Silk Painting with Anne Anderson

author Anne Anderson   4 год. назад

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Silk Painting Gabogrecan at Work Cooktown Orchid

Silk Painting Gabogrecan at Work - Cooktown Orchid. Have you ever wondered how much went into the hand painted silk scarf you are wearing? For more info go to

(145) Bottle Bottom Pour Acrylic Pouring

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Hand painting a silk scarf.

Painting a silk scarf in my studio and then using salt to get a starburst effect. I'm using Dupont French dyes. The first clear liquid that I put onto the silk  was dilutant. The dilutant I used is made by Dupont. It helps the dye spread when covering large areas with dye with out leaving streaks. It is not really necessary when painting a scarf, I was just experimenting with it in this video to see if it had any effect on the spread of the dye. You can purchase the dilutant and dyes from Dharma Trading. The blue claw-like hooks that are stretching the scarf are called Chinese Suspension Hooks. You can purchase the China hooks here:  My Website Facebook: Instagram: My silk scarves, ties and fine art prints can be purchased online in my Etsy Shop .

Selyemfestés kezdőknek / Silk painting for beginners

Nézd meg Te is a Pentart videóját arról, hogyan lehet kezdőként, alaptechnikával színpompás selyemsálat festeni! Pentart: Szakértő munkatárs: Varga Adrienne http:// Styling: Varga Judit Minden jog fentartva. Pentacolor Kft. 2014

Pintura en seda. Silk Painting. Peindre en soie. Seidenmalerei.

Muestra cómo pintar fácilmente pañuelos y fulares de seda. Se utiliza una pintura que se fija en el microondas. La forma de doblar el pañuelo y de dar el color forma los diferentes motivos.

Watch as artist Anne Anderson describes and demonstrates her unique silk painting process. Visit to see her website.

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