Cremation of human body

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Krematoriet på Trons kapell i Filipstad

Reportage för Filipstad i Folkmun: En dag på jobbet - Yrken i Filipstad del 1.

Cremacion proceso y ventajas

La explicación de cómo se lleva a cabo este proceso que reduce el cuerpo a cenizas de huesos en un horno especial de Ladrillo refractario. Un método que según nos dicen ahorra tiempo, dinero y espacio. Además de la experiencia de meterme a un horno crematorio vivo!!

Assisted Suicide of Peter Smedley - Unedited

The death of Peter Smedley, the British millionaire who legally ended his days at an assisted suicide clinic, called 'Dignitas', in Switzerland. The businessman was 71 years old, and he suffered of an incurable motor neurone disease. He agreed to be filmed in his last moments of life. This clip is from the documentary named "Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die" released in 2011. Terry Pratchett was suffering from Alzheimers already a few years at the time the documentary was released. Pratchett died at his home on March 12, 2015 from his Alzheimer's disease.


Isabel Granada is now in the hands of God

The All New CremCharger XL 65st

The CremCharger XL 65st is the answer to many of the problems found within the Cremator Industry. With its market leading lifting and charging capacity, patented 5th Wheel Drive System and patent pending Charging Devise, this product not only eliminates all manual handling issues, but allows for safe single person operation, handling the smallest coffins to the biggest. The trolley is compatible with all Cremators and can be customised to hit the "sweet spot". Options for the Charger to be locked and integrated into individual existing electronic charging control systems are also available. For more details please contact LEEC Limited: Tel:01159626222

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