How to Setup Transaction Journaling in jBASE

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Connect to your Future | jBASE

jBASE is a high-performance and flexible NoSQL database that gives you the freedom to design your applications around your business needs, not the capabilities of your database. The unique jBASE architecture allows your programs run natively on the underlying operating system, so it’s instantly familiar to modern developers and can easily connect to other databases, web services and the latest SaaS applications through rich API-integration.

Accuterm 7.3 - New Features and Release Overview

In this 60 minute webinar, we will be covering two exciting new features in AccuTerm 7.3 – ReZume and phiReport. We will also discuss the new AccuTerm maintenance program and outline the free upgrade path to AccuTerm 8 for customers with maintenance. Learn About: • ReZume – Eliminate hung ports and lost work due to network interruptions • phiReport – Allow users to run their own reports with this graphical, dictionary-driven reporting tool • Free Upgrades to Version 8 – AccuTerm 7.3 comes with maintenance/support and the ability to upgrade to our forthcoming browser-based version (AccuTerm 8) This webinar is co-hosted by Pete Schellenbach, author of AccuTerm, and Pierre Trinephi, creator of phiReport. 5:53 - Accuterm 7.3 Release Overview 13:14 - Accuterm 8 Overview 29:37 - Rezume Session Resilience Overview 38:16 - phiReport Overview

MultiValue Public House jBASE 5.7 Overview

Our jBASE development team has pulled it off again, packing in many new groundbreaking features into the highly anticipated release of jBASE 5.7. Watch the jBASE group - Greg, Pete, Ian, Patrick, and Bruce - talk through the latest developments in this casual short video. Listen in as they touch on Dynamic Objects, JSON, Dynamic Files, Java Extensions, RESTFUL Services and more. Check out the video below and stay tuned for more exciting news from your friends at Zumasys.

MultiValue Public House jBASE 5.7 Dynamic Files

In jBASE 5.7, we’ve added Dynamic Files.  As the name implies, the new files are dynamic, built from the ground up to continually work optimally as updates are made. They aren't like traditional multivalue files which are hashed files that get re-sized manually or in the background.  Dynamic Files reduce administrative overhead and boost your application’s performance. With Dynamic Files in jBASE 5.7 it is all automated. It’s that easy.

Zumasys Labs | What is Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

In this episode of Zumasys Labs, Zumasys Systems Engineer Jacob Vargas, and Desktop Virtualization Practice Manager, Leon Ngo, will talk about Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), what does it take to run DaaS, who manages it, and what is the value DaaS.

In this video tutorial you will learn: How to setup Transaction Journaling with 2 systems (Primary & Secondary) which all updates on the Primary system are reflected on the Secondary system.

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