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How to Achieve Checkmate in 2 Moves | Chess

Feeling like a Pawn? Learn how to play like a King: Logical Chess: Move By Move: Every Move Explained: My 60 Memorable Games Paperback: Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Mass Market: Complete Book of Chess Strategy: Grandmaster Techniques from A to Z: Watch more How to Play Chess videos: Hi, Coach Russ here with Chess NYC. A very common question that we receive as chess coaches is what is the quickest way to win a game of chess? Now, everybody's idea of the game of chess, that's it's a very long, strategic, thought out game, but surprisingly enough there is a way to win a game of chess in only two moves. Now, when we're looking at the two move checkmate or also known as the foolsmate, it's going to take a sequence of bad moves by the opponent to fall into this trap of only two moves. Now interestingly enough the two move checkmate is going to occur on the black side checkmating white in two moves. So white is going to open up and play a move, F-4. As we can notice in this position by white moving their pawn to F-4 they've opened up their king's diagonal exposing the king and creating a weakness. Black can simply open up and make space for their queen and bishop and this is black's first move. White makes their second move further opening up the king's diagonal and allowing for black to make their second move which is to bring the queen along the diagonal to H-4 and checking the king. Now in chess when we're in check we look for three ways to get out of check. It's either to move the king, to block the check or to capture the checking piece. In this position the king has no safe squares to move. There are no pieces that can interpose or block the queen from checking the king and there are actually no pieces that can capture the checking piece or capture the queen. So what has just happened is black has checkmated white in two moves and just to once again show you, white opens up making the move to F-4 opening up the king's diagonal. Black plays the pawn up opening up the queen to make a direct threat on white's king. White plays G-4 and black responds by bringing the queen out and making a direct threat to white's king and leaving white with no option to run, block or capture and ending the game in only two moves.

How to use champcash and how to make money ?

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✔ TOP 5 FREE Android Games WITHOUT ADS or (in-app) purchases! 🔥

Today’s video is all about my TOP 5 of FREE Android GAMES WITHOUT ADS or in-game purchases. Free Android games without ads or free games without in-game purchases. Click ‘show more’ for all the info of these 5 ad free android games. Phone used in video ➽ ❗ ➽ Support this small channel to 10.000 subs by smashing that subscribe button. Subscribe for free here: My top 5 of free Android Games without ads or in-app purchases listed from 5 to the best game (1st): 5. 2048 - Number 5 in the Top 5 free android games, is probably the most famous of all, 2048. This game has been ported from the original, and the developers made sure that there are: No ads, no permissions needed, it supports all android from 2.1 and up, create and minimalistic design, smooth animations and there is even an endless mode for the experienced player. Code is open source: 4. Tappy! - Flappy, uff, it’s Tappy! which is number 4 on the list of Ad free Android games! This game has besides the zero ads and in game purchases, a flat design, awesome styled graphic and can be really addictive! Tap the screen to control the ball and avoid all obstacles. Challenge yourself in this flappy style game and survive as long as possible. 3. Cytoid - Off to the top 3, where we find Cytoid ranked 3rd in this top 5 of android games without ads! Cytoid is a rhythm game, and there are many rhythm games out there. However, what makes Cytoid different from the others is that the game has no monetization model what so ever. That means, you do not have to ever spend a single penny to enjoy the game fully, and no ads will annoy you while you are playing the game. Download user-created levels: View the project on Github: 2. Mekorama - Mekorama is a puzzle game, and it is also totally free. There are no ads what so ever for this free android game. The Google play page says in app purchases, but that’s basically an option for you to donate to the developers if you wish. Mekorama is a mobile puzzle game where you help a tiny robot stumble home, featuring: 50 tiny mechanical dioramas to explore, there are Thousands of fan-made levels to collect. Building blocks for making your own levels or play in the VR version for Google Daydream or enter Mekorama Studio for power users. All in all, a game that is great, fun and shareable. 1. Pixel Battle - Ranking this game first or 2nd was incredibly difficult, just like the gameplay itself, which reminded me of my childhood from the 80’s and 90’s, and therefore Pixel Battle definitely deserves to be ranked first in the list! The most outstanding feature of this game is that it is totally free, no in-game adds with limited permissions. As for the game, a mysterious figure has been sabotaging games, taking the fun out of them and making them almost impossible to play. ➽ Support this small channel to 50.000 subs by smashing that subscribe button. Subscribe for free here: ~ All the tech I use: ~ Tech I'm using from China: Smartphone: SmartWatch: ~ Video & other gear I use: → My Sony 4K and 120FPS camera: → My current smartphone: → My laptop: → The 4K drone I use: / → Microphone: → Lavalier Microphone: → The 4K Drone & Tech bag: This post might contain affiliate links, meaning if you purchase the product or service by following a link I could receive a commission. There are often conditions on time, visits and other factors that frequently negate any commission. No sponsor involved. International webshops that I can recommend to purchase from: Gearbest: Banggood: TomTop: Thanks for reading / watching! Martijn

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Best Game application for android 2018 /Best android phone games /kapow application /

Iss video me apko keise ek application me bohat Sara game milega bo v free me issilea banaya he or yahann pe app kuchh money rewards v jeet shakte he,to friends Iss video ko jarrur dekhiaa. By virusworld, #virusworld, virusworld,
Application download link -

Kapow lets you pick and play from a huge library of exciting games, without needing to download any separate apps. For free. And no ads either!

◆ Predict and Win - Following the World Cup? Take part in our World Cup Predictor challenge, and win upto Rs. 5000

◆ Banish your boredom - Clueless in class? Bored at your desk? Stuck in public transport? Play games across genres - puzzles, sports, arcade and zombie games.

◆ Daily tournaments - Beat everyone in our daily tournaments to mark your spot at the top of the leaderboards and earn real cash!

◆ New games added frequently - Kapow brings you new games every other week, so you can play the latest and top casual games

◆ Immersive, ad-free experience - Play full-screen games without any pesky ads bothering your gameplay

◆ No data or internet? No problem! - Pick and play our single-player games even when you run out of data or can’t connect to the internet

◆ Multiplayer gaming - Duel with your friends on the latest games and enjoy bragging rights in games like Pool, Chess, Word Duel and Wordingo

◆ Take a nostalgia trip - Play classic games like Tic Tac Toe, Solitaire, Battleships, and games that will remind you of Scrabble and Ruzzle

◆ Earn real cash while having fun - Kapow is more fun with friends. Invite your friends and earn real cash when they play their first game
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