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10 Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

10 strange and amazing animals that you have probably never heard of. Nature is truly full of surprises! We live in the twenty-first century, and all continents have already been discovered, all secrets of our planet revealed, all mountain peaks conquered. Just when you think you have seen it all, some new bizarre creature makes an appearance instantly restoring your faith in the impossible! TIMESTAMPS Mangalitsa Pig, a.k.a. “a pig in sheep’s clothing” 0:50 Rhinopithecus or golden snub-nosed monkey 1:33 Emperor tamarin 2:13 Patagonian Mara 3:04 Fluffy cow 3:52 Markhor Goat 4:44 Raccoon dog 5:23 Blue Footed Booby 6:25 Malayan Colugo 7:13 Venezuelan Poodle Moth 8:09 BONUS 8:56 SUMMARY - The birthplace of this curly-haired pig is Hungary where it was discovered in the mid-19th century. Due to the fleece covering this animal, it resembles a sheep, therefore, such a name! - The name of this species is roxellana, and there is a story behind it. It is believed that they were called this way after the supposedly snub-nosed courtesan of Suleiman the Magnificent (a 16th century Sultan of the Ottoman Empire). - They were called like this because of the resemblance of their mustache to that of German Emperor Wilhelm II. - Patagonia Mara is the fourth largest rodent on our planet. There are several interesting facts about them. Females often put offsprings into crèches for safety. - Fluffy cows are looked after by people whose work is to wash, dry and use products to style these animals, so they look as fluffy as they do! It is necessary to maintain them daily, and it will take months of regular grooming until they get this lovely look of kids toys. - If you see a creature which looks as if it’s trying to catch an alien radio signal from space, it’s most likely Markhor Goat. They can grow as long as 6 ft from head to tail! - If you can’t decide if you want to have a dog or a raccoon as a pet, we have just the thing for you - raccoon dog! Despite having raccoon-like markings on their fur, they are not very closely related to the North American raccoon. - Blue Footed Booby are to catch your eye if you ever visit the Galapagos Islands. They can look a bit clumsy and comical on land, but they are excellent at flying and swimming. - Colugo has a large gliding membrane (like a flying squirrel), and they can glide for long distances between trees standing far apart. - Even if the Poodle Moth may look as if it lives in Antarctica with all this fur, in fact, it comes from Venezuela, a tropical country. Its hairs don’t serve for heating. BONUS Cloud Antelope! This species lives in the clouds (that’s why such a name)! Its bright blue fur is the reflection of cloudless blue skies in the area of its habitat. Its diet consists of sun rays and candies... Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:


TechZone ► The creatures we're gonna talk about today cause people the most ambiguous feelings. Some people get numb and terrified when they see them, others are indifferent to them and others simply adore them. If you have not guessed it, in today's video we are gonna talk about snakes. Did you know that there are some extraordinary specimens of these reptiles that can blow your mind? So, in today's video we are gonna tell you about the weirdest snakes on the planet, ones that you hardly ever saw

Wall hanging flower vase // Plastic Bottle flower vase at home

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Drawing for Kids | Butterfly, And Many | Picture Coloring Pages

Drawing for Kids | Butterfly, And Many | Picture Coloring Pages.. Hi kids!For You cute butterfly and Mixed and for kids to learn how to draw and color step by step. This is fun tutorial video and fun coloring game a cartoon for babies. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WATCHING!We make videos that are fun and handy for you. you can like videos and subscribe

20 BEAUTIFUL Places To See In Europe

The great thing about this continent is that you can travel to a completely different world by train and experience a whole new culture and language. Let’s touch upon some of the most beautiful things to see in the continent that was once considered the center of the world. Subscribe to Talltanic 7. Lapland, FInland Okay, for those of you not sold on exploring the outdoors--think about how rare it is to experience the northern lights. There’s only a few places in the world that you can see those colorful, all natural lights in the sky. And one of them includes Lapland, Finland. The Lapland region measures to 100,367 kilometers square. When covered in snow and the moon’s our and the lights make themselves visible in the sky, a trip to Lapland looks like a scene from a Christmas movie. Would you traverse the cold for a chance to experience those lights? 6. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany On a forested hill in the region of southwest Bavaria sits Neuschwanstein Castle, up at an elevation of 2,260 feet or 800 meters high. Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned the construction of the castle in 1832 to be a retreat as well as be dedicated to Richard Wagner--the famed German composer. Every year, 1.3 million people tour the castle, with a traffic of 6,000 individuals per day. Many get drawn to the architectural design of the castle, a mix of castle romanticism called “burgenromantik” and other styles. 5. Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine Nope, that’s not from some children’s fantasy movie. That’s a real industrial railway that exists in the Ukraine. Located near the territory of Klevan, this section of railway got famous for the green leaved arches that surround the entire path--which extends to about 3 to 5 kilometers long. Called “the Tunnel of Love” for the many couples that frequent the path together, which does make it really difficult for train operators to watch out for. 4. Quinta da Regaleira Initiation Well, Portugal Travelling to Sintra, Portugal means you’re going to see lots of 19th century architecture constructed in the Romantic style. As a result, the entire municipality had been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But perhaps one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Sintra includes the Initiation Well of Quinta da Regaleira. Through a series of tunnels and caves, you can reach the well, which has a spiral formation to get to the bottom. People did not use the well for water. Rather, it served as a location for ceremonial Tarot Initiation rites. 3. Bavarian Alps, Let’s be real. The Alps in any country would be awesome to visit anyway. We picked the Bavarian Alps just because it looks a little more green. This region of the Northern Limestone Alps ranges from between the Saalach and Lech rivers. Not to fret--just because it looks green in these pictures doesn’t mean snow doesn’t still cover other parts of the Bavarian Alps. People love to ski here, as well as take in the health retreats, visit the villages, and relax at the spas during the non-ski season, too. 2. Oxford University, England Located in the south east English city of Oxford, you’ll find one of the most well-known universities not only in the world but in history. Oxford University not only provides quality and expensive education, but it also has a lot of really neat architectural structures. From St. Mary’s church to the Radcliffe Camera to the All Souls college, there’s not shortage of pictures to take on an afternoon walk through campus. Alright, alright. If you prefer Cambridge, we can’t blame you. But for simplicity’s sake, we had to pick one. And we picked Oxford. If you want to argue Cambridge’s case, you’re more than welcome to in the comments! 1...

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