2018 Changan CS75 PHEV SUV Interior and Exterior Overview

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2018 Changan CS95 7-Seat SUV Is Ready For The Car Market

A seven-seat family SUV that could be part of an export drive to the UK by Chinese company Changan, the CS95 is the bigger sister to the crossover-sized CS55. Technically, the CS95 and CS55 are related only by being made by the same company – they use different chassis platforms, despite being launched within 12 months of each other. Getting under the Changan CS95’s skin The roomy CS95 went on sale in China in late 2016, based on an all-new monocoque platform designed and developed in-house by a team featuring European engineering talent based at Changan’s engineering centres in Chongqing, central China. There’s a more direct British link – the all-new Blue Core 233bhp 2.0-litre turbo direct-injection four-cylinder petrol engine that powers the CS95 was designed and developed in Birmingham at Changan’s UK engineering centre. And a styling studio in Italy’s car design capital, Turin, helped create the CS95’s wholesome, Land Rover-influenced styling. The transmission on our test car was a six-speed Aisin Warner automatic, driving all four wheels via the transversely mounted four-pot petrol. Suspension is front struts and a rear twist beam for front-drive variants and a multi-link rear for all-wheel drive – the latter built around BorgWarner components to shift drive rearwards via an in-line driveshaft. Steering is electrically assisted and a suite of electronic safety aids is either standard or on the options list. Automatic emergency braking, for example, is available as part of the intelligent cruise control package on the top-spec model being tested here – an indication that Chinese own-brand cars are catching up with the West. At 4.9 metres long and sitting on a 2.8m wheelbase, the CS95 is sized just about halfway between the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Discovery, but its price range is resolutely more affordable. In the home market, it starts from £20,780 – that’s Nissan Qashqai money – and the top-spec all-wheel-drive CS95 extends to just £28k, although UK pricing is a long way from being finalised. Chinese brands are also making progress in interior design quality in leaps and bounds. There are hard plastics and a few inelegant design details, but the overall ambience inside the CS95 is attractive. Highlights include a polished chrome trim, robust switchgear and a crystal-clear infotainment system, which can be displayed in English. It fits the bill as a comfy family hauler, with a well-planted cruise, good cabin refinement and a fair balance of body control and ride quality. At its best, the CS95 is a motorway hauler that moves its occupants in comfort and keeps noise levels supressed, bar wind noise from the side mirrors. A pair of hefty front and rear subframes no doubt help isolate noise paths from the front and rear suspension and, in China’s choking city traffic, the CS95 rides quietly. Changan’s engineers say they have tried hard to ensure braking and transmission refinement in stop/start traffic, and they have succeeded – the CS95 has easily modulated brakes, making smooth stops in traffic easy to achieve. On Changan’s own smoothly surfaced handling test track, the CS95 is also surprisingly agile and can be hustled through corners with reasonable speed, albeit accompanied by a fair degree of body roll, despite front and rear anti-roll bars. Changan’s British chassis engineers accept that cornering could be better-controlled by thicker anti-roll bars, but the deterioration in ride wouldn’t fit the CS95’s role as a comfortable family cruiser. China’s roads are very mixed in surface quality and frequently vary between undulations and potholes that demand rugged and compliant suspension. The British-designed 2.0-litre turbo delivers a smooth and cultured accelerative push, but the choice of gear ratios in the Aisin Warner six-speeder doesn’t match the engine as well as it could. We had no chance to measure fuel economy and official figures were not provided, but we were told a combined figure of 30mpg was typical. Acceleration off the line is strangely muted, the calibration seemingly holding back the power delivery until the speed moves through the 30mph mark. And the CS95 is a hefty lump to get up to speed, loading the scales to a two-tonne kerb weight. A Discovery Sport, for example, is featherweight in comparison, weighing around 200kg lighter. The chance may not come for a number of years yet, as Changan is eyeing up the UK market but won’t commit to a launch date. The company is most likely to wait until the next-generation model to further hone engineering and design to Western tastes. If a CS95 went on sale in the UK now, it would offer a competitive alternative to Korean and European rivals, albeit with its appeal focused on comfort and refinement rather than dynamic prowess.

2018 Changan CS35 PLUS Crossover Full Car Overview

The Chinese car production company Changan unveiled photos of the newly produced CS35 crossover generation. The exterior of the car became known in early summer, and now there are images of the cabin. Chinese car lovers novelty, most likely, will be offered with a 1.6-liter engine with a performance of 117 or 127 "horses". In the exterior of the new Changan CS35, it is worth highlighting the narrowed optics, the large wheel arches and the "floating" roof. Now in the web-based Internet there were photos of the salon. The official debut of the Changan CS35 will take place on August 31, 2018 at the motor show in Chengdu. Note that the 2nd generation of the Chinese crossover will be available in the domestic automotive market in the fall. The entire front part – the dashboard, the steering wheel, the seats, the information and entertainment system are insanely different from what was in the model of the current generation. With the new generation of CS35 has undergone significant changes in terms of its own visual component. Since that moment, a panoramic roof has been in the arsenal of SUV. The crossover will be offered only with a front-wheel drive. Still, it is possible, the manufacturer plans to trade both the old and the newest versions of the model. The car is assembled in the Lipetsk region. As for the engine, one petrol atmospheric 1.6 for 117 horsepower (or 127 hp) will be available, it will be equipped with mechanics and automatic.

2018 Changan COS1° SUV Full Car Overview

This is the new COS 1 ̊, with a ‘ ̊ ‘ behind the 1. It will debut next week on the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. COS is a new affordable-premium brand under Changan Auto, and the 1 ̊ is their first car. Power comes from a 1.5 turbo with 178 hp and 280 Nm, and that is one of the strongest 1.5 turbocharged engines in a Chinese car so far. The engine will be mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox. Size: 4830/1868/1750, wheelbase is 2800 and curb weight is 1665. Chinese car makers are launching brand and sub-brands like it is 2005 all over again. They are trying to reach very specific groups, like young people in big cities or budget-premium buyers in smaller cities. COS is such an affordable premium car. Buyers in big cities don’t really want ‘m, but down hinterlands there is a lot of interest is such cars, so that is likely where we will see most COS’ in the future. The interior looks luxurious with blue leather and copper-colored detailing. The touch screen is large, showing the radio here, but the dials appear to be old-fashioned analog. COS appears to be very proud of the center stack; it can be seen on 3 of the 5with more copper detailing and images they released. Seats in blue leather. Not sure what the CA logo is. It is not the COS logo and not the Changan auto logo. However, CA likely stands for Changan Auto. Perhaps it is a new logo we haven’t heard about. More on this as we get it.

2017 Changan CS95 7 Seat SUV Full Review

The CS95 is a mid-size SUV developed by Changan Auto and scheduled to hit market in the first quarter of 2017. The concept version was launched at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show, the production version at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show. Inspired by Toyota Highlander, the 7-seater SUV sits on a wheelbase of 2805mm, and is 4945mm long, 1927mm wide, and 1759mm tall. It is powered by a Blue Core turbo 2.0L engine (Changan D20T-GDI), paired to a 6AT. 4WD models will be provided. List prices are to range between 150,000 and 200,000 Yuan. Developed jointly by Changan China and its UK R&D Center in Birmingham, the Blue Core 2.0T has a rated power output of 160kW and max. torque of 350Nm. Music Credit : PACIFIC SUN by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/kbqmEJTr3nU

معرض الماس الشرقية - شانجان cs75

معرض الماس الشرقية القطيف - شارع الهدلة

CHANGAN CS75 PHEV SUV is produced at Changan’s Beijing assembly plant. The Changan CS75 PHEV SUV is an all wheel drive vehicle with an 80kW electric motor on the front and 70kW on the rear axle. The Changan CS75 PHEV SUV with its 60km/38mi range competes with the BYD Song DM and SAIC Roewe’s eRX5. The Changan CS75 PHEV SUV is the result of the Chinese automakers tactic in its EV strategy to provide new energy versions of its most successful ICE vehicles.

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