PJ Brutzman Playing Zexcoil Vintage Single 5, FUCHS Full House 50 NY Amp Show 2013 #1

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Zexcoil Pickups Demo

I really like these pickups. Hum-free, and with a rich tone. A joy to play these. I put them into my Fender American Standard Strat. Now I can record tracks and lessons without worrying about that nasty single-coil hum. These are the best noiseless, hum-free pickups I've ever tried. I have a set of Single Vintage 5 - SV5O in the neck, SV5 in the middle and SV5+ in the bridge. Learn more at http://www.zexcoil.com Demo by Robert Renman from http://www.masterguitaracademy.com

Andy Fuchs demonstrates Fuchs Full House 50 amp w/Strat

Andy Fuchs demonstrates Fuchs Full House 50 amp with a G&L Legacy Strat and Zexcoil Pickups.

Zexcoil Hum-Canceling Pickups

http://txba.ly/v8Nd ★ http://www.zexcoil.com Index: 0:56 - Why I Use Zexcoil 2:20 - Hum Canceling 5:00 - Tone Samples 9:15 - Technology Zexcoil pickups are now my official pickups and they will be in all my Strat style guitars. Hum from regular single coil pickups is a huge problem for me in my studio, and when I record lessons I don't want to choose between having hum, and having the tone I really want. I discovered Zexcoil pickups last year, and after trying them for a few minutes in my strat, I was sold.

Supro Vs Fuchs - Guitar Amp Comparison

Supro Black Magick Vs Fuchs Black Jack 21 with a Fender Telecaster. Close mic: Sennheiser MD421 room mic: Aston Origin, 9 feet out pointing dead center

NAMM '15 - Fuchs Audio Overdrive Supreme II Demo

Click for more NAMM '15 coverage: http://bit.ly/PGNAMM2015

PJ is playing an SV5/SV5/SV5O set installed in Scott's trusty Tokai Strat through the FUCHS Full House 50. PJ is a student at Berklee. This was his introduction to Zexcoil pickups.

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