Rembrandt? Yes, it has to be him!

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Rembrandt and His Paints

Documentary on the materials of Rembrandt

BBC Power of Art 3 of 8 Rembrandt.avi

The Lost Rembrandt: A Closer Look by the Rembrandt Research Project (Part 1/4)

This mini documentary explores how a lost Rembrandt painting was uncovered and authenticated by the Rembrandt Research Project in 2011 using innovative scientific data generated by an atomic particle accelerator at Brookhaven, Long Island. WATCH PART ONE: WATCH PART TWO: WATCH PART THREE: WATCH PART FOUR: For hundreds of years the public has only seen the surface of famous masterpieces by artists such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Now, through a melding of innovative scientific techniques and art connoisseurship, completely different paintings and important clues about the artists themselves are being uncovered one layer at a time using xray fluorescence This mini documentary is from a press conference held on December 2nd, 2011 at the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam, where the painting - "Study of an Old Man" - was unveiled to the public by Rembrandt Research Project director Dr. Ernst van de Wetering and material scientist Dr. Joris Dik. An in depth one hour documentary titled "Out Of The Shadows" (, narrated by Donald Sutherland and produced/directed by Kevin Sullivan (Anne of Green Gables, Road To Avonlea, Wind At My Back), also explores the work of Dr. Joris Dik finding hidden masterpieces such as the recently discovered "Laughing Rembrandt" and "Head of a Peasant Woman" under existing paintings by Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Dutch with English subtitles. To watch the rest of this mini documentary, or to find out more about the authentication process and hidden works of art, please visit

BBC's Power of Art Rembrandt Part 1

An extraordinary look on Rembrandt's life and his work as an artist that captivated me greatly. (Part 1)

The complete life of the painter Rembrandt van Rijn

A documentary which unlocks Rembrandt to a large public. Trough his documentary we travel for 53 minutes together with Rembrandt in a geographical reconstruction of his life. The documentary shows beautiful pictures of which Rembrandt has drawn his inspiration. A lot of the buildings from Rembrandt`s days still exist. Trough modern digital techniques we change, where possible, the current image into the painting that the artist has made for over 400 years ago or into old pictures of those times.

Who exactly painted Tobit and Anna in the Willem van der Vorm Collection? The panel was subjected to scientific analysis in 2010, and the conclusion was that it originated in Rembrandt's studio. But Jeroen Giltaij, curator of this museum, and Ernst van de Wetering, head researcher of the Rembrandt Research Project, do not agree on who actually wielded the brush. Giltaij bases his opinion on intuition and traditional connoisseurship; Van de Wetering approaches the issue with the probability theory of the scientist Thomas Bayes. In this video, Ernst van de Wetering puts forward a series of arguments that support the idea Tobit and Anna was painted by the great master himself.

From 24 March 2012, the cleaned and restored painting will be exhibited in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen; this video is part of the presentation.

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