FUCHS ODS Classic Overview

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Fuchs ODS Classic Amp Strat Clean

The new Fuchs ODS-Classic with a Zexcoil (c) equipped G&L Legacy Strat through a Feiten 212 Vintage cabinet.

From The Store Floor: How To Buy Your First Electric Guitar

Want to start playing electric guitar? Not sure where to start? Don't know what you need? Sam Ash Presents the first in the series, From The Store Floor: How To Buy Your First Electric Guitar. Dave Stutts takes you on an incredible adventure in our Sam Ash Music store on 34th street in New York City to give you some tips on picking up your first electric guitar so you can shop like a pro! Check out Dave's Spotlight post for supplemental material and related links: https://goo.gl/j81ghJ

Fuchs ODS Classic Setting Up A Sound - Fuchs ODS Classic Guitar Combo Amplifier

Order Your Fuchs ODS Classic Combo Amplifier Now at AMS! http://bit.ly/AMS_FuchsODSClassic_yt Continuing the legacy of their flagship amps, the ODS Classic series bridges the gap between the Casino series and the ODS-II series. The new ODS Classic represents not only a continuance but further advances the original ODS platform. Like our ODS-II and Casino amps, constant customer feedback and Andy Fuchs’ continuing quest to improve the tone and flexibility of our amps resulted in a quantum step forward for the platform. Find Your New Gear at AmericanMusical.com

Celestions speakers: Seventy 80 vs Greenback vs Creamback 65

Comparison test of Celestion speakers: Seventy 80 vs Greenback vs Creamback 65. Amp: Marshall dsl 40c. Recorded with a Zoom H4n and a Shure sm57 on the center of the speakers. Amp: Marshall Dsl 40c Guitars: Fender Stratocaster American Standard with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity Fender Jazzmaster Blacktop with a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 on the bridge

5 Best Jazz Guitar Amps

*Subscribe for more free jazz guitar lessons: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJys8u5V-Yuecjtidv9wfYA *Download Lesson PDF, notation & tabs for my videos at: https://jazzguitar.richiezellon.com *Take your playing to the next level with the Bebop Guitar Improv Series online: https://bebopguitar.richiezellon.com

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The FUCHS ODS Classic, available as a head or a combo, is a fantastic amplifier for all types of playing styles. It’s jam packed with features to get the perfect sound that you can’t get with most other amplifiers. Unlike most amps with a knob that only turns clockwise and counter-clockwise, many of the knobs have dual functions. For instance, your gain knob for your input can be pulled out for a gain boost, the high/treble knob can be pulled out for a mid-boost, your mid knob can be pulled out to expand your mid-range and make it fatter (and that’s just with your EQ settings). Speaking of EQ, you have a 3 position EQ switch which can differ between an aggressive, a tone-stacked bypass, and a lean EQ.

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