How To Install Car Speakers Like A Pro - Component Speakers

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Best Way To Apply Sound Deadening to Doors - Create Templates

Sound deadening doesn't have to be hard. We find the best way to do sound proof your doors is to create templates so you can apply the material in one piece. SoundSkins Pro was created as large single pieces so that it can be applied easily and quickly. There are many different ways to create templates but often the hard work is done for you. We use a hole punch, scissors and knife to ensure we get a really nice installation. Material:

How to Install Component Speakers

LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE DIY VIDEOS Learn step by step instructions for installing a pair of Powerbass Component Speakers into a Nissan 350z. This can be applied to installing any other brand also. It will also help you install component speakers into any of vehicle.

What's inside a $3,000 Bluetooth Speaker?

We CUT OPEN a Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker! This is THE BEST Bluetooth Speaker! Buy one here: They sell them in most Apple stores also. You can connect up to 12 of them together at once. Follow us on Social @WhatsInside #CoolTech #WhatsInside Music for this video is from

SoundSkins Rings v3: Lets Take Look at these Super Fast Rings

Rings Now Available: The new 3rd version of our massive smash hit SoundSkins Rings. Now available for shipping round the world direct from our head office in Hong Kong, SoundSkins Global. We are cutting out the middleman so we can offer you these at a new low price :D

The basics to sound deadening in cars. What should I use to control sound and heat in my car?

101 sound and heat control in a car. Let Car Builders explain different products that are used in cars to control sound and heat. Feel confident with the right knowledge to DIY your car.

This example shows how we install speakers in a car correctly. What people forget the most are these 3x things: 1. Waterproof mounts. 2. Sound Deadening 3. Acoustic Seals.
This is a great example using the SoundSkins Pro sound dampening and SoundSkins Rings speaker enhancers to seal the speakers and fire them into the cabin.

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