How to connect an active subwoofer to a sound reinforcement system

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Subwoofer Setup & Possible Issues

In this video, we'll show you how to setup up your subwoofer from Aperion Audio. Check Out our full line of award winning speakers at Facebook - Twitter -!/aperionaudio

How To Install a HomeTheater Subwoofer

Installing a home theater subwoofer from

Subwoofer Setup & Optimization - MartinLogan

A good subwoofer should disappear into the room, integrating with your music and movies instead of sticking out and being overly powerful. With this video you'll learn how to place a sub in your room and adjust the settings to blend seamlessly into your system for a better listening experience. We also discuss the different hookup methods you can use to connect your subwoofer to a receiver or processor.

How to Hook up a Subwoofer and get best Subwoofer at Best Price

There are 2 main types of subwoofers active and passive. There are also 2 ways to hook them up, not all having the ability to do both. This particular active powered subwoofer has both and I will show you how to hook it up. If your receiver does not have a subwoofer out and subwoofer does not allow for speaker pass through hookup then pick a tape output and hook up your RCA plus to the left(white) and right(red) output of receiver. Most of the time you will get a signal out from the connection which runs all the time without having to press the tape button to run your subwoofer. Here is a link to a great deal on subwoofers! These are the best deals for the best quality subwoofers. No need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars. This way you can get 2 for less than the price of 1 subwoofer! Must have a 5.2 or 7.2 for best hook up/install

How to connect a power amplifier to passive loudspeakers

In this video I discuss how to match and connect a power amplifier to passive loudspeakers in the context of live sound reinforcement. Although active speakers are all the rage these days there is nothing wrong with good old passive speakers, and they have the advantage of only needing a single connection, as opposed to the signal and power connections needed on an active cabinet. Bookmarks for video: 01:08 The difference between active and passive loudspeakers. 02:45 Overview of a typical modern power amplifier. 10:25 Overview of a typical passive loudspeaker connector panel. 11:08 Step 1: Ensure amplifier and loudspeakers are correctly matched. 11:35 Step 1A: Determine power handling capacity of your loudspeakers 12:52 Step 1B: Determine loudspeaker impedance. 13:32 Step 1C: Calculate power delivery of amplifier into loudspeaker, based on impedance. 14:37 How to calculate the combined impedance of multiple loudspeaker cabinets. 17:17 Step 2: Connect mixer to power amplifier 17:47 Power amplifier modes: stereo, parallel, bridge mono. 20:51 Daisy-chaining power amplifiers 22:25 Step 3: Connect amplifier to loudspeakers. 25:58 Setting amplifier gain and level controls. For a comprehensive discussion on the topic of matching power amplifiers to passive loudspeakers, check out this video: Do please get in touch with questions or comments! Support GLB Productions: My Amazon Store: Ways to get in touch - I love hearing from my viewers! Website: Facebook: Google+:

Need more bottom end in your system? Sick of wimpy kick drums and feeble bass guitar? An active sub could be the solution you've been looking for!

Bookmarks for video:
00:33 What is a subwoofer?
3:44 What is an active speaker?
4:28 Active vs. passive speakers.
8:28 Do I need a subwoofer?
12:36 Connection method 1: Using the crossover built into the active subwoofer
21:17 Matching the level of the sub to the level of the fullrange speakers
22:36 Connection method 2: Aux or group fed subwoofer
26:57 Integrating an active sub with existing passive fullrange speakers
28:37 A word about larger sound reinforcement systems

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