Soueast DX3 Современный китайский кроссовер Interior and Exterior

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2018 SEM DX3 SRG Flagship SUV Full Car Overview

The 2018 SouEast DX3 has been launched on the Chinese auto market, and the Pininfarina designed compact SUV has become quite a fine looking car. It comes with a black roof, proper roof rails, mean looking lights, a sculpted bonnet, a small grille, and a racy lower bumper. The floating roof D-pillar design is ultra fashionable at the moment, almost every Chinese automaker is having it on their own SUVs. Roof rails in silver contrast nicely with black roof. The DX3 is the production version of the SouEast DX Concept. It is positioned below the equally good looking SouEast DX7. Price for all this pretty starts at 72.900 yuan and ends at 99.900 yuan. There are two Mitsubishi-sourced engines available: a 1.5 with 120hp and 143nm, and a 1.5 turbo with 150hp and 220nm. The 1.5 is mated to a five-speed manual, the 1.5 turbo to a CVT. The engines and ‘boxes are made by the Shenyang-Mitsubishi engine-making joint venture, a company that supplies basically every Chinese automaker with 1.5, 1.5 turbo, and 2.0 turbo engines. Earlier today we saw the launch of the Beijing Auto BJ20, which has the exact same 1.5 turbo-CVT unit under the bonnet. Size: 4354/1840/1654, and wheelbase is 2610. The interior is not as good as the exterior. SouEast is really trying hard to make it hip, with red bits on the seats and steering wheel and with cool looking vents. But there is just too much cheap looking gray plastic around. The touch screen sits too low and is a bit on the small side for November 2016. And it seems they didn’t even try to put some design in the center tunnel, just a gear lever and a handbrake in gray panels. Nothing pretty there! Check the plastics. But! The DX3 has one very interesting feature. The start button is located on the left-side of the steering wheel, very close to the door. Not sure whether this is another shot at being hip or an engineering necessity. Special nevertheless. Shiny edge around the screen. There is nothing really bad with it, but it just doesn’t look very well fitted and finished. Compare for example with its main competitor the BYD Yuan, its dash has a very busy design but it fits together properly. The infotainment system has Bluetooth connectivity and he usual stuff like GPS, radio, and a reverse-parking camera.


2018 Soueast DX7 SUV Luxury Interior and Exterior Overview

The DX7 is a compact SUV built by Soueast Motor on basis of the R7 concept unveiled at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. The production model was launched at the 2014 Guangzhou Motor Show, where it was named “Bolang” in Chinese. With a 2700mm wheelbase, it is 4537mm long, 1900mm wide, and 1700mm tall. A turbo 1.5L or turbo 2.0L will be employed. The DX7 is designed by Pininfarina.

2018 JAC Refine M6. Шикарный китайский бизнес-вэн от Джак.

JAC Refine M6 — большой вместительный автомобиль, габариты длина 5005 мм. ширина 1850 мм. высота 1970 мм. колесная база 2950 мм. в салоне размещено 6 комфортных кресел. Создан на базе модели M5, однако отличается более современным внешним видом и позиционируется производителем как люксовый бизнес-вэн. с шикарной отделкой интерьера. В движение JAC Refine M6 приводит турбированный бензиновый двигатель объемом 2.0 литра и мощностью 177 л.c., расход топлива около 8 литров на 100 км. На китайском рынке автомобиль продается по цене примерно от $28600 до $42000.

2016, 2017 SouEast DX7 Bolang SUV hits the Chinese car market, SouEast DX7 2016, 2017 model

2016, 2017 SouEast DX7 Bolang SUV hits the Chinese car market, SouEast DX7 2016, 2017 model The new SouEast DX7 Bolang SUV has been launched on the Chinese car market, price starts at 96.900 yuan and ends at 139.900 yuan. The DX7 Bolang is the first SUV under the SouEast brand. But it won’t be alone for long. A larger DX9 will launch in 2016 and a smaller DX5 will complete the line-up in 2017. The DX7 is arguably one of the prettiest SUV’s made by a local Chinese automaker, but they got some help here, as it was drawn up by none other than the famous Italian design firm Pininfarina. Only let down, and a serious one, is the fake air vent in the front fender. The interior looks good, with a sporty instrument panel, a nice mix of chrome, black leather, and trendy orange leather, and a sweet LCD screen on top. The lower part of the center console however looks kinda empty. And that is because it is empty, hiding only the cigarette lighter and two USB slots. Strange. The knob to control the infotainment system looks pretty enough. Not a touch screen, but it is big and sharp. Infotainment system includes sat nav, music, internet, television, and Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Very nice in the back. Seat design so cool it is almost hip. Door design a well done job too, with the two chrome elements nicely connecting. Tiny third window in the C-pillar for a bit of extra light! Modern and sleek, rear lights just not-too big, and a subtle roof wing for that sporty SUV feeling. Stylish C and D-pillar basically merged. The roof rails however are purely cosmetic and completely non-functional, and the lower part of the bumper, under the skid pad, looks somewhat messy. #cars #auto #moto

Soueast DX3 Современный китайский кроссовер Interior and Exterior

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