Jodi Arias Murder Scene - Visiting the Travis Alexander House

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Jodi Arias Wants to Return to The Crime Scene at Travis Alexander’s House – Judge Allows It

Jodi Arias filed a motion to have her private investigator return to the crime scene at Travis Alexander’s house where she was convicted of murdering him in 2008. The new owners of the house have said that there is nothing to see because everything is new – the carpet, the shower, the faucets, the dishwasher, the paint, the baseboards, etc. The judge granted Jodi permission but court documents show that she was given access to the house only until Aug 28, 2014 which was last week (as of this upload date). The lack of news since then suggests that this is not going to happen or it has already happened in secret. The new home owners also had the right to fight Jodi’s request in court but again there hasn’t been any news of such a thing happening as of this upload date. Jodi’s request has sparked speculation on what her motives could be. The guilt phase of the trial is over – she has been convicted of 1st degree murder. The penalty phase of the trial should be an issue of the punishment - whether she lives or dies. In wanting to re-visit the crime scene, is Jodi still trying to prove her innocence (ie/ that it was self-defense)? It could possibly be viewed as a strategic move in an attempt to get at least one of the jurors to believe that she was wrongfully convicted, feel sorry for her, and then vote in her favor. There has been no shortage of opinions from trial watchers. Some believe that Jodi is still obsessed with Travis, that she is trying to prolong & delay the trial, or trying to get something to use during her appeal. There is also the idea that since she cannot hurt Travis any more, that this is an attempt to hurt his family & friends. Other videos in this PKReport channel have shown a very vindictive side to Jodi - insulting the prosecutor’s height, insulting Travis’ attempt to lose weight, blackmailing him with recorded phone sex, etc. The ultimate act of vindictiveness came in the form of brutally murdering him – one couldn’t do anything more to prove that they were vindictive than to murder someone. In Jodi’s case, her vindictiveness persisted even after death when she portrayed Travis to be a sexual deviant and pedophile. It was like killing him a second time. These examples show that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think that at least one of the reasons for Jodi’s request to visit Travis’ house would be an attempt to hurt those who care about him. There would be no love lost on Jodi's part - she probably couldn't be too happy at the fact that in addition to facing a death sentence, that the Alexander family is suing her for the death of their brother.

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Even though it has been years since the tragic murder of Travis Alexander by the hands of his psychotic ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias, the story still haunts us all. My husband and I decided to drive to the very house where the monstrous crime took place. May he rest in peace.

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