Francis Danby: A collection of 119 works (HD)

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Carl Spitzweg: A collection of 78 paintings (HD)

Carl Spitzweg: A collection of 78 paintings (HD) Description: "Carl Spitzweg (also Karl Spitzweg) was born on February, 1808, in Unterpfaffenhofen, Bavaria. In 1825, he successfully completed his education at the humanistic Gymnasium. He then studied pharmacy at the university in Munich. Spitzweg finished his studies with distinction in 1832. Because of a drawn out illness, he gave up his career and dedicated himself to painting from then on. Spitzweg copied paintings in the "Alte Pinakothek" in Munich and maintained friendships with painters such as Christian Morgenstern, Eduard Schleich the Elder, Dietrich Langko, and Friedrich Voltz. He became a member of the Art Association of Munich in 1835. He sold his first paintings in 1837. He gained inspiration on his numerous educational journeys to Salzburg, Bozen, Meran, Venice und Dalmatia, among other places. Carl Spitzweg began a lasting friendship with Moritz von Schwind in 1847. Together with Schwind, he visited the World Fair in Paris in 1851. While subsequently visiting London in that year, he was fascinated by the works of John Constable and William Turner. He started seeing some success in 1860. Carl Spitzweg received the Bavarian Royal Merit Order of St. Michael in 1865. He was inducted as an honorary member of the Academy of Visual Arts in 1868, though he had never attended an art academy himself. Beginning in 1844, he produced many humoristic pictures in the "Fliegende Blätter." In this small format work, he represented the world of the German everyman with loving humor and indulgence as the Biedermeier ideal of "the good ole days." The work which best represents his technical sophistication and unmistakable style is "Der arme Poet" ("The Poor Poet") from 1839. Carl Spitzweg died on September 23, 1885, in Munich." --- SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: SUPPORT MY WORK AT: LIST OF ARTISTS already posted on LearnFromMasters: --- Thank you so much for your support!

Bob Ross - Arctic Beauty (Season 6 Episode 7)

Season 6 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Blue River, Nature's Edge, Morning Mist, Whispering Stream, Secluded Forest, Snow Trail, Arctic Beauty, Horizons West, High Chateau, Country Life, Western Expanse, Marshlands, and Blaze of Color. Subscribe to the official Bob Ross YouTube channel - Season 6 Playlist: The Joy of Painting : Season 20 is now on iTunes! Official Bob Ross website - Official Bob Ross Stream! -

Thomas Bromley Blacklock (1863 -1903) ✽ Scarborough fair (Francis Goya)

Thank you everyone for watching and for comments! ✽ All the best. Thomas Bromley Blacklock (1863-1903) was a Scottish painter. One of his artistic focuses was depictions of fairy tale scenes. Sadly, he died a suicide at the age of 40; a severe spinal ailment may have been a contributing factor.

Hans Zimmer - A Way of Life

This song is very similar to "A Small Measure of Peace," but I think it's so good in its own right that I decided to upload it as well. It has a much more tranquil feeling in the beginning.

Child Prodigy Is a Self-Made Millionaire from Selling Her Incredible Paintings | SuperHuman Geniuses

Akiane Kramarik is a child and teenage prodigy, she has become a self-made millionaire by selling her incredible paintings from the early age of 5. Akiane, paints from her visions of Jesus Christ which she claims speaks to her. Click here to subscribe to the channel: Follow us on Facebook - Follow us on Instagram - Follow us on Twitter - Produced by ITV

Francis Danby: A collection of 119 works (HD)

Description: "The Irish born artist Francis Danby is considered to have been the leading painter of the Bristol School of artists during the Romantic period. Francis Danby had settled in Bristol in 1813 and over the next eleven years established himself as the finest landscape painter in the vicinity. During most of this time he painted in watercolours and it was only around 1818-19 that his work in oils began to emerge, his first major oil painting being exhibited in London at the British Institution in 1820 (The Upas Tree). By 1824 Francis Danby was heavily in debt and he fled the city of Bristol in secrecy, moving to the capital in the hope of fame and fortune. It was upon exhibition of his painting of Sunset at Sea after a Storm at the Royal Academy in 1824 that Francis Danby first rose to prominence in the London art scene. Regarded by Richard Redgrave as the “work that made the painter’s reputation” Sunset at Sea after a Storm was purchased to much fanfare at the exhibition by the President of the Royal Academy, Sir Thomas Lawrence. Here was a romantic seascape, which displayed that sublime depiction of limitless scale which John Martin had been using to such public acclaim. John Martin had already declared his opposition to the Royal Academy, but now the Academy appeared to have found its answer to John Martin’s spectacular triumphs through the art of Francis Danby.

Unfortunately, Francis Danby was plagued by financial and marital problems throughout his life and although he rose to considerable fame through his paintings emulating the style of John Martin, he fled England for Europe in late 1829 as a result of the breakdown of his marriage and continued debt. Although he returned to England around a decade later he never re-established the fame which he had attained during the 1820’s. In recent times Francis Danby’s work has been re-appraised and he is now acknowledged for his remarkable ability as a landscape artist rather than just for the few dramatic oils paintings through which he first rose to fame."





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