The World's 50 Best Restaurants 51-100: the list in pictures 2018

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A 50 Years-Old Michelin-Starred Restaurant! – Søllerød Kro in Copenhagen

Discover the world-class cooking of Brian Mark Hansen. You haven't experienced hospitality before you've been the guest of Jan Restorff at Søllerød Kro. Read more at Read the full foodie story: Enjoyed this video? Hit subscribe. Follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration: Get updates about new articles and videos on Facebook: Music from Epidemic Sound (

NYC Per Se

Per Se - Chef's Tasting Menu

Noma 2.0 – René Redzepi Reopens the World's Most Influential Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark

Discover the new menu of chef René Redzepi at the re-opened Noma 2.0 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The world's most influential restaurant, and to many people, still, the world's best restaurant, has been closed for a year in order to re-locate and re-invent itself at Refshaleøen. Read more at Read the full foodie story: Enjoyed this video? Hit subscribe. Follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration: Get updates about new articles and videos on Facebook: Music from Epidemic Sound (

Thai Street Food Michelin Star - GIANT CRAB OMELET at Jay Fai (ร้านเจ๊ไฝ) in Bangkok, Thailand!

►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: ►T-shirts available now: Congratulations to Jay Fai (ร้านเจ๊ไฝ) who recently was awarded a Michelin Star! Jay Fai (ร้านเจ๊ไฝ) is no doubt one of the most legendary Thai street food restaurants in Bangkok - some people are loyal fans, others say that it’s overpriced. It’s a Thai restaurants in Bangkok that I had been wanting to eat at for a long time, but never got around to it - partly because it is so expensive. So finally one day for lunch, Ying and I drove over to central Bangkok to try Jay Fai (ร้านเจ๊ไฝ) for the first time. But really quickly, about the name.... In Thai, Jay (เจ๊) means a Chinese Aunty and Fai (ไฝ) means a mole, yes a mole. What I can tell you first about the restaurant is that the owner is absolutely awesome. She wears ski goggles and a snow cap while she’s cooking, and she cooks over huge fire charcoal, fanning the flame as she expertly cooks. She’s also quite a character, and she loves to chat - so while I was filming she shared all about herself, and how her method of cooking her legendary Thai crab omelet ensures that it doesn’t soak up very much oil. It’s indeed the most amazing omelet you might ever see in your life. Crab omelet (ไข่เจียวปู) - You can either order the 800 THB or the 1000 THB crab omelet, I went with the 1000 THB. It’s huge, but only uses 2 eggs, but it’s packed with shell less crab nuggets. The omelet is cooked burrito style, and it’s massive. It’s a must order when you eat at Jay Fai (ร้านเจ๊ไฝ). Drunken noodles (เส้นใหญ่ผัดขี้เมาทะเล) - Her version of Thai drunken noodles (pad kee mao sen ya) is the dish I would come back for over and over again. Again, it’s not cheap, but the quality of seafood and the seasoning that she uses is superb. The balance of flavor will blow your mind - it’s really the best plate of Thai drunken noodles I’ve had in Bangkok. Tom yum goong (ต้มยำกุ้ง) - For our final dish we tried Jay Fai (ร้านเจ๊ไฝ) tom yum goong. Again, massive prawns and seafood were used, and she cooked it over charcoal. It was awesomely delicious, sour, and flavorful. Conclusion: Eating at Thai street food restaurants like this can be all about expectations. You have to go in knowing the prices are very high and you’re going to spend way more money than going to any other corner Thai street food restaurant. That being said, it’s a one-of-a-kind historical culinary legend of a restaurant in Bangkok. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience eat at Jay Fai (ร้านเจ๊ไฝ), and it was an honor to stand there and talk with Jay Fai (ร้านเจ๊ไฝ), and then eat her cooking. Total price - 2,370 THB ($72.32) Jay Fai (ร้านเจ๊ไฝ) Address: 327 Thanon Maha Chai, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand Open hours: 1:30 pm – 1:30 am Phone: 02-2339384 ที่อยู่ 327 ถนน มหาไชย แขวงสำราญราษฎร์ เขตพระนคร กรุงเทพฯ 10200 โทร. 02-2339384 เปิดบริการ 13.30-01.30 น. MUSIC: ***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: Main lens: 2nd lens: Microphone: Gorillapod: I would love to connect with you! Instagram: Facebook: T-shirts available now:

Kaymak ice cream, chocolate soil, simit tuille - Turkish Cuisine

The dessert we had in Mikla was so good, I wanted to create my own around the kaymak ice-cream. Kaymak is a Turkish version of clotted cream, but you can use either. Turkey has some of the best honey in the world, so I’ve combined that with the simit and kaymak to make a knockout dessert. Ingredients Kaymak ice-cream 450 ml milk 6 egg yolks 70 g caster sugar 250 g kaymak (see Note) Simit tuille 3 egg whites 190 g sugar 125 g unsalted butter, melted 60 g tahini 125 g plain flour 50 g white sesame seeds Chocolate soil 125 g caster sugar 125 g (1 ¼ cups) almond meal 75 g (½ cup) plain flour 50 g cocoa powder pinch of sea salt flakes 60 g unsalted butter, melted Honey curd 1 sheet gold leaf gelatine 110 g honey 150 g unsalted butter, at room temperature 1 vanilla pod, split and scraped pinch of salt 50 ml thickened cream, whipped to stiff peaks To serve thyme flowers and lemon balm leaves, to serve Instructions Freezing/chilling time overnight You will need to begin this recipe 1 day ahead. To make the kaymak ice-cream, I would normally prepare the anglaise (custard) in the restaurant using a Thermomix. To do so, place the milk, egg yolks and sugar in a Thermomix set to 80°C and blend on speed 4 for 7 minutes. When the time as elapsed, blend on speed 7 for 5 seconds, then pass through a fine sieve into a jug, cool, then refrigerate for 2-3 hours or until chilled. To make the anglaise the old-fashioned way, bring the milk to the boil and set aside. Whisk the egg yolks and sugar until thick and pale, then slowly pour in the hot milk, whisking continuously. Return the mixture to the pan over medium-low heat. Cook, whisking continuously until the mixture reaches 80°C. Transfer the anglaise to a blender and blend for 10 seconds. Strain through a fine sieve into a jug, cool, then refrigerate for 2-3 hours or until chilled. Pour the anglaise into an ice-cream machine, add the kaymak and churn according to manufacturers’ instructions. Freeze overnight or until firm. To make the simit tuille, using a stand mixer, whisk the egg whites and sugar on medium speed until well combined but not foamy With the motor running, slowly add the butter and tahini until well combined. Add the flour and combine well, then transfer to a bowl, cover and refrigerate for 4 hours. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Spread the paste onto a rectangular stencil (or whatever shape you like) onto a silicone baking mat. Sprinkle with the sesame seeds and bake for 4-6 minutes or until golden brown. Cool, then store in an airtight container. To make the chocolate soil, preheat the oven to 150°C. Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl, then stir in the melted butter until the mixture looks mealy. Spread over a lined baking tray and bake for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Cool, then store in an airtight container. To make the honey curd, soak the gelatine in iced water, the drain and squeeze out the excess water from the gelatine. Place the honey, 110 g butter, vanilla bean seeds, scaped bean and the salt into a saucepan and whisk over medium heat until the mixture comes to the boil. Remove from the heat and whisk in the soaked gelatine. Pour the mixture into a bowl and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or until cold and set. Just before serving, using a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, whisk the mixture on high speed for 30 seconds or until light and fluffy. Whisking continuously, add the remaining 40 g butter and beat until the mixture is pale, thick and smooth. Gently fold through the whipped cream and transfer contents to a piping bag. This should be used immediately as it becomes too firm if refrigerated for too long. Massage the piping bag against a bench before using if necessary. To serve, pipe the honey curd on the bottom of a bowl and the sprinkle chocolate soil on top. Place a scoop of kaymak ice-cream on top and garnish with flowers. Place the simit tuille over the rim of the bowl and serve immediately. Note • Kaymak is a thick, rich Turkish cream made from buffalo or cow’s milk. Similar to clotted cream, it is typically served with a drizzle of honey for breakfast, or used to make Turkish baklava and pancake fillings.

The extended 51-100 list of The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2018 is here! Check out the list in pictures and then read the list here:

Please note: the footage for Mingles (No.78) is from a collaboration dinner between Mingles and Florilege.

All about the 51-100 list:

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No. 51 De Librije, Zwolle, Netherlands
No. 52 L'Astrance, Paris, France
No. 53 Benu, San Francisco, USA
No. 54 Sühring, Bangkok, Thailand NEW ENTRY
No. 55 Don Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina NEW ENTRY
No. 56 Amber, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
No. 57 Nerua, Bilbao, Spain
No. 58 Brae, Birregurra, Australia
No. 59 Florilège, Tokyo, Japan
No. 60 Tegui, Buenos Aires, Argentina
No. 61 Burnt Ends, Singapore, Singapore
No. 62 Momofuku Ko, New York, USA
No. 63 Hof Van Cleve, Kruishoutem, Belgium
No. 64 Sud 777, Mexico City, Mexico
No. 65 Frantzén, Stockholm, Sweden NEW ENTRY
No. 66 Vendôme, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
No. 67 Fäviken, Järpen, Sweden
No. 68 Quique Dacosta, Denia, Spain
No. 69 Chef's Table At Brooklyn Fare, New York, USA
No. 70 Selfie, Moscow, Russia
No. 71 Relae, Copenhagen, Denmark
No. 72 Twins Garden, Moscow, Russia NEW ENTRY
No. 73 Aqua, Wolfsburg, Germany
No. 74 The Fat Duck, Bray, England
No. 75 Belcanto, Lisbon, Portugal
No. 76 Martin Berasategui, Lasarte-Oria, Spain
No. 77 Elkano, Getaria, Spain NEW ENTRY
No. 78 Mingles, Seoul, Korea
No. 79 A Casa Do Porco, São Paulo, Brazil NEW ENTRY
No. 80 Lung King Heen, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
No. 81 Per Se, New York, USA
No. 82 Hedone, London, England
No. 83 Estela, New York, USA
No. 84 St John, London, England
No. 85 Le Coucou, New York, USA NEW ENTRY
No. 86 The French Laundry, Yountville, USA
No. 87 Maní, São Paulo, Brazil
No. 88 Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Berlin, Germany NEW ENTRY
No. 89 The Jane, Antwerp, Belgium
No. 90 Indian Accent, New Delhi, India
No. 91 SingleThread, Healdsburg, USA NEW ENTRY
No. 92 L'Effervescence, Tokyo, Japan NEW ENTRY
No. 93 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
No. 94 Alo, Toronto, Canada NEW ENTRY
No. 95 Enigma, Barcelona, Spain NEW ENTRY
No. 96 Diverxo, Madrid, Spain
No. 97 Atelier, Munich, Germany NEW ENTRY
No. 98 108, Copenhagen, Denmark NEW ENTRY
No. 99 Leo, Bogotá, Colombia NEW ENTRY
No. 100 Lasai, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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