FUCHS ODS Classic Overview

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Fuchs ODS Classic Amp Strat Clean

The new Fuchs ODS-Classic with a Zexcoil (c) equipped G&L Legacy Strat through a Feiten 212 Vintage cabinet.

NAMM '15 - Fuchs Audio Overdrive Supreme II Demo

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Andy Fuchs demonstrates the ODS II with a Les Paul on the dirt channel.

Fuchs ODS Classic Dirt Overview - Fuchs ODS Classic Guitar Combo Amplifier

Order Your Fuchs ODS Classic Combo Amplifier Now at AMS! http://bit.ly/AMS_FuchsODSClassic_yt Continuing the legacy of their flagship amps, the ODS Classic series bridges the gap between the Casino series and the ODS-II series. The new ODS Classic represents not only a continuance but further advances the original ODS platform. Like our ODS-II and Casino amps, constant customer feedback and Andy Fuchs’ continuing quest to improve the tone and flexibility of our amps resulted in a quantum step forward for the platform. Find Your New Gear at AmericanMusical.com

THE FUCHS ODS II Clean Channel Strat

Andy Fuchs demonstrates the ODS II played with a Strat.

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The FUCHS ODS Classic, available as a head or a combo, is a fantastic amplifier for all types of playing styles. It’s jam packed with features to get the perfect sound that you can’t get with most other amplifiers. Unlike most amps with a knob that only turns clockwise and counter-clockwise, many of the knobs have dual functions. For instance, your gain knob for your input can be pulled out for a gain boost, the high/treble knob can be pulled out for a mid-boost, your mid knob can be pulled out to expand your mid-range and make it fatter (and that’s just with your EQ settings). Speaking of EQ, you have a 3 position EQ switch which can differ between an aggressive, a tone-stacked bypass, and a lean EQ.

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