Modeling Multi-Valued Attributes

author Brian Finnegan   5 год. назад

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Weak Entity Modeling

Weak Entity Modeling in ERDs

Mod-01 Lec-40 Multi attribute decision making

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Visualizing a Decision Tree - Machine Learning Recipes #2

Last episode, we treated our Decision Tree as a blackbox. In this episode, we'll build one on a real dataset, add code to visualize it, and practice reading it - so you can see how it works under the hood. And hey -- I may have gone a little fast through some parts. Just let me know, I'll slow down. Also: we'll do a Q&A episode down the road, so if anything is unclear, just ask! Follow for updates on new episodes! Subscribe to the Google Developers: - Subscribe to the brand new Firebase Channel: And here's our playlist:

The Participation Constraint in the ER Diagram

The Participation Constraint in the ER Diagram

Database Fundamentals

Learn about the fundamentals of databases. What are entities, attributes, relationships, primary keys, and foreign keys? This video covers the basics.

Modeling Multi-Valued Attributes

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