Wildland Animal Hunting Android Gameplay HD (By Top Adventure Games)

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Safari Wild Animal Hunting 3D Gameplay Ep1

Commentary Gameplay! Safari Hunting Wild Animals 3D is a real animal hunting game in which world’s wildest location will be disclosed for your five star shooting adventure. The real thrill of being in a jungle for real animal hunting requires accurate aiming and shooting skills. It is not an ordinary safari hunting game, but as you start your rough journey, this wild sniper shooting game will land you in an epic jungle hunt where animal attacks are usual, but you as an expert wild animal hunter, should aim and shoot precisely for total domination in the jungle. This 4x4 safari hunting game has many wild animals to hunt, but stags, lions, rhinos and zebras will be your primary targets. The exclusive deer hunting mission will add further elation when you get a chance to shoot through the wild hunting sniper rifle. You as a wild safari hunter whose on the big jungle adventure will be equipped with best hunting rifle to escape wild animal attacks. As a wild hunter, you will be driving top suvs for best speed and precise shooting. Your 4x4 safari hunting car is your only advantage, but when out open in the jungle, the scary wild life challenge is itself a daunting task even for a real expert safari hunter. Safari Hunting: Wild Animal 3D: Game Features • Best Safari Hunting Shooting Mobile Game • Real Safari Hunting in Real Safari Wild Environment • 4x4 Realistic Animated Safari Hunting Adventure • Jungle Sniper in Action with Awesome Rifle Simulation • 3D Wild Hunter in Brilliant 4x4 Car Simulation • Deer Hunting with Full Aiming and Shooting Precision • Wild Sniper Shooting with High Quality Graphics • Jungle Animal Hunting Completely in Open World • Wilderness Quest for Real Jungle Adventure Lovers • Wild Life Epic Off-Road Adventure • Hunting Sniper Rifle with Powerful Zoom • Wild Animals Attacks of Elephant, Lion, Giraffe and Rhino Video Link: https://youtu.be/Pu_MMcSrpQ8 Playlist Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRWde39VpNVyrJaY2mY-XSY4Al0fVm41s Subscribe Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcfOhw6cPnz41yFk1tlP6_w

Wildland Animal Hunting Android Gameplay HD (By Top Adventure Games)
Do you like Wildland Animal Hunting GamePlay?
This Wildland Animal Hunting Game Review video is for ios,iphone,ipad also...

🐺The season of hunting is coming. It's time to bring your shotgun to the wildland and show your perfect hunting skills to the world!

Are you ready to begin this exciting wild hunting tour?

As a professional hunter, your prey will not be slipped away from your hands!

Game Features:
◆A variety of items are free to choose:
There are 7 sniper rifles, 4 shotguns, 5 submachine guns, 2 pistols, 3 special weapons, including all mainstream weapon types on the market. The sniper rifle can accurately hit different part of the animal's body. Rifles and shotguns can shot the animals in a wide range;
In addition to the weapon, the traffic tools is also indispensable in the wild world, off-road vehicles can cross all the complicated terrain; if you need to accurately hit the animal's different body parts, then the night vision instrument can help you;
◆ Powerful equipment upgrade system:
There are 6 upgrade systems, damage, stability, sight, stability, time change, gun quality. There are 18 guns can be upgraded. Whether you are a sniper rifle enthusiast or a rifle enthusiast, you can find suitable weapons and upgrades for you in wild animal hunting.
◆ Perfect wild game environment:
There are all the famous hunting grounds in the world: the prairies of Asia, the rainforests of South America, the deserts of Africa, and the Gobi Desert in North America, all of them are the favorite hunting grounds to hunters, shuttle through the bushes and look for your prey;
◆ More wild animals:
The famous hunting grounds are here, as the result, there are species of wild animals. Deer, zebras, giraffes and antelope, and all of them are the favorite prey for hunters. Of course, in addition to these herbivores, grizzly bears, cheetahs, cougars and other wild predators can also be captured, but the danger is quite high. You need to be prepared to prevent them from launching attacks;
Go into the vast grassland hunting grounds and use your shotgun to conquer these wild animals!

Wildland Animal Hunting meets your desire for animal hunting and brings you a brand new shooting experience!

Wildland Animal Hunting
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Wildland Animal Hunting Android Gameplay Full HD (By HDsoftware)

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