PJ Brutzman playing his personal Strat through FUCHS Full House 50 NY Amp Show 2013

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PJ Brutzman playing Zexcoil Vintage Single 5, FUCHS Full House 50 NY Amp Show 2013 #2

PJ is playing an SV5/SV5/SV5O set installed in Scott's trusty Tokai Strat through the FUCHS Full House 50. PJ is a student at Berklee.

FUCHS Full House 50 - Casino Series - Demo & Review by Andy Fuchs!

Part of the FUCHS Casino Series - check out the FUCHS FULL HOUSE 50! Straight outta New Jersey - designer, and chief builder Andy Fuchs gives it to you straight! Enjoy & Rock ON! http://www.fuchsaudiotechnology.com/amps/casino-series SUBSCRIBE & CONNECT ► Subscribe: http://bit.ly/18W2CYq ► Website http://bit.ly/1DKgkGZ ► Facebook http://on.fb.me/1zXP0rF ► Subscribe: http://bit.ly/16PwgOs This video was edited by friend & fellow rocker Robert Baker. Do be sure to check out his channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/rguitar

Sebago Sound Double Trouble DT50

The Double Trouble line offers one of the widest range of sounds available in an all-tube guitar amp, reminiscent of the famous Overdrive Special amplifiers of the 70's and 80's. The clean channel evokes the "Blackface" Twin era: lots of top end, full bottom and a wide control over the midrange balance. The overdrive channel really doesn't have an equal. It offers a very wide range of overdrive, all the way from a clean sound that overdrives with a hard pick attack, to very saturated, smooth and sustaining violin like distortion. Both the clean and overdrive channels can be boosted with a footswitchable preamp boost that offers a nice increase in volume and drive level to any sound. All of Sebago's amplifiers are hand made right here in the USA. Sebago only uses the finest components, and hand build and test every amp they make. If you are interested in purchasing / learning more about this Amp / Sebago please contact us (650) 365-8878 - www.gelbmusic.com

Andy Fuchs demonstrates Fuchs Full House 50 amp w/Strat

Andy Fuchs demonstrates Fuchs Full House 50 amp with a G&L Legacy Strat and Zexcoil Pickups.

John Bendy playing Zexcoil Vintage Set, FUCHS Black Jack 21 NY Amp Show 2013 #4

Here's John Bendy playing his personal Strat with a Vintage Set through the FUCHS Black Jack 21 at the 2013 NY Amp Show.

This is PJ playing his own guitar through the FUCHS Full House 50, before he tried the Zexcoil guitars. Compare the tone and noise level in this clip with the Strat and Tele Zexcoil clips. Notice he doesn't even bother kicking in any gain as he's already getting noise even on a pretty clean amp setting.

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