SOTD: G.E Jonese Shake Sharp Razor, Chatillon Lux/ L&L Unconditional Surrender

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SOTD: THB Lavender Creeper, PAA Alpha Ecliptic, and a Stargazer Handle with a 26mm Elite Manchurian.

Welcome back! Got another Shave of The Day for you guys. The Holy Black Lavender Creeper was a very limited small batch release. Using three different types of lavender, and the "creeper" a cooling agent found in most major drug store shaving creams. Check them out here: PAA Alpha Ecliptic, based off of the German made slant by Walbuch. This unique hump head design offers a smooth and effortless shave. Machined from 7075 Aluminum it is very light weight, and easy to use. Check it out here: The stargazer knot is a beautiful custom made handle. It is supposed to represent standing on a cliff edge staring out at the stars. Check him out on etsy here: Nostalgic Handmade has been my absolute favorite product to use. If you're looking for a new product they offer water based, oil based, and petrol based pomades in unique and familiar scents. Check them out here: Thanks for watching! Hope to see some of you at The Big Shave West 3!

SOTD: Cooper & French Old Goat. Gillette New Flat Bottom Round Pin.

Hi folks! Welcome back! I do apologize for the delay in videos. I enjoy making these videos, and do so for fun. I don't have a set schedule, so I upload when I have time, or when I feel up for doing a video to share with you all. Cooper & French Old Goat is their revival of the Shulton Old Spice Scent in their Goats Milk Formula. To my nose, it does not smell like any old spice I have ever tried. But it is in the same realm, ans it is a very pleasant scent. It creates a very thick and protective lather, that seems to get better with every pass. Post shave is great, it left me feeling like I didn't need a post shave product, but I used one anyway. Old Spice Noir. It smells like a darker Old Spice out of the bottle, an almost cologne type scent, but dries down to smell like a cheap body spray. Not at all off putting, but not something I'll reach for frequently. Gillette Flat Bottom Round Pin, Made in England, and paired with a Voskhod blade. Lovely combination, a very smooth, and efficient razor. Rubberset 200 with a 24mm Tuxedo Knot(I keep saying 23mm for some reason). I love the Tuxedo knots. Out of all my synthetics this is the one I reach for the most. Not only do they look stunning. They also have really good back bone, and incredibly creamy, and soft tips. They can retain a lot of water, and build a lather easily. Thanks for watching! Check Out Cooper & French: Tuxedo Knot by APShave Co.

Vintage Gillette Red Tip - L&L Grooming/Chatillon Lux Champs De Lavande Soap

Pre: SV Vanilla Noir Bath Soap Razor: Vintage Gillette Red Tip Blade: Gillette 7 O'clock Yellow (1) Brush: That Darn Rob Dark Red Synthetic Soap: L&L Grooming/Chatillon Lux Champs De Lavande Post: Thayers Lavender Witch Hazel A/S: Agua Lavanda Puig Kevy Shaves On Instagram -

Karve Shaving : The Christopher Bradley Razor

At long last I finally have a CB razor in my Den! And I must say I'm impressed. Price, finish, weight are all major pluses for me. Have a look for yourself though!!!! Contact me at

Beginners How To Shave With A Straight Razor | Feather Tutorial

Beginners How To Shave With A Straight Razor | Feather Tutorial SCENE SELECTION 0:42 Preparation 2:07 How To Lather Shaving Soap 5:33 How To Shave With a Straight Razor 14:22 What To Put On Your Face Post Shave 15:54 Cleaning Your Straight Razor PS. You may remember this music from a certain 1950 Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd cartoon "Rabbit of Seville". I chose it particularly because of that and me shaving. Trying to have some fun around here! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy these products from my Amazon Affiliated links Japanese Feather® Professional Artist Club SS Razor (Black) フェザー プロフェッショナル アーティストクラブSS 日本剃刀 (ブラック) [USA] $60.11 [日本] ¥5,780 Japanese Feather® Proguard Blade (Qty 15 Count | Thickness 0.350mm) フェザー プロガード 15枚入 [USA] $13.30 [日本] ¥1,170 Japanese Feather® Professional Blade (Qty 20 Count | Thickness 0.254mm) フェザープロフェッショナルブレイド 標準刃 PB-20(20枚入) [USA] $13.12 [日本] ¥1,080 Chrome Shaving Set (Dish, Badger Brush, Razor) Two in Oneシリーズ - QUATORO 6688-12 The Gentleman's Club All Natural Shaving Soap Coming soon! Serious inquiries message me for details ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feather®. [English] [Japanese 日本語] Kamisori Club カミソリ倶楽部. [Japanese 日本語] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Networks Tumblr: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Hello again! Today we cover this unique razor a G.E Jones Shake Sharp razor! Produced in 1945-1950s it had a good production run, releasing 2 versions of the razor, the first version was gold plated with a bakelite handle, and the top cap came off completely to change the blade. The 2nd version has a slide locking mechanism that is demonstrated in the video. Two versions are available in 22k gold and Chrome plating.

The G.E Jones is a single edge razor that takes standard double edge blades! It is also self honing! Beautiful design and great construction.

L&L grooming and Chatillon Lux come together to create a beautiful, sweet tobacco scent. Unconditional surrender has notes of: Amber, Tonka Bean, Amyris, Cedarwood, Agarwood, Vetiver, Cigar Tobacco, Black Tea, Jasmine, and geranium.

The soap is a very soft soap. For those of you that haven't tried L&L Grooming, the bison tallow formula is great. It is a thirsty lather, but once dialed in. It provides amazing protection, and glide. The post shave feel is the best I've ever felt. It is up there in price, this particular tub was about $25, but you do get what you paid for.

The Salve from Chatillon Lux is really great, my only complaint is it comes off oily, or greasy but it goes into the skin very well.

I hope you enjoy!

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