FUCHS ODS Classic Overview

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Andy Fuchs demonstrates the ODS II with a Les Paul on the dirt channel.

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme HRM explained by Michael Lewis

Thinking about buying a new Fuchs HRM model? DON"T DO IT!! BUY THE NEW FUCHS ODS II instead -- MUCH BETTER CHOICE! ALL UPGRADED FEATURES, AWESOME TONE! This video shows why the HRM is not a good choice. And here's some additional thoughts on it... I like the clean voicing a lot and I might love the distorted tones if I didn't have to crawl through a little box to tweak 'em. I had that blue amp converted from the classic voicing to the HRM and while there were some things I liked about the HRM, I regret having it changed to the HRM because the original tone of that amp was incredible. So if you're considering having an original Fuchs changed to HRM and you like the tone you have now, I do not recommend changing it. If you want the HRM, buy an HRM amp and then live with it along side your classic amp. The only problem with that is you'll probably want both of 'em. My only knock on the HRM is the tweaking through the little compartment but it's different from the original voicing and I can't say that it's better or worse. Just different. If it looks like the amp is difficult to work on, it's because it is and I wanted to demonstrate that point in the video. Looking to order an amp? Contact us at Michael (at) RadicalTone.com or through Facebook.com/RadicalTone. This is a detailed explanation and demonstration of the Fuchs ODS HRM (HT -- hand tuned version) by Michael Lewis using one of his MLG Pro 35T semi-hollow body guitars. The amp is being played through a Fuchs 212 cabinet with a combination of a Celestion Classic Lead 80 and a Celestion G12H30 (miced) speaker. A room mic was also mixed in to give more of the overall tonality of the amplifier then what you'd simply hear from a close mic. We made every effort to keep the post processing to a minimum so that you could get a feel for the raw tone of the amplifier. It should be noted that while MIchael goes into great detail about the versatility of the amplifier, he failed to demonstrate the sounds you can get by switching the Bright, Deep and EQ 1 / EQ 2 switches which effect both the clean and overdrive channels. For more info on these amps visit RadicalTone.com or FuchsAudio.com. For info on the guitars, visit MichaelLewisGuitars.com

Farewell to Fender's 6-screw Trem! - Floyd Rose Install!

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Top 8 WORST Production Guitars EVER!

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The FUCHS ODS Classic, available as a head or a combo, is a fantastic amplifier for all types of playing styles. It’s jam packed with features to get the perfect sound that you can’t get with most other amplifiers. Unlike most amps with a knob that only turns clockwise and counter-clockwise, many of the knobs have dual functions. For instance, your gain knob for your input can be pulled out for a gain boost, the high/treble knob can be pulled out for a mid-boost, your mid knob can be pulled out to expand your mid-range and make it fatter (and that’s just with your EQ settings). Speaking of EQ, you have a 3 position EQ switch which can differ between an aggressive, a tone-stacked bypass, and a lean EQ.

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