FOUND $100,000 ABANDONED TESLA (Treasure Hunt Adventure Challenge)

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I found new evidence left in Tesla by the YouTube Hacker! ▶ Chad Found Hacker Spying - After Vy Qwaint made IS CHAD WILD CLAY THE HACKER? (Lie Detector Test & New Evidence of Spy Gadgets) she uploaded HACKER TRAPPED ME in ABANDONED SCHOOL BUS (Escape Room Challenge and Mystery Clues). Vy starts exploring abandoned Tesla for hidden cameras, clues, and any evidence left behind from the YouTube Hacker. She finds mysterious fingerprints that lead her to believe that the hacker has been spying on them in real life! She also found a missing iPhone but needs to figure out how to unlock it. CWC and Vy are ready to use their ninja weapons and spy gadgets to bring down the hacker. These is familiar to when Chad and Vy find evidence and clues that lead to an abandoned school bus. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018! Watch my friend’s awesome videos: Stephen Sharer - LOST TREASURE FOUND TRAPPED INSIDE HAUNTED ABANDONED GHOST SHIP!! Carter Sharer - FROZEN WATERMELON DROP TEST!! (LIQUID NITROGEN) Papa Jake - PRISON ESCAPE CHALLENGE THROUGH SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNEL? Escaping The Hacker (24 Hour Challenge) Collins Key - Making School Supplies out of Candy! Learn How To Diy Back To School Edible Food Challenge Prank Rebecca Zamolo - TRAPPED by GAME MASTER! Blindfolded & Opening SECRET MYSTERY BOX (Message Hidden on Voice Recorder) ◉ SUBSCRIBE: ◉ Instagram: ◉ Twitter: ◉ Facebook: Write me a letter or send stuff to: Vy Qwaint new address coming soon... Most royalty free background music is from Epidemic Sounds. You can use their music in your videos by clicking here

FOUND $10,000 MYSTERY BOX IN ABANDONED TESLA (Treasure Hunt Adventure Challenge)

watch: HACKER CAUGHT ON CAMERA --~-- Who is setting up all these mysterious challenges? ▶ See Who WINS the TESLA - ▶ Chad Wild Clay Marathon - ▶ CWC Shirts & Backpacks - After we were trapped in a $100,000 abandoned Tesla Model X in the desert in an abandoned town for 24 hours we thought we saw something mysterious outside. Was it the pond monster? It seemed like we were in a jail attempting the prison escape challenge. But then the car started driving by itself and brought us to an abandoned zoo where we had to crawl through tunnels. A couple of my videos were deleted by the hacker so we went back to the car to figure out who is doing this and we found a $10,000 ebay mystery box inside the trunk so we did an unboxing. The frunk was filled with little balls that reminded me of a pool with 1,000 pool floaties like the recent Papa Jake video in real life. We explored the inside to find spy gadgets, ninja weapons, secret notes, puzzles and clues we had to review to help us solve the treasure hunt. We wondering if a YouTuber like Papa Jake, Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer or Lizzy Sharer are playing a trick on us. I tried calling Matthias from Hi5 last time but I'm not sure he received the message. We then discovered a hidden note saying we had to make Fortnite Battle Royal squishies and the best squishy wins the Tesla! Thank you for watching my family friendly kid's comedy videos in 2018. Watch my friend’s awesome videos: Matthias - 10 Products With Hidden Features! - Sharer Carter - WE BOUGHT AN ARMY TRUCK!! - Carter Sharer - FREEZING POND MONSTER WITH LIQUID NITROGEN!! - Team Edge - Don't Open The Wrong Mystery Door!! - Battle Universe - NERF Don't Fall Off The Mountain! - I'm Chad Wild Clay and you can hang with me here: ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ Write me a letter or send stuff to: Chad Wild Clay new address coming soon... Help Translate my videos into another language so others can enjoy - Most royalty free background music is from Epidemic Sounds. You can use their music in your videos by clicking here Other royalty free music used is from NoCopyrightSounds. Details can be found here:

DIY EDIBLE CANDY PRANKS!! Learn How to Make Sour Chocolate, Salty Gummy, Spicy Starburst 😂🍫

GET YOUR LIZZY MERCH TODAY! 😍 I PRANKED STEPHEN, CARTER, AND MAMA SHARER WITH THE GROSSEST 🤢 DIY CANDY COMBINATIONS!! Today Lizzy set out to prank the Sharer fam which is Stephen, Carter and Mama Sharer! She creates her own DIY edible candy pranks where you can learn how to make sour chocolate. Salty dummies, and spicy starburst to prank all your family, friends and your brother, and sister. She makes the yummiest candies taste so disgusting (yuck!) by adding in weird food combinations. First she shows Carter the salty dummies and he eats one and she totally pranks him. Then she gives Stephen the spicy starburst and he eats it but then he actually likes it. Then she pranks mama Sharer with the sour chocolate and she gets pranked. This was such a funny vlog where Lizzy pranked the entire sharer fam! Comment #PRANK if you love this vlog and want to see Lizzy do more pranks on the brothers! 🤩WANT A PERSONALIZED SHOUTOUT!?!?! 🤩 Carter Lizzy Follow Us For a Chance to WIN Some Epic Stuff! 📸INSTAGRAM➡️ @LizzySharer 💁‍♀️FACEBOOK ➡️ LIZZY SHARER 📸INSTAGRAM ➡️ @CarterSharer 🙍‍♂️FACEBOOK ➡️ CARTER SHARER OFFICIAL 📸🐶INSTAGRAM ➡️ @OtterSharer 🐶FACEBOOK ➡️ OTTER SHARER 📸🐶INSTAGRAM ➡️ @MilliSharer Business Inquiries: This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. This footage is property of DREAM TEAM LLC and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from DREAM TEAM LLC. For any requests from media contact us at

What's Inside Abandoned Underground Box?! Mystery Chain Pull Secret Revealed!

Carl and Jinger family follow mysterious clues to a chain buried underground! It's time to find out what's inside and pull and dig the mystery chain out of the dirt! Let's Make Today Awesome! Subscribe - Watch More - Carl and Jinger Fam attempt to solve the mystery of the buried chain in their backyard underground! Jinger and Gage have explored under the crawl space and found a mystery time capsule with a secret cassette tape and a mysterious message recorded saying Pull the Chain! Now the family attempts to see what is hidden underground at the end of the chain! They might even get help from Daily Bumps or Vy Qwaint and Chad Wildclay soon! Every Day is a New Day Let's make it an awesome one! Let's make today Awesome! #mystery Jingerrific: Kyle's Toys and Games: Luke Fully Loaded: Gage1Up: ► Twitter: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: Disclaimer: All of our videos (including pranks, skits, and vlogs and everything you see) are planned and staged for Entertainment Purposes. You should never attempt anything we do at home or assume that what you are seeing is real.

Watch FOUND HAUNTED TREASURE CHEST Exploring ABANDONED DESERT Mystery Box Unboxing Challenge Haul --~--
Last week we built the World’s Largest Ultimate Box Fort where we ran into our YouTuber friends in real life: Lizzy Sharer, Carter Sharer, Stephen Sharer, Guavajuice, Marlin and Jake and Josh. We built the smallest escape room tunnel to crawl through and get to a secret room. We went to the Trampoline Park where we found more clues about our $100,000 hidden treasure. We found out it was a Tesla Model X! We already found the key for the Tesla when we cracked open the safe in our EBAY MYSTERY BOX Challenge Unboxing Haul! I was inspired after watching Carl and Jinger finding Scrooge McDuck’s Treasure Chest on their Treasure Hunt Adventure which got me excited to go on my $100,000 treasure hunt! On this treasure hunt we ended up in an abandoned town where we found an abandoned Tesla. It was so crazy when the Tesla trapped us in and we couldn’t escape. I hope we can escape by 3 AM. We think a YouTuber like Papa Jake is playing a prank on us. We couldn’t use Spy gadgets or ninja weapons to escape the Tesla. I hope it doesn’t turn into a 24 hours escape room challenge.

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