#YESPHX Interviews Homegrown Tech Entrepreneur Joshua Elizetxe

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Josh Elizetxe and James Van Elswyk


Luke Johnson on What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur

What makes a successful entrepreneur? What are the essential characteristics of someone who makes an ideal a reality -- and stays a reality -- as opposed to someone who can't make their idea last? In this short interview with British Entrepreneur Luke Johnson, we find out what are the vital qualities for successful enterprise. More at http://wearelikeminds.com

Introducing PHXRespect

PHXRespect encourages all City of Phoenix employees to commit to being civil, inclusive, kind and respectful to one another. In the coming months, you will hear more about PHXRespect and how we can all be part of this continuing conversation. Much respect and gratitude to the hundreds of City of Phoenix employees who are helping to shape PHXRespect. Transcript of non-speech elements included below: This video shows a diverse gathering of City of Phoenix employees. Throughout the video, one employee at a time holds up a sign with a message that is unique to their own personal experience. Serious, reflective and inspirational music plays throughout the video. 00:03 City of Phoenix logo on screen. 00:05 City employees position themselves in front of camera and face lens. 00:30 First person holds up sign that reads, I sometimes feel judged when I adjust my schedule for my children. 00:35 Next sign, I want to feel OK when I need to agree to disagree. 00:44 Next sign, My age does not define my abilities. 00:47 Next sign repeats, My age does not define my abilities. 00:52 Next sign, People are afraid of change because this is how we've always done it. 00:56 Next sign, I get frustrated when I'm not asked for my opinion or talked over in meetings. 01:05 Next sign, I sometimes get uneasy in meetings when no one else looks like me. 01:11 Next sign, I often feel pressure to do more just because I don't have kids. 01:20 Next sign, I want to feel like I can speak up for myself during tough situations. 01:25 Next sign, Sometimes I feel anxiety about how others will react to my disability. 01:29 Next sign, I'm tired of people asking when I am going to retire. 01:40 Next sign, I am not less of a professional because I wear a uniform instead of a suit. 01:45 Next sign, Only speaking English shouldn't keep me from getting promoted. 01:49 Next sign, Speaking English as a second language shouldn't keep me from getting promoted. 02:01 Next sign, It's OK to say hi to me in the hallway, even if we don't know each other. 02:05 Next sign, My opinions and experience should count. 02:09 Next sign, No matter your pay or title, you deserve to be treated equally. 02:14 Next sign, Having a bad day doesn't mean you should be a jerk. Be nice! 02:20 Next sign, Hearing aids aren't perfect. Please be patient if I need you to repeat yourself. 02:26 Next sign, I believe you should always own your reputation and attitude. 02:35 Next sign, For your information, saying please and thank you can go a long way. 02:38 Next sign, If you don't respect yourself, you cannot respect others. 02:42 Next sign, It's not a man's job or a woman's job. It's a job. 02:50 Next sign, Respect isn't just about gender, ethnicity, background, culture, age. 02:56 Next sign, Everyone's dealing with things. Just love them where they are. 03:00 Next sign, Just a reminder. My hair color does not indicate my skill level. 03:09 Next sign, Respect means we are all human. 03:14 Next sign, Kindness matters. We are more than just what people see at work. 03:23 Next sign, We all want to belong. 03:26 Next sign, All it takes is you and me. 03:30 Next sign held by group reads, And all of us. 03:34 A sequence is shown, of tiled images of employees who participated in this video. 03:38 The Phoenix Respect logo on screen, with the following words embedded into logo. Respect, Civility, Inclusion, Kindness. 03:43 Text message on screen says, Much respect and gratitude to the hundreds of City of Phoenix employees who are helping to shape Phoenix Respect. 03:50 Text message on screen says, Keep the conversation going. 03:55 Video fades to black. End of video. Connect with the City of Phoenix: http://Phoenix.gov – Official City of Phoenix Homepage http://Facebook.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Like us on #Facebook https://Twitter.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Follow us on #Twitter http://Youtube.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Please Subscribe to this YouTube Channel http://Phoenix.gov/PHXTV - Watch live or on demand programs http://twitter.com/watchPHX11 - Twitter Feed of #PHXTV Programs *Please be aware of our terms of use before commenting https://www.phoenix.gov/social/terms

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Watch TruBrain's appearance on the "Shark Tank" inspired series MVP, where professional athletes consider backing fast growing early stage companies. Featuring Rob Gronkowski (aka Gronk), Marshall Falk and Rudy Gay Aired on 04/12

Our Experience Attending Coding Bootcamps || Tech Talk Tuesday Episode #1

Nick discusses his experience attending a coding bootcamp with Kathryn who also attended a coding bootcamp a few months ago. Nick attending MakerSquare (now known as Hack Reactor) in Austin, Texas and Kathryn attended CodeCraft in Boulder, Colorado. They answer questions such as- are coding bootcamps worth it? Should you get a Computer Science degree or go to a coding bootcamp? Were we able to get jobs after graduating from a coding bootcamp? Do we recommend attending a coding bootcamp? How much do coding bootcamps cost? What are the job prospects like after attending a bootcamp? We also talk about how to learn to code for free to little cost online. Some resources that we recommend: https://www.udemy.com/ https://teamtreehouse.com/ https://www.codecademy.com/ Subscribe here! http://bit.ly/2m11xVA Follow Kathryn on Instagram @kathrynclarksonsmith Follow Nick on Twitter @npsmith90 Follow Kathryn on Twitter @kathryngracec Thank you all so much for watching, commenting and subscribing!

On his latest segment of #yesphx, Councilman Valenzuela interviews Joshua Elizetxe, Alhambra High School graduate and creator of Foresold, a company focused building internet brands through advertising, performance marketing and E-commerce. Joshua was the Valedictorian of his class at Alhambra and graduated Summa cum Laude from Barrett Honors College and W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, he is a sought after advisor and serves on the board of the Phoenix Coding Academy.

The video is viewable online at: https://youtu.be/6MSSPPL6qmc and will air on cable the next several weeks on PHXTV on Ch. 11 on Cox Cable and Ch. 8005 on Century Link Prism.

More PHXTV shows are viewable online at phoenix.gov. Additional information on Council District 5 is available online at phoenix.gov/district5 or by calling the office at 602-262-7446. More information on the Phoenix startup ecosystem is available on yesphx.com or by following on social media at #yesphx

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