Modeling Multi-Valued Attributes

author Brian Finnegan   6 год. назад

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Weak Entity Modeling

Weak Entity Modeling in ERDs

Multi-Attribute Utility Analysis

Enhanced Entity-Relationship Model Part 2: Generalization vs. Specialization and EER Constraints

Further detail on the relationship between top-down (specialization) and bottom-up (generalization) EER modeling and our expectations regarding EER model constraints

Visualizing a Decision Tree - Machine Learning Recipes #2

Last episode, we treated our Decision Tree as a blackbox. In this episode, we'll build one on a real dataset, add code to visualize it, and practice reading it - so you can see how it works under the hood. And hey -- I may have gone a little fast through some parts. Just let me know, I'll slow down. Also: we'll do a Q&A episode down the road, so if anything is unclear, just ask! Follow for updates on new episodes! Subscribe to the Google Developers: - Subscribe to the brand new Firebase Channel: And here's our playlist:

Introduction to the Entity-Relationship Model

Introduction to the Entity-Relationship Model

Modeling Multi-Valued Attributes

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