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Watercolour in the style of Edward Wesson

I saw a photo on Twitter, made by my good friend Claire Hill, so I asked if I could use it for a painting and Claire said yes have a go! The scene is excellent material to make a sort of Edward Wesson painting from. I admire Mr Wesson a lot and have almost all his books. I paint on a quarter sheet Bockingford 200lb made by StCuthbertsmil. Its really a nice paper to paint on! The 200Lb was specially made for Edward Wesson it seems, he painted on 140lb, but that goggled a bit so he asked the factory if they could make it heavier and they made it, and thats why we still have it today! The finished painting can be seen here on flickr Edward Wesson Colours used Raw SIenna Alizarin Crimson Ultramarine Blue Winsor Blue or Phtalo Blue New Gamboge Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber Light Red I use Rembrandt pigments, I am sure Wesson used W&N or Daler Rowney! Brushes I used some brushes here that I normally seldom use. The flat oxhair brushes are made for lettersetting art. I usually have two red sable brushes a 6 and a 12 Da Vince Maestro Tobolski Kolinsky Three W&N Squirrel wash brushes I used them a lot so I cannot see the size anymore I have a huge Squirrel brush I seldom use and that is a size 10, so my guess would be I have a 2, 4 and 6 size squirrel brush. Also found under Petit Gris Blue Squirrel brushes are the best, but also the most expensive! And some riggers for detail, size 0, 1 and 4 W&N Sceptre Gold Paper I use a variety of papers, but in most cases StCuthbertsmill paper, like Bockingford, Millford and Saunders Waterford. when I do a style I try to use the painters choice! (when available)

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