2018 Volkswagen Sharan MPV In-Depth Overview

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Volkswagen Sharan 4Motion AllStar 2.0 TDI SCR 184 hp 7DSG (2016) Exterior and Interior

2016 Volkswagen Sharan 4Motion AllStar 2.0 TDI SCR 184 hp 7DSG car seen from outside and inside. The vehicle has 2.0 TDI engine, 135 kW (184 hp). Transmission is Automatic DSG 7-gears. Color is Argent Reflex Metallic. Interior is Tissu+Pentastripe Black Titane. Wheels are 18" Marseille. Decor Zirconium brushed. Weight is 2051 kg. Fuel consumption 5.9 l/100 km. Carbon dioxide emissions 154 g/km. The car was shown at Geneva International Motor Show 2016 (Geneva Motor Show [GIMS] 2016). The video is available in 3D at https://youtu.be/vmyMf6HXje4

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Volkswagen Routan Seven Passenger Minivan

www.eurocarnews.com - The 2009 Routan, Volkswagens all-new seven-passenger minivan, delivers the best of both worlds: a vehicle that combines German sensibilities in design, fit and finish and European ride and handling characteristics, together with market relevant features while still delivering an outstanding value

2017 Volkswagen California Luxury VIP - interior Exterior and Drive

Volkswagen California T6 review New Volkswagen camper is better than ever, but the high price will put some off That huge number is the single most off-putting thing about the California, but to set up camp early, we’ll say already that this latest T6 generation model very nearly justifies the price tag – it’s very good indeed. If you’re familiar with the T5 California (or indeed the Transporter), you may already have noted a striking familiarity about all this. If you haven’t – there really is one. That’s because the T6 Transporter van was developed along an “if it ain’t broke” policy, so Volkswagen kept all the fixed points of the chassis, most of the body panels and the internal dimensions exactly the same. That extends to the California’s internal fittings, meaning the little kitchenette in this T6 Ocean model is basically the same as the T5’s was, just with a couple of extra rails and cup holders. There have been tweaks to the front and rear exterior styling, but the real work went into improving overall refinement, ride quality and cabin flair, and adding more of the technology that makes Volkswagen’s passenger cars so alluring. For a start, the California gets Euro-6 emissions-compliant diesel engines, meaning economy is improved and CO2 emissions lowered across the range. So, while the 138bhp 2.0 TDI T5 California averaged 39.2mpg, this T6 equivalent, with 10bhp more, returns 44.1mpg. More than that, all the new engines contribute to an overall sense of refinement bordering on remarkable for what is essentially a diesel van. All three available engines are 2.0-litre TDI diesel units, but outputs are 100bhp, 148bhp or 201bhp – the last of those being the most powerful ever put into a VW van. But actually, pound-for-pound it’s the 100bhp engine that’s the most impressive, because Volkswagen has tuned it in the spirit of the old Pumpe Duse diesels from the Mk IV Golf era, concentrating all the torque in a thin band near the bottom of the rev range, so there’s instant, flexible pickup. On that basis the 201bhp engine doesn’t feel twice as powerful, although there’s no denying its turn of pace. As ever, though, the middling 148bhp diesel is the best overall, superbly subdued at lower revs, far punchier than its 14.2-second 0-62mph sprint suggests, and silkily smooth – for a diesel, anyway. All California models are available with a seven-speed DSG automatic, while the two higher-powered engines can be specified with 4Motion four-wheel drive. Despite an overarching sense that little has changed from the T5 California to the T6, that’s not exactly a fair assessment – Volkswagen counts 6,000 changes from the T5 Transporter to the T6, all of which carry over to the California. They just happen to be mostly suspension, engine and technology improvements, most of which you can feel rather than see. And in this case, familiarity is no bad thing, especially rearward of the front seats, where the California is really easy to use: the roof can be popped up and the rear bench turned into a double bed in no time at all, which is especially appeasing on a wet, dark field in the middle of the night. The main change at the front is the addition of a ‘premium’ cabin, standard with Ocean models but not available with Beach (these are the only two trim levels). It results in a significant upward ambience shift, dotted with glossy surfaces and soft-closing compartments – but unfortunately still none of the soft-touch surfaces that make certain Volkswagens feel so premium, and that you might expect to see in something of this price. Without this cabin, the van-like driver ergonomics and open storage compartments conspire to make Beach models feel less a luxurious MPV and more a tarted-up van. Beach models don't feel as good as their high price suggests they might - it costs from £37,657. Ocean specification, formerly known as SE, is the Camper we’re all familiar with, complete with twin gas hobs, a sink, a fridge and a full suite of wood veneered storage units. It seats four, sleeps four (its pop-up roof is electrically operated), and comes with a side awning for outside shelter from the rain – a standard feature on UK Beach models, too. Prices for the California Ocean begin at £47,840. And while it’s true that both of those prices look high, in both cases the specification sheet at least justifies some of the expense. All come with Bluetooth, DAB digital radio, climate control (three-zone in the Ocean), alloy wheels, LED taillights and an auxiliary heater to stave off the midnight chill. Key specs Price: £47,840 Engine: 2.0-litre 4cyl TDI Transmission: 6-speed manual, front-wheel drive Power/torque: 148bhp/ 340Nm 0-62mph: 14.2 seconds Top speed: 111mph CO2: 169g/km On sale: August 2015 Read More http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/california/92297/volkswagen-california-t6-review New T6 Test Drive Ocean Cooking Beach "SUBSCRIBE NOW"

Volkswagen doesn’t make interesting, quirky MPVs in the same way the French do, but that’s like saying jeans aren’t interesting in the same way leopard-skin trousers are – which would you rather take the kids to school in?

The Sharan is a big version of the Touran, which is a big version of the Golf SV, which is… you get the idea. Nothing about VW’s grandest seven-seat MPV is surprising, really – it’s beautifully made, refined and reassuringly/frighteningly expensive. Though if that’s immediately a worry, might we direct you to the Seat Alhambra, which is exactly the same car, with a less posh badge (as if you care) and less toppy prices to suit.

In isolation, the Sharan is a really solid big MPV though. Yes, the name of VW’s mumsiest car is as mumsy as it gets, but fundametnally, the Sharon, sorry, Shazza, no, Sharan is a well-thought out machine. The sliding doors are so lightweight you needn’t bother with any electric motorising that’ll add cost and complication. the seven seats can all seat an adult, and fold intuitively, once you’ve rehearsed where the pull-straps for each spring-loaded backrest live.

The slab-sided Sharan has really open visibility, and the parts-bin VW interior feels solid without falling into the trap of being offensively low-rent-for-families, or overly plush and too nice for the kids to spoil. Ergonomically, the layout is spot on, though the French do offer more cabin stowage. You’ll keep your Sharan tidier, simply because there are fewer places to lose a jam sandwich and Barbie Dreamhouse accessories inside…

There’s no ‘shrinking around you’ behind the wheel of this thing – it always feels huge – but it’s all just so right that it’s effortless. A combination of great visibility, a lofty driving position with armchair comfort, light steering, a flowing manual gearbox and a small turning circle make the Sharan only marginally more daunting than driving a Golf (if you’re really worried about parking it, you can buy one that parks itself anyway). You’ve got to rid yourself of the notion that it’ll be ponderous and riddled with heavy steering just because it looks like an oil tanker. Honestly, it’s so easy to place and mooch around in it’s less intimidating than a Scirocco. no wonder all those airport taxi firms tend to drive their MPVs so ‘competitively’…

Even VW can’t defy physics though, so cornering isn’t the Sharan’s forte – and for that reason we’d avoid the optional adaptive chassis control – but it does have the ride quality and refinement of a luxury limo. There’s a dearth of wind noise, (unless you’re somehwere where you can exceed 70mph), and at town speeds the still in the cabin borders on spooky. All engines are strong, but the torque of the 138 and 168bhp diesels makes them best for carrying stuff, and we’d probably specify DSG, too, as it’s more suited to the relaxed driving the Sharan encourages.

Mind you, as diesel stutters and hangs in a political limbo, there’s a lot to be said for the black sheep of the Sharan engine family: the 1.4 TSI. No, really. It develops 148bhp and a really useful 184lb ft from 1,500rpm, which, low-rev fans, is diesely performance. So you can load a Sharan up to the metaphorical gunwales with people and their kit - and we speak from experience - only to discover the diminutive 1.4 motor is more than up to the task of flowing with traffic and catching dozing folks unwares on the motorway. Economy settles in the mid 30s in real-world driving, so it’s not ideal for enormous distances, but for an about-town workhorse lifestyle, try the petrol. Really.

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