2019 FAW Besturn B50 Facelift Interior and Exterior Overview

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2018 FAW Besturn B50 1.4T In Depth Review Interior and Exterior

FAW has many models up its sleeve in China, out of which, many hold the potential to provide a breakthrough in our industry. But with more cars, come more possibilities and with that comes greater confusion. To ease that out, we at PakWheels Blog have been coming up with articles about cars, which our industry is in dire need of. My top pick right now is the all new FAW B50 and in the following paragraphs, I will supply you with the reasons for my choice. B50 comes from FAW’s Besturn division, formerly known for basing its cars on older Mazdas is now leading FAW’s brand line-up from the front, with cars like B30 (which we also featured as a potential deal-maker for Pakistani market) and now with the completely redesigned B50. On the outside, new 2016 FAW B50 sees a complete design overhaul over its predecessor as it keeps up with the bolder new design language of FAW Besturn brand, as seen before in the newly released B30. B50 now has a broader front grille along with sleeker headlamps and horizontal strip-style LED fog/daylight running lamps. Moreover, rather better-looking creases on the sides enhance the overall aggressive-sh look of the car. There are two different trim levels for the car, both of which have some noticeable design variances. The fundamental differences between the top of the line RS variant and B50’s base variant in the exterior department include a different set of alloy rims, black front grille in addition to coming with a trunk mounted pedestal-esque spoiler and black roof. The interior of the new B50 looks well thought and crafted, but again it’s something that depends on one’s personal preference. Moving on while RS and Base variants have various noticeable design differences on the outside, there isn’t much to talk about in the interior department, as the only difference is the presence of red stitching and RS badges in the top of the line RS trim. Only let down, however, is the infotainment unit of the car, which is an area often neglected by Chinese automakers, because apparently the Chinese customers are accustomed to only listening to the radio in the car leaving much to be desired. Under the hood, new B50 comes with two different options in the form of either a 1.4-liter Turbo or a 1.6-liter Naturally Aspirated engine. Both the engines are Volkswagen-sourced; thanks to FAW’s extensive portfolio of joint ventures with companies like the VW, Mazda, etc. 1.6-liter engine option is the same from the last iteration which means it still has a not too pleasing power output rating of 109-hp and 155-Nm of torque. The new entrant to the engine department is a 1.4-liter Turbo option which gives out some decent 136 horses and 220Nm of torques to B50’s wheels. However, this engine remains exclusive to the more expensive RS model. Transmission offerings also remain pretty standard with a choice of either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic. Currently, the new B50 from FAW has gone on sale in China at a starting price of 81,800 Yuan that translates to around PKR 1,290,000, which is straightaway PKR 233,000 less than the cheapest ‘new’ sedan of our market that is the 1.3-liter Honda City. The RS model, which comes with a 1.4-liter Turbo engine, is available for purchase in China for a price of 117,800 Yuan which, when exchanged to Pakistani Rupees comes out to be equivalent of PKR 1,854,000. In the case of Pakistani market, the lack of competition has for long led to the unjustified pricing of cars as proven by the price comparison in the table above. To me even if FAW somehow manages to bring the base variant of the B50 in our market for a price that is less than PKR 2.0 million, it can create inroads in Pakistan. The 2016 FAW B50 is another proof of the iteration by iteration improvement, which is now becoming increasingly evident in new Chinese cars helping them to come on par with globally better established European, Japanese, Korean and American competitors Music Credit : PACIFIC SUN by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/kbqmEJTr3nU

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faw BESTURN B90。 B90长宽高为4860mm×1822mm×1472mm,轴距2780mm,配备与B70相同的2.3L和2.0L两款发动机,最大功率分别达118kW和108kW,匹配六速手自一体变速器。未来,B90还将配备一汽自主研发的涡轮增压发动机。

FAW Besturn B50 Facelift 2019 Overview

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