"Heritage" Hyper Realism Acrylic and Oil Painting

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REALISTIC OIL PAINTING DEMO - woman portrait by Isabelle Richard

OIL PAINTING WITH RIGOR AND PASSION... Everyday, I can't wait to bring one more oil painting portrait to life! If you watch one of my videos, you'll see how the magic happens... Enjoy! FRAGILE - oil on canvas - 19" x 10" (48 x 26 cm) Credits: photo-reference by Andrei Aleshyn and music by Borrtex. THIS PAINTING STILL AVAILABLE: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/552534505 I ALSO PAINT CUSTOM PORTRAITS. Send me an email for a fast free estimate! WEBSITE: http://www.isabellerichard.com EMAIL: IsabelleRichardArt@gmail.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/IsabelleRichardArt INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/isabellerichardart BUY / ORDER ONLINE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtByIsabelleRichard

Visual Emotionism with artist Andre Desjardins

This film is an invitation to witness the unique techniques of Andre Desjardins' "Visual Emotionism" style of painting, to glimpse into the mind of a master, and to partake of a rare opportunity to feel the transference of emotion directly onto a blank canvas. From empty canvas to finished masterpiece, this film gives the viewer the opportunity to see thie work of Desjardins from his own viewpoint and to feel his emotional intensity and focus as he applies and manipulates both raw and blended pigments with bare hands and brush to create a hauntinly beautiful face.

Keeping It Hyperreal: Patrick Kramer’s Detailed Paintings

For his hyper­realistic art, Patrick E. Kramer (BFA ’08) finds what he calls “mesmerizing imagery”—glowing marbles, a dozing child, a hallway resplendent with light. Then it’s “just a matter of putting the hours in”—sometimes up to 300—to re-create a photograph layer upon layer onto a canvas. Kramer’s fascination with hyperrealism began in BYU art classes. “I always wanted to get more and more detail, so I just pushed the limit and tried to see how far I could take it,” says Kramer, a full-time painter in Orem, Utah. He will display his art in a solo show in 2016 at the Trove Gallery in Park City.

How To Paint Portraits: EPISODE ONE - Russell Petherbridge's Portrait

Full length Portrait Painting Tutorial, head over to: www.andrewtischler.com/shop Tutorial available as a DOWNLOAD Andrew Tischler breaks down his process on how to paint portraits from start to finish, in a methodical step-by-step sequence. It all starts working from direct observation, carefully planning the piece with a colour sketch, and then finally working this into a larger studio painting. For additional tips, tricks and techniques that relate to how to paint portraits episode, make sure you are subscribed to the Great Art Adventure - Bonus Newsletter! Follow along with his adventures around Australia and the world by visiting the below links: http://www.andrewtischler.com //www.facebook.com/AndrewTischlerArtist https://www.instagram.com/andrew_tischler_artist To see some more of Russell Petherbridge's work please visit his website at: http://russellpetherbridge.blogspot.com.au/ For how to paint portraits, view Ep 1 of Andrew Tischler's show, How to paint portraits, particularly painting portraits in oils, free oil how to paint portrait tutorials, how to paint realism portraits in oils, portraits how to paint realist portrait painting in oils techniques and how to paint portraits in oils while your paint portraits working out how to paint a portrait and trying to paint a portrait in oils.

200 HOURS HYPERREALISM DRAWING: "Night doesn't exist " made by Emanuele Dascanio

* WORKSHOPS 2018 * _ Ibiza: 6 - 10 April - Info and booking at yoga@yoga-ibiza.es _ Canada: 1 - 3 June. Info and booking at tamaurizio@gmail.com - sarahkrakower@gmail.com _ Germany: 1 - 4 September. Info and booking at info@artstudiodeike.com _ Barcelona: Drawing/Tattoo 13 - 18 November. Info and booking at dascolom@gmail.com - mfobia@hotmail.com Over 200 hours drawing: "Night doesn't exist " Charcoal and Graphite by LYRA 60 x 40 cm 2017 *Facebook* https://www.facebook.com/EmanueleDascanioItalianPainterArtist *INSTAGRAM* https://instagram.com/emanuele_dascanio/ Emanuele Dascanio was an Italian artist of only 33 years old but who has exhibited with artists of international fame and his works are present in various collections around the world, including Italy, Dublin, Brussels, Germany, Singapore, Monte Carlo, New York.

Hi everybody, my name is Michael Knepper and this is my first YouTube video!
After 30 years of painting I thought it would be time to share some thoughts and some of my work with the YouTube community. After decades of hard work I am finally at a point where my work is internationally recognised and appreciated. This is the dream of every artist - so one advise- stay focus and always believe in what you do. The world needs artists that use there hands not photoshop to create their masterpieces. Visit my website www.michael-knepper.com for more of my work!

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