2018 Borgward BX7 TS Limited Edition Luxury SUV Interior and Exterior Overview

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Borgward BX7 - „Der Bremer aus China..!“

Mit Borgward ersteht eine alte deutsche Kultmarke wieder auf... - und das mit chinesischer Hilfe! Wir fuhren den neuen BX7.

Borgward BX7 TS (2018) Exterior and Interior

2018 Borgward BX7 TS car seen from outside and inside. The car was shown at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 (IAA 2017).

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LANDWIND XIAOYAO IS A NEW COMPACT SUV FOR CHINA The Landwind Xiaoyao has been launched on the Chinese car market. Price starts at 79.900 yuan and ends at 131.900 yuan. The Xiaoyao is a compact SUV with a design inspired by the Mercedes-Benz GLA. Chinese media are calling the Xiaoyao the “Chinese GLA”. Size comparison: Xiaoyao: 4439/1835/1550, and wheelbase is 2700. GLA: 4449/1804/1535, and wheelbase is 2699. Engines: 150 hp 1.5 turbo mated to a five-speed manual, and a 163 hp 1.5 turbo mated to a six-speed manual or a CVT. They are not two variants of the same engine, but very different ones: the 15- hp 1.5 turbo is sourced fro Mitsubishi (4G15T), and the 163 hp 1.5 turbo is sourced from Jiangling Motor, the largest shareholder of Landwind Motors. The Xuyao is front-wheel drive. Size and proportions are similar to the GLA but it isn’t a total clone like the Landwind X7. Front and rear differ substantially, and the GLA doesn’t have a third-side window. The interior looks nice for the segment, with a flat bottomed steering wheel, a wide center tunnel, and an 8-inch free-standing touch screen. Not a Mercedes-Benz, this is the new Landwind Xiaoyao from China.

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Borgward's BX7 is ready to hit the German market early next year, with a right-hand-drive BX5 being considered for the UK
Reborn German marque Borgward is preparing to launch in Europe, with the introduction of its largest car, the BX7, planned for the first quarter of 2018 in Germany and neighbouring countries.

A right-hand drive version of the smaller BX5 is the “next step”, according to Tom Anliker, Borgward’s Vice-President of marketing. Asked if it could come to Britain to serve in the ultra-competitive compact SUV segment, Anliker said “Yes, we are thinking about the UK”.
At the Guangzhou Motor Show, the sportiest version of the BX7 – known as the BX7 TS - was centre stage for the firm. A European market launch for this variant of the company’s largest SUV is planned too, priced from around €44,000 (£39,300 approx).
The BX7 itself has been homologated for left hand drive European markets and is now ready for launch. However, a right hand drive version has not been confirmed.

Re-launching the Borgward name – historically not known for SUVs – in a market like China, has granted the brand valuable experience before its German homecoming, according to Chief Design Officer Anders Warming.

The identity of the new Borgward is still something European consumers are unsure of, Warming added. The firm will use internet sales in Europe too, rather than open bespoke dealerships.

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