FM Transmitter for Christmas Light Display - 2018 Review - Part 1 Overview

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FM Transmitter Hookup

In this video I demonstrate just how easy it is too hook up a radio to your computer for your Christmas light display.

NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

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How Does An Antenna Work? | weBoost

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How to easily convert fluorescent Lights to LED –Easy Ways to Save Money

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I am having a look at three different types of FM Transmitters used to transmit the "show audio" to viewers/public in their cars via their car's radio.

Part 1 - Overview

EDM FM Transmitter
CZE-7C FM Transmitter
DSP PLL Digital FM Transmitter Module

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Please note: I am not a expert in radio transmitters, this is just my personal thoughts.

Also please check with your local authorities regarding transmitting FM frequencies.

Here is a excellent EDM transmitter review

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