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Restoration and Conservation of a 17th Century Portrait

A timelapse video showing the processes involved in conserving and restoring a 17th Century Portrait. Including; Lining, cleaning, stopping, retouching and varnishing. The painting is a portrait of Lady Katherine Anne Erskine painted by Sir John Baptist Medina (Brussels 1659-1710 Edinburgh) who was an artist of Flemish-Spanish origin who worked in England and Scotland, mostly as a portrait painter.

DipintoDiNuovo - Restauro completo di un dipinto su tela

Fasi esecutive del restauro di un dipinto ad olio su tela 2013 .............................................................................................................. Hey there! Hi People! We're in 2017 now , how many people have seen this video in this years ! How many comment , how many compliments, how many judjment and...verdict. And thank you all to have enjoyed my video and my restoration ! I leave everyone to express what they think and I'm sorry I will not respond to all. I just say here that this was one of my first work done only by myself, one of my first very difficult restoration of oil paint on canvas . Well, yes maybe is not perfect, now after 4 years I'm sure I would do differently choises about this work . Everyone evolving their self and they're knowledge a long the way , and this is possible only whit esperiences , practice and hard work . I'm a restorer I love so much my work , and I will always practice for do always better than before. If you're courious to see how I improved my technique in this years ..well you're welcome in my site and website . Love, Emma Link:

Getting Dressed in 1665 Delft

A young woman is dressed in the style of a wealthy woman in 1665 Delft. Thanks to support from Filmed on Location at Gainsborough Old Hall Director/Cinematographer: Nick Loven Producer/Costumier: Pauline Loven Voice-over: Martha Milne The Woman - Hannah Douglas The Maid - Sarah Whitehouse The Artist - Anthony Webster Music: Chris Gordon Make-up/hair - Liv Free Dresser - Kelly Clark Costume Assistant – Jasmine Clark Runner - Charlotte Halse Shoes – Kevin Garlick, Earrings – Parures de Lumieres, Stockings – Sally Pointer - Delft tile and brazier – Andrew MacDonald, The Pot Shop Lincoln.

Rusty Machete Restoration

Satisfying First Time Restoration Get your life together with the Nifty Organization Journal: Check us out on Facebook! - Credits: MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network


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ReMade in Chicago, Baumgartner Restoration is a second-generation art conservation studio in Chicago. Follow Julian as he completely restores a damaged painting.

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Painting - Self-portrait by Emma Gaggiotti Richards
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