Time-Lapse of Complete Bathroom Remodel

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Full Time Lapse of our Kitchen Remodel

This is the final time lapse of our kitchen remodel consisting of over 35,000 photos assembled into a 10 minute video. The project took approximately 3 months to get 95% of the way done and 6 months to be 100% done. We ended up spending about 175% of what we thought we would but are still very happy with what we did as it made our 100 year old house much more livable. The demolition removed about 4200 lbs of debris from the room and we installed about 4000 feet of wire as we redid all the either-net, cable, and electrical in all the rooms we could reach. We found the local building inspectors to be much more help than a hinderance throughout the process as they helped me to fix any problems before they grew into big ones. Good luck to you if you are staring a project like this for yourself.

Basement Finishing - Time Lapse

From waterproofing to move-in, here is the full time lapse. SONGS: Ringo Starr: (It's All Down To) Goodnight Vienna ELO - So Fine ELO - Hold on Tight Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy

Complete small bath remodel time lapse in Austin, TX

1970's home gutting the bathroom down to the studs. Everything was replaced in the bathroom, electrical, plumbing, drywall, flooring, etc. Entire project took 2.5 months of weekends and weeknights with 3 weeks wait time for the glass shower enclosure. Total spent was $6,262 but that includes $500 of leveling the bathroom floor which was a HUGE mess. This is also for NO labor, everything was done by me except the frameless glass enclosure and the countertop.

Treehouse Build Timelapse

This is a tree house that my friend Aza and I built for a customer shortly after I built my original tree house. The build took about six months start to finish, but we weren't working on it full time. It is located in Sandpoint Idaho. Main song is by my friend Steven. Song at the end is: Stop It (Instrumental) by Dexter Britain

Time-lapse of our guest bathroom remodel

We're remodeling 3 bathrooms. I set up my old Nikon D7000 with a fisheye lens upside down on a Gorilla Grip tripod mounted to a ceiling vent grille, and tool 1 picture every 30 seconds for 27 days. (On many days, they only worked on this room for a few hours.) The final frame isn't quite the final product. We added a frame around the mirror, finished the backsplash, and added a shower curtain, door pull handles on the cabinet's doors and drawers, towels, mats, and a picture.

We completely remodeled our 3 bathrooms, so I decided to setup a camera to take time-lapse video of the entire work done in the master bathroom. I used a Nikon D7000 with a 10.5mm fisheye lens mounted on a Gorilla Grip tripod attached to a ventilation grill. I took a picture every 30 seconds during the 34 days of the remodel, for a grand total of 17,970 pictures.

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