Tokyo Motor Show 4 - Honda EV Concepts | Fully Charged

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Tokyo Motor Show 5 - Trucks and Bikes | Fully Charged

Tokyo Motor Show Series Part 5 of 5 It’s not all about cars. Japan is developing a wide variety of electric transport systems. From massive trucks to tiny bikes. Here is a link to the entire playlist : Please consider supporting Fully Charged on Patreon:


This is a summary of everything future discussed at the Singularity University summit 2017, Ted talks with Elon Musk 2017, World Government Summit 2017 and Peter Diamandis views on HOW ABUNDANCE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD as we know it. SUBSCRIBE HERE: Links: (Singularity university summit - Peter Diamandis) The demonetization of living Maslows pyramid of needs are trending towards 0-cost Abundance and nanotechnology (nanobots) Raw material cost + energy cost + Information = COST 3:47 In the back of abundance 4:00 Most people will have devices for free so that you can buy stuff from them and they can collect data 7:00 Data is the new gold 7:30 Free content 1b hours of free content pr day. 8000X more energy hitting the surface of the planet than we consume, and the poorest have the most sun 8:00 solar roads 9:30 2.9 cents pr kWh Giga factory in Reno 10:00 cars from 1904 to 1917 100% switch 11:00 by 2025 car ownership will be dead: 12:20 autonomy will demonetize housing 13:20 house being 3d printed 14:26 literacy to basic reading writing in 18 months 16:03 demonetization of healthcare, deep learning protocols 17:00 Watson diagnosed rare leukaemia 18:00 Cost of genome sequencing Morse law 19:05 Sequenced when born, stop what you will get sick from before people get sick Surgery 20:00 Rapidly demonetizing trends everywhere 21:30 Not scared of AI terminator 23:00 Job loss 24:00 Demonetize the cost of living, (education, entertainment, food etc) Psychological impact to losing job 24:30 AI software shells 27:30 within ten years UBI Universal Basic Income (Elon Musk Building) 10fold improvement in cost of digging pr. Mile no sound The boring company Autonomy brings more cars on the roads Every big car company has announced electric cars within 10 years 12:00 By the end of 2017 self-driving coast to coast 15:00 Free self-driving cars 19:30 Self-driving trucks tesla semi out torc any diesel semi uphill 20:30 Solar panels 22:00 Most houses have enough roof area to power all the needs of the house 25:30 Giga factory 100 27:00 100 gWh pr week 1 build announcing another 5 this year 29:00 reusability rocket 33:00 (Elon Musk World Government Summit 2017) Multi planetary species is life insurance for life collectively 2:30 Ten years from now full autonomy cars will only be build 8:30 Elon building tunnel under Washington 14:20 3d building, 2d road network 16:00 12-15% driving as a job 18:20 over 2B vehicles in the world 19:00 100M total new vehicle production cap 19:00 life of car 20-25 years 19:00 Prepare government for the future 20:00 AR regulation Transport 21:00 electric over 30-40 years Demand for electricity will increase rapidly. Total energy usage = 1/3 electricity 1/3 transport 1/3 heating over time that will predominantly be all electricity 21:30 Universal basic income, no choice 22:50 Fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better The output of goods and services will be extremely high with automation, so they will come abundance and come really cheap. The harder challenge is, how do people then have meaning? To some degree we are already a cyborg 25:21 Reusable rockets, cost to fly close to plane 29:00 Social Media: Twitter: Snapchat: Jonasislive Instagram: My gear: #1 Panasonic Lumix G series (G85/G81) #2 Canon g7x mark II #3 SJCAM 4000 #4 regular iPhone camera #5 huanqi 899b drone

TESLA Model 3 TRUE Cost of Ownership Compared with a Honda Civic & BMW 3 Series

Thinking Tesla? Use our Link: The Tesla Model 3 is upon us, and it’s already being heralded by many as the most important car in decades. Cost Calculator: But whether you’re one of the nearly half a million people who have already given Tesla a $1000 deposit, or someone who is wondering if it just makes financial sense, this video is for you. At $35,000 dollars, the Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla to date. And with its 220 mile range, 126 MPGe, and 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds, it’s proving to be quite the little EV that could. Very enticing indeed. But the primary question remains: What is the TRUE Cost of Owning a Tesla Model Three? While the question is simple, the answer is not. The devil is always in the details, and so we will take a look at a couple of other popular gas powered cars for comparison, and look at Total Cost of Ownership over 5 years. We will also explain the ugly truth about MPGe, and tell you what we think is a better measurement. And if you’re counting on the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit, we’ll talk about why you may not even qualify for it. Lastly, we will provide you with some cost calculators to help you reach an educated conclusion, based on your specific situation, because where you live & how you drive, really does affect your bottom line. ***** Support us on Patreon: We Love VideoBlocks. Sign up for a free trial: ***** Other Calculators to Help You (suggest your favorite in the comments) Elon Musk Book on Tesla & Space X: Tesla Coffee Cup: Visit our Site: Socials: @TwoBitDaVinci You can Help Support Two Bit da Vinci by following our affiliate links. It's free, and we get a commission to help us keep doing what we love. Two Bit da Vinci is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Thank You, Chris & Ricky ***** tesla model 3 true cost of ownership tesla model 3 cost to own tesla model 3 cost Tesla Model 3 Cost of Ownership model 3 tco model 3 ownership cost How Much Does a Tesla Model 3 Cost model 3 cost Tesla Model 3 Operating Cost What is The Cost of a Tesla Model 3 model three cost tesla model 3 cost calculator model three price tesla model 3 cost estimator model 3 price tesla 3 tesla model 3 tesla tax credit model 3 maintenance ev tax credit model 3 tesla tesla model 3 pre orders best electric vehicle 2017 tesla model3 tesla mpg tesla model 3 price tesla model three tesla model 3 review best ev 2018 model 3 mpg elon musk model three model 3 owners club tesla model 3 mpg model 3 production electric vehicles model 3 tesla model 3 review tesla model 3 delivery tesla model 3 calculator tesla model 3 cost calculator tesla calculator tesla cost calculator

Top 10 future transportation that will blow your mind

Plains, trains, and automobiles may have carried us through the 20th century, but these days, they’re old news. The transportation of the future will be more along the lines of magnetic levitation, jetpacks, and zip lines that fit in a backpack—and they could be here sooner than you think

356 Porsche Speedster Electric Car Build - EVoutpost

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Tokyo Motor Show Series Part 4 of 5

Honda Electric Dream. After years spent in the electric car wilderness, Honda release a brilliant production-ready electric city car and an awe-inspiring electric sports car. Jonny Smith is very impressed.

Here is a link to the entire playlist :

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