00 ALCHEMY VISIONS — 'The opening' [Trailer for the painting collection, 'Alchemy Visions' ]

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DipintoDiNuovo - Restauro completo di un dipinto su tela

Fasi esecutive del restauro di un dipinto ad olio su tela 2013 .............................................................................................................. Hey there! Hi People! We're in 2017 now , how many people have seen this video in this years ! How many comment , how many compliments, how many judjment and...verdict. And thank you all to have enjoyed my video and my restoration ! I leave everyone to express what they think and I'm sorry I will not respond to all. I just say here that this was one of my first work done only by myself, one of my first very difficult restoration of oil paint on canvas . Well, yes maybe is not perfect, now after 4 years I'm sure I would do differently choises about this work . Everyone evolving their self and they're knowledge a long the way , and this is possible only whit esperiences , practice and hard work . I'm a restorer I love so much my work , and I will always practice for do always better than before. If you're courious to see how I improved my technique in this years ..well you're welcome in my site and website . Love, Emma Link: http://dipintodinuovo.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/dipinto.dinuovo dipintodinuovo@gmail.com

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Trailer for the painting collection, ‘Alchemy Visions’.

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This has been a long time coming dear friends. As many of you know, I have been ‘off the grid’ so to speak, since Jan 11 of 2016. I turned my phone off, put up an automatic 'out of office’ reply on my email, withdrew from social media, friends, family and colleagues, in order to focus solely on my art and allow myself time to explore without distraction or outside influence. I wished to fully devote myself to this art form in an entirely new way than I had ever done before. It's what was needed in order to give myself the space to grow and truly allow my paintings to come from that sacred space within. ♦︎ I was going to give myself 3 months, or so I thought . . .

My decision for taking this drastic step was of course inspired by the path of the lone samurai, Musashi, as well as all those epic inward journey myths that always seem to occur in some far away mystical land and partly, I imagine, from my childhood dream of becoming a Jedi. Still to this day, my favorite scenes are from “The Empire Strikes Back” when Luke undergoes training with Yoda . . . but digress do I . . . ;)

What I thought would take 3 months of isolated focus and dedication to this way of being and living through my work, turned out to be not long enough, and at 6 months in, I realized that I just scratched the surface — there was so MUCH MORE to discover and so MUCH MORE to paint! I refused to give up and instead, I dove in deeper. I covered all my clocks to eliminate the elemental restriction of time and kept painting . . . kept training . . . kept focus . . .

At this time, I can’t quite clearly see what the meaning or purpose of all this is just yet, nor what the fate will be of this collection, (which is insisting to be named ‘Alchemy Visions’), — but I do know that if I am ever to find out, the next step I must take is to start sharing openly with you and no longer keep hidden away. ✨

There is a time and a season for everything. So here I am, in the final stages of this journey I embarked on many moons ago, with 3 large paintings left to paint until I may call this collection complete.

I will be sharing what has happened thus far, and the process of how I will complete the 'remaining 3' on Instagram daily. Here on Youtube, I hope to keep making these video shorts, or ‘impressions’ , on the collection because I find them enjoyable, they reveal things, and most importantly, they offer the paintings a way to communicate with me and you. We are in this together now. I’ll be here, reminding myself to breathe . . .

1 brushstroke @ a time . . .
1 breath @a time . . .

✨ When we are free to create, anything is possible. ✨

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