Top-5 Massive landslide caught on camera

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Massive Flood Water in Vadi Fija Saudi Arabia

Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in The World!

Top 5 of the most impressive dangerous roads around the world. The worst roads around! Every year there are cars that go flying off of them. I excluded the clips where cars actually fall off because there's a good chance YouTube would put an age restriction on the video because of them. And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations! 5. The Atlantic Road in Norway 4. South Yungas Road, Bolivia (the Death Road's counterpart) 3. Vitim River Crossing, Siberia 2. Road from Shyari to Ishtyari in India 1. The Himalayas, South Asia #road #roads #worst roads

Norwegian helicopter Induces a Rock Fall beside a Fjord

A helicopter smacks down a rock off a cliff face to eliminate a rock fall hazard for the road below. The helicopter then displays its dominance of the Fjord by urinating all over the rock face. This is done to loosen and remove any remaining small rocks that may fail at another time and cream a volvo or saab on the road below. The scaling occurred at Oppdølstranda on Nordmøre, Norway. Thanks to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for making this great video and sending it to me!

MONSTER flash flood, debris flow in Johnson Canyon, Utah on July 16, 2018!

Huge flash flood rips down Johnson Canyon with major debris plug from up near the Bryce Canyon area, including massive pine trees and other debris from the higher elevations. Was able to intercept this flood multiple times as it passed down the canyon. Thank you @rankinstudio for another perfect flash flood forecast and guiding me in for this intercept

Giant iceberg collapse caught on camera

Top- 5 Most Dangerous Landslide In Himachal Pradesh

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