GARDENA robotplæneklipper SILENO / SILENO+ Hvordan (Kap. 10: garage)

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GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower SILENO /SILENO+ How To (Chapter 8: Starting ) EN

Live and let mow! How To Chapter 8: Starting Before starting the lawnmower please clear the lawn of foreign objects such as childrens toys. Switch the mower on and place it in the charging station. Open up the control panel, here you can either let the mower run on predefined instructions or set your own instructions. For more Information please visit our website

Robot lawn mower test review—Gardena vs. Worx Landroid

On this real-world test I help you to discover which robotic lawn mower is the best you can get. Gardena and Worx are similar in price, but offer very different features and performance. Subscribe now to make sure you don't miss any of the action!

Robot lawn mowers battle Robomow RS612 vs Bosh Indego

In this video you will see our tests of robotics lawnmowers Robomow RS612 and Bosh Indego. Robotic mowers here: Rockytop by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

GARDENA Robotplæneklipper R160 Installation Kapitel 5 Afgrænsnings- og guidekabel

UDLÆGNING AF AFGRÆNSNINGSKABEL Nu er det blevet tid til at lægge afgrænsnings- og guidekabler ud i din græsplæne. Afgrænsningskablet definerer arbejdsområdet for robotplæneklipperen, og guidekablet hjælper plæneklipperen med at finde fjerntliggende områder. Ladestationen sender et signal gennem kablerne. Robotplæneklipperen har en sensor, der registrerer signalet, når den nærmer sig kablet. Hvis den kører over kablet, stopper den og vender, hvorefter den fortsætter med at klippe i en anden retning. Hvis plæneklipperen skal oplades, kan den finde ladestationen hurtigere, hvis der er lagt et guidekabel ud. Det sender et signal, der viser plæneklipperen vej tilbage til ladestationen. Det er muligt at udføre installationen uden at lægge guidekabel ud. Denne model har en ladestation, som udsender et trådløst signal. Når plæneklipperen kommer tæt nok på, kan den finde vej til ladestationen styret af signalet alene. Vi anbefaler dog, at du bruger guidekablet som en ekstra hjælp ...

GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower R40Li, R70Li, R80Li Installation Chapter 8 Robotic Lawnmower Start Up

Before starting your GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower, remove objects such as pine cones, children's toys or smaller obstacles from the lawn. Turn the main switch ON and place the mower in the charging station. Press the STOP button and open the hatch - enter the PIN code 1234 by default and follow the start-up wizard. If you prefer, you can just let your mower work with the standard factory settings, but we recommend that you make your personal choices according to the circumstances of your garden. Please read the GARDENA manual for detailed menu information. At the beginning, set the cutting height to Max. This will prevent the Robotic Lawnmower from cutting the wire. After a few days, you can start lowering the cutting height. Your new Robotic Lawnmower will start with a test of your installation. If installation has been done correctly, the Robotic Lawnmower will follow the guide wire all the way to the point where it is connected to the boundary wire. The cutting disc will start running and the mower will start to work. At any time, you can test that the mower finds its way to the charging station. Place the mower at the end of the guide wire, about three metres from it -- make sure the mower points toward the guide wire. Enter the menu and select HOME When you start the mower, it should follow the guide wire all the way back to the charging station and dock. Set the mower to AUTO mode - that is what you normally use. Watch the Robotic Lawnmower in action, especially how it keeps the desired distance to obstacles -- you will normally need to adjust the wire in a few places. Watch the entire installation: Or watch Chapter 9:

Hvordan installerer man en robotplæneklipper - SILENO / SILENO+

Mere fritid og en perfekt dyrket græsplæne med GARDENA Sileno / Sileno +.

Installation Kap.10 garage til robotplæneklipper

Din plæneklipper er fuldstændig vejrbestandig. Robotgaragen giver en ekstra beskyttelse mod regn, sol, blade og snavs. Den er monteret på ladestationen.

Alle kabelforbindelser er tilgængelige udefra. På grund af det foldede tag er betjeningspanelet let at bruge.

Garagen er tilgængelig som tilbehør.

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