still something European consumers are unsure of, Warming added. The firm will use internet sales in Europe too, rather than open bespoke dealerships.

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