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The Isle Tiengemeten in watercolour

The Isle Tiengemeten is in the South of the Netherlands. The Museum of the famous painter Rien Poortvliet is on the island. I use Saunders Waterford Rough here 300 gr/m2 a quarter sheet. The photo is from Jack Docters, a fellow artist friend. Colours are from Rembrandt Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Light Red Raw SIenna Burnt Sienna Aureolin Brushes W&N Squirrel 2, 4 and 6 and a Da Vinci Round nr 14 And a small synthetic one.

Lighthouse in Watercolour

A lighthouse in watercolour with just a few pigments and lots of water! And of course I didn't make seal's but Sea Gulls! :)))) Paper Saunders Waterford Rough backside Pigments Rembrandt Brushes W&N

to the artists Edward Seago

watercolours with Alan full tutorials


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Advancing with Watercolor: Tonal Contrast "Quiet Harbor"

This is a video done as a supplement to a watercolor class taught by Gary Tucker in Boston. This video illustrates the techniques of dry into wet and wet into wet.... Also the video begins with a tonal rendering of the same motif to illustrate the importance of understanding the tonal structure of the painting and stating it simply. Thank you for liking this short video and for your comments. You can see more instruction and examples of artwork at my website garytuckerartist.com

Painting a copy from a Seago. Just to learn from te masters! Never sell or post someone else work if it is your own!

Edward Brian (Ted) Seago RBA ARWS RWS (31 March 1910 – 19 January 1974) was an English artist who painted in both oils and watercolours. Seago died of a brain tumour in London on 19 January 1974. In his will he requested that one third of his paintings currently in his Norwich studio were to be destroyed. There remain about 19,000 water colors and 300 oil paintings worldwide.

I hear a lot of times, Use the backside but some papers don't have a good backside. and the point is! I destroy copies, because I see a lot of copies everywhere. And that is not good! Use the backside, make a collage, make bookmarks. I know! But this is a example! I have a lot of framed work with on the backside a watercolour! So Yes I use backsides. (with the right paper)

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