Franciscan Medical Group: Lyle Calcamuggio, MD

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TAVR with Satyavardhan Pulukurthy, MD

Some older patients with heart failure are too high risk for traditional cardiac surgery. Interventional cardiologist Satyavardhan Pulukurthy, MD and the team of cardiac specialists at Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton offer a minimally invasive approach to aortic valve replacement called TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement.)

TAVR Patient: Kaja's Story

Even though she never had any problems with her heart, a lack of energy led Kaja to visit her doctor. Tests revealed she had a problem with her aortic valve. Dr. Satyavardhan Pulukurthy and the team at Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton performed a minimally invasive procedure called transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and Kaja is feeling great.

Franciscan Medical Group: Jennifer Eagle, CNM, ARNP

Jennifer Eagle, CNM, ARNP is a certified nurse midwife who treats patients at Franciscan Women's Health Associates at St. Joseph in Tacoma. Jen takes care of women from their teenage years all the way through menopause.

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Franciscan Medical Group: Emily Peterson, ARNP

Emily Peterson, ARNP, offers compassionate care for patients of all ages at Franciscan Medical Clinic in Bonney Lake. Emily is a strong proponent of preventive medicine and takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to patient care.

Lyle Calcamuggio, MD, provides comprehensive women's health care for adolescent to adult patients at Franciscan Women's Health - Federal Way. Dr. Calcamuggio treats patients for general obstetric and gynecological conditions. He specializes in advanced laparoscopic surgery, endometriosis, incontinence and menopause.

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