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Suzuki PH Unveils Super Carry

Suzuki Philippines just introduced their newest take on the local commercial utility with the launch of the Suzuki Super Carry. It promises to offer fuel efficiency, practicality and reliability.


Suzuki Carry 4WD (RHD-JDM) Kei Mini Truck 1991 Suzuki Carry Excellent Condition !!! Japanese Shaken expired in June 2017. Has rear axle diff lock and central differential lock. From Japan Auction Auction grade; 3,5 exterior, B Interior!!!! (JDM) Japanese-import with right hand drive (RHD) mini KEI Truck 4WD with 2WD(H), 4WD(H) & 4WD(L) Push Lever Options. 3-cylinder SOHC 660cc . Kei pickup mini truck 4-Speed MANUAL transmission with LOW MILES! 16700k km's is approx 11k miles (Original) Runs and drives great! Very comfortable in city-traffic and speed up to 50-60MPH . Thoughtful and efficient design and built for easy serviceability and to last. Gets around 30-45MPG under normal driving. Heater and weather-tight utility vehicle Being a 1991, it's now over 25 years old so easily licensed for the street with included (CBP, DOT & EPA) import forms HS-7 / 3520-1 / 7501 and Japanese de-registration. Title WA waiting ! In stock in WA Seattle. Website:

New 2017 Pickup Suzuki Carry 2018

New 2017 Pickup Suzuki Carry 2018 Director of Sales and Marketing, Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd., launches "Suzuki Carry Food Truck Fest". "At Suzuki's Carry Food Truck Fest, we are proud to announce the launch of the Suzuki Carry Food Truck Fest," said, Sales and Marketing Director of Suzuki Motor Thailand. Driving business highlights throughout Thailand. New 2017 Pickup Suzuki Carry 2018 "This marks the leadership of Suzuki's versatile mini commercial pickup truck, which is unique in terms of strength. Robust handling And the fuel economy is excellent then. It can also be used to further up the business with the adaptation to a variety of beautifully crafted mobile shops and eateries. New 2017 Pickup Suzuki Carry 2018 This work is to enhance business ideas for those who are interested in doing business in the food industry. Suzuki has a customer base that continues to grow car food and grow more today. It brings together long-standing knowledge and experience. To convey to those who want to start a business in this field. At the event, we provide expert staff to advise and recommend. In the right style And financial planning To ensure that customers. New 2017 Pickup Suzuki Carry 2018 When entering the event, you will be able to meet all your needs. And start your business with confidence. In the after-sales service. Suzuki has developed the whole quality of modern tooling. And the training of personnel to the technical expertise and service to support the growth of the Suzuki family continues to grow today. With over 99 service centers throughout Thailand. New 2017 Pickup Suzuki Carry 2018 And this year, Suzuki will continue to underscore its leadership in the small commercial truck market. It will penetrate the food industry more to respond to the style of modern entrepreneurs who are planning to create a private business. Suzuki brings integrated services to customers. It is focused on meeting all your needs, starting with the full range of ready-to-cook food information for Suzuki dealers nationwide. When customers approach Suzuki, they will be cared for from design and construction to completion. New 2017 Pickup Suzuki Carry 2018 Including franchising and advisory on the franchise business to customers quickly and comprehensively, we meet the constraints and requirements that our customers need, as well as organizing activities around the country. With new generations to spread in every "The Suzuki Carry Food Truck Fest '," said Mr. Wallop Trirukkwang. "Not only the knowledge of the food business, but also the fun and menu of successful entrepreneurs in the food business. New 2017 Pickup Suzuki Carry 2018 Cosmopolitan to let colleagues have a taste of it. And this opportunity Suzuki has the intention to bring revenue from the sale of food coupons to the Food for Friends Foundation Mirror Foundation. To benefit and restore happiness to Thai society. Coupled with creating a smile for Suzuki's customers. "

Suzuki Mini Truck part 2

Suzuki minitruck w akcji 4x4, reduktor, blokada międzyosiowa, blokada tylnego dyferencjału oraz wywrotka hydrauliczna, wjeżdża tak jak traktorek 4x4 więcej na

Suzuki St-20(2)

Suzuki St-20 in action

The Suzuki Ravi 2018 is being offered in a choice of 3 colors

Pearl Red Solid White Silky Silver.

The main competitors of Suzuki Ravi 2018 are as follows:

FAW Carrier

Pros & Cons
Affordable Maintenance
Relatively Cheap compared to other mini pickup trucks in its category.
Spacious trunk
Can bear severe beatings

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