GARDENA robotplæneklipper SILENO / SILENO+ Hvordan (Kap. 10: garage)

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Automower garage for Husqvarna 310

Denne video handler om Gertrud - This video is about the garage of Gertrud, which the family has named our new robot lane mower, the Husqvarna 310 auto mower. The translation into English of my Danish comments tells that the garage was constructed based on inspiration from the Web, and that it was built during Easter 2017 at a price about €300. The Danish text explains that it is quite obvious that the closing mechanism of the door is rather simple, and that the secret is hidden in the balance of the door which needs to be very light because of this balance. In fact it was only the second door that functioned because the first one was too heavy. This second door ist made of Perspex/plexiglass with a wooden frame at the back of it because it is so light, but if I were to do it once more I would use aluminium instead since Perspex easily breaks or splinters when you cut it. The door goes all the way to the top of the gable where a lump of lead and heavy wooden sticks are fastened to make it turn open when the mower backs and to let it remain open. The last comment tells that the garage is not yet quite finished since it needs to be sanded once again to be painted one last time, but this has to wait until summer where we hope for a decent temperature rise in Denmark.

Hvordan installerer man en robotplæneklipper - SILENO / SILENO+

Mere fritid og en perfekt dyrket græsplæne med GARDENA Sileno / Sileno +.

Installation Kap.10 garage til robotplæneklipper

Din plæneklipper er fuldstændig vejrbestandig. Robotgaragen giver en ekstra beskyttelse mod regn, sol, blade og snavs. Den er monteret på ladestationen.

Alle kabelforbindelser er tilgængelige udefra. På grund af det foldede tag er betjeningspanelet let at bruge.

Garagen er tilgængelig som tilbehør.

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