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भारत के असम राज्य के 5 रहस्यमय स्थान | Top 5 Mysterious places of Assam, India in HINDI

In this video, we are posting about some mysterious places in India's one state i.e. Assam. (1)Subansiri known as the Gold River by the locals. This river is known all over the world for its gold dust. River Subansiri is called the River of gold. In early days, gold mining served as a major industry. The river bed sands were scanned and identified; gold particles are then extracted and processed through certain means that were learnt through prolonging legacies. People suspect that there might be a ‘gold field ’somewhere in the course of the river. The word ‘Subansiri’ is a portmanteau word, ‘subarna’ and ‘siri’, meaning gold and flow respectively. In the Epic Puran and Bhagavad records that, on the occasion of Pancha Pandavas Rajsuya Yagya, the Kings of Brahmaputra valley offered Yudhistira a huge load of gold shipped on elephant back. Legends claim, these tons of gold were extracted from the bed of Subansiri. During the period of Ahom Kingdom were engaged in extracting gold by washing sand of the river. Witness proves to claim that till 1906-07 the traditional gold extracting mechanism has been applied by the peoples lives in the bank of river Subansiri. There are living eye witnesses who chanced to behold merchandisers garnering gold particles in the river sand. (2)The Talatal Ghar is located in Assam. Created on 1769. By Ahom kingdom and served as its military-station. The Talatal Ghar is a palace which was initially built as an army base. It houses two secret tunnels, and three floors below ground level which were used as exit routes during the Ahom wars (and which give the structure its name).This is made of brick and an indigenous type of cement (a mixture of Bora Chaul - a sticky variety of rice grain - eggs of hens, etc.). The Talatal Ghar had two secret underground tunnels. One, about 3 kilometres in length, connected the Talatal Ghar to the Dikhow River, while the other, 16 kilometres long, led to the Garhgaon Palace, and was used as an escape route in case of an enemy attack.Visitors nowadays can only view the ground floor, the first floor.The floors of the Talatal Ghar below ground have been sealed off.The floors of the Talatal Ghar below ground have been sealed off. Constructed during the period of 17th century. (3)Maidam commonly known as pyramids of assam. Historians say that the Egyptian pyramids are their only competitors. Series of stories from localites about the richness of the place....still finding gold or silver jewels, coins under the ground, inside the ponds, wells... Yes, I am talking about ‘Maidam’, probably very few of you have heard about it. Got a World Heritage Site tag from UNESCO too. Please WATCH | LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE & SUBSCRIBE All information in this video is based on Internet data. This YouTube Channel does not claim on the truth of the information Provided. Some of the Pictures and videos in this episode are for examples only. All videos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Please comment and tell me if you found this video interesting. Also please subscribe to my channel as i will upload many interesting video similar to this soon. Music from: Music from: Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Presenting our second part of India series, Top 10 places in India you are NOT allowed to visit. Please also share with friends and family. We have added those areas which are mostly considered for the ghost or paranormal activities. If you have not PART 1 of this video watch it here
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भारत में शीर्ष ten स्थानों पर आपको जाने की अनुमति नहीं है
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