SOTD: G.E Jonese Shake Sharp Razor, Chatillon Lux/ L&L Unconditional Surrender

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Declaration Grooming Icarus- Contemplation Review

These three scents will be released on Friday June 29, 2018 at 12:01 AM EST at Contemplation $25.00 USD ($6.25/oz) and $22 for the others Disclosure: I bought the sample from Maggard Razors w/my money. I was not asked to do this review nor was I paid. It’s just for fun. Declaration Grooming needs no introduction unless less you’re new to wetshaving or some how unaware of their name change from L&L Grooming. They are at the top of their game and they specialize in luxury shaving gear that includes their signature Bison Tallow Shaving Soaps and premium hand tied badger knots that they provide in their own hand turned handles as well as a knottting service. They are also known for frequent collaborations with aftershave/fragrance producer Chatillon Lux, often providing a soap vehicle for CL’s popular fragrances. Declaration’s Bison Tallow soap base is considered top tier by many if not most wetshavers. Scott has since pushed the envelope even further with a new soap base that was unveiled and released in mid-March dubbed “Project Icarus”. It proved to be a modified version of the Bison Tallow bass that included lamb Tallow and goat’s milk, the latter well known for its use in skin care. This was a popular move and saw the first iteration released in Chatillon Lux’s Santal Austere scent. Originally a one off project, demand soared as the positive reviews poured in. The lone detractor of this release was that for many the scent did not hide the gaminess (animalic odor) of the ingredients. Now three months later three more scents (Contemplation, Sweet Lemon, Short) were released first at the annual Maggard Meet Up and shortly thereafter samples went on sale on Maggard’s web site. Those samples have sold out and I was fortunate enough to be able to buy one for myself in order to test its mettle as well as review it on my YouTube channel. Before I discuss the scent, I will point out that these three releases feature a modified formula of the original release: different goat’s milk and lamb Tallow were used in order to decrease the “gamey” scent. To my nose I do not smell anything gamey, but take note that scent is subjective and you may not have the same experience. - [ ] Scent: I do not know the exact scent notes, but this is a medium to light green scent. This is not strong like TSM Fougere and seems a bit more user friendly in that regard. To my nose this is a green fern scent bolstered with sage and brightened by a citrus note. It is indeed a calming scent, but to me it’s just ok. It’s not a scent that I will clamber to own even though it is nice. It is about a 5, or lower mid scent strength, out of the container but increases to about a 6 once lathered up. From what I’ve read from other shavers, this appears to be the favorite of the three by a decent margin, but it may be safe to say that Shore has comparable share of fans. The soap is not soft like the normal Bison Tallow base. It is mid-firm and the problem of overloading is not with this base. I actually found that I needed to load a damp brush twice as long as I have to with the Bison base (30 seconds rather than 15). This soap is also very thirsty and water must be added in copious amounts. Dialed in, the lather is superb, slick, and shiny. Slickness, glide, are amazing and residual slickness is excellent. The hero of the shave was the post shave feel. I didn’t not need a balm on most of my face after using it. I did have a spot of irritation from a cut, but that area of my neck was irritated before shave from either an insect bite or a heat rash. That was the lone detractor of the shave’s results. It’s also proof that excellent products will not save you from poor technique. This undoubtedly occurred because I was filming and talking as I shaved. That is the only reason I ever get cuts these days. The original release, Santal Austere, was $31, nearly an astounding $8/oz. I’ve heard that the reason was probably due to the cost of the Sandalwood oil and that these three new releases will probably cost less. I am not big on buying premium priced products and I own very few of them (Wolf Whiskers brush is an exception). Quite honestly, I get just as good of a shave with soaps like Mike’s Natural Soaps, Barrister and Mann, and Catie’s Bubbles. Some of those brands are half the price of Santal Austere and unless I get to try samples of the other two scents and am blown away by the scents, I don’t feel the need to buy this one, stellar performance or not. I tend to not go for stuff that’s much more than $4/oz, so that’s why I’m grateful for Maggard Razor’s willingness to provide us all with samples to try even though its apparently not very cost effective for them. I am happy that I got to try this soap and review it even though I’m not planning on buying a set. It was a fun experience as always and that’s the whole reason that I even do this-for fun!

traditionnal wet shaving - Razor Karve Shaving Company

Good day, New razor from Karve Shaving Company, The Christopher Bradley. Canadian razor, machined out of brass, you can customize the lenght of the handle and the efficiency buy buying different base plates. For today's shave, I used the plate C. to compare it to the Rockwell 6s, it would be between plate 4 and plate 5. the CB is an extremely smooth razor that gives a very close shave. It is quite surprising. Karve Shaving Co:

Above The Tie - Atlas M2 - Open Comb DE Razor

A shave using the Above The Tie Atlas M2 Open Comb DE Razor, New Wilkinson Sword DE Blade, Simpson X2L Best Badger Brush, Maca Root Shaving Cream, Thayers Medicated Witch Hazel, Alpa Clove Cologne, The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. Please Subscribe For More Videos: Follow Me On Instagram: Thanks to Sean for the loan of this razor.

Beginners How To Shave With A Straight Razor | Feather Tutorial

Beginners How To Shave With A Straight Razor | Feather Tutorial SCENE SELECTION 0:42 Preparation 2:07 How To Lather Shaving Soap 5:33 How To Shave With a Straight Razor 14:22 What To Put On Your Face Post Shave 15:54 Cleaning Your Straight Razor PS. You may remember this music from a certain 1950 Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd cartoon "Rabbit of Seville". I chose it particularly because of that and me shaving. Trying to have some fun around here! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy these products from my Amazon Affiliated links Japanese Feather® Professional Artist Club SS Razor (Black) フェザー プロフェッショナル アーティストクラブSS 日本剃刀 (ブラック) [USA] $60.11 [日本] ¥5,780 Japanese Feather® Proguard Blade (Qty 15 Count | Thickness 0.350mm) フェザー プロガード 15枚入 [USA] $13.30 [日本] ¥1,170 Japanese Feather® Professional Blade (Qty 20 Count | Thickness 0.254mm) フェザープロフェッショナルブレイド 標準刃 PB-20(20枚入) [USA] $13.12 [日本] ¥1,080 Chrome Shaving Set (Dish, Badger Brush, Razor) Two in Oneシリーズ - QUATORO 6688-12 The Gentleman's Club All Natural Shaving Soap Coming soon! Serious inquiries message me for details ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feather®. [English] [Japanese 日本語] Kamisori Club カミソリ倶楽部. [Japanese 日本語] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Networks Tumblr: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

A Classic Arko Shave - Wilkinson Sword DE Razor

Shaving using a Wilkinson Sword Classic DE Razor, Personna Red DE Blade, Arko Shaving Soap, The Big Shave Shaving Scuttle, Omega Boar Brush, Thayers Medicated Super Hazel, Arko Action Cologne, and Arko Olive Oil Moisture Cream. Please Subscribe For More Videos: Follow Me On Instagram:

Hello again! Today we cover this unique razor a G.E Jones Shake Sharp razor! Produced in 1945-1950s it had a good production run, releasing 2 versions of the razor, the first version was gold plated with a bakelite handle, and the top cap came off completely to change the blade. The 2nd version has a slide locking mechanism that is demonstrated in the video. Two versions are available in 22k gold and Chrome plating.

The G.E Jones is a single edge razor that takes standard double edge blades! It is also self honing! Beautiful design and great construction.

L&L grooming and Chatillon Lux come together to create a beautiful, sweet tobacco scent. Unconditional surrender has notes of: Amber, Tonka Bean, Amyris, Cedarwood, Agarwood, Vetiver, Cigar Tobacco, Black Tea, Jasmine, and geranium.

The soap is a very soft soap. For those of you that haven't tried L&L Grooming, the bison tallow formula is great. It is a thirsty lather, but once dialed in. It provides amazing protection, and glide. The post shave feel is the best I've ever felt. It is up there in price, this particular tub was about $25, but you do get what you paid for.

The Salve from Chatillon Lux is really great, my only complaint is it comes off oily, or greasy but it goes into the skin very well.

I hope you enjoy!

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