Arnold Peter Weisz-Kubincan: A collection of 107 paintings (HD)

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The 100 Best Paintings by Painters posted in 2017 | LearnFromMasters (HD)

The 100 Best Paintings by Painters posted in 2017 | LearnFromMasters (HD) Description: This is a retrospection of my activity last year, it represent 100 best paintings by painters i ever posted in 2017. --- MUSIC: Kevin MacLeod - Mesmerize Mesmerize by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: SUPPORT MY WORK AT: LIST OF ARTISTS already posted on LearnFromMasters: --- Thank you so much for your support!

Tom Lovell: A collection of 69 works (HD)

Tom Lovell: A collection of 69 works (HD) Description: "Tom Lovell (1909-1997) was an American illustrator, famous for his work in popular magazines as well as his images of the American West. Lovell was known for painstakingly researching his subjects for authenticity, yet never abandoning the dynamic action and human emotion used for his fictional illustrations. He considered himself a “storyteller with a brush, a custodian of the past. Lovell was born in New York City, February 5, 1909, to Henry S. Lovell Jr (a telephone engineer) and Edith Scott (Russell) Lovell. He was the middle child with an older brother (Bob) and a younger sister (Margaret). During his childhood, the family lived in Nutley, New Jersey.[2] As a youth, Lovell developed an interest in art and the American Indian. When visiting the New York Museum of Natural History, he would sketch the Native American weapons, clothing and artifacts.[3] Later, as high school valedictorian, he would give a speech titled, “Ill treatment of the American Indian by the U. S. Government. He first began illustrating while enrolled as an undergraduate student at Syracuse University, selling his illustrations to popular pulp magazines. At Syracuse, he met future illustrators Harry Anderson and Elton Fax. His early career centered on creating covers and interior illustrations for inexpensive pulp magazines such as: Ace-High Western, Clues, Complete, Detective Tales, Dime Detective, Rangeland Romances, Star Western, Top-Notch, The Shadow, Courtroom Stories, Popular Western, Triple Western, and Clues. As Lovell advanced in his career (and as pulp magazine publications declined), he moved on to illustrating for “slick” magazines and advertisements. Before WWII, he illustrated for The American, Woman's Home Companion, and Cosmopolitan. In 1934, he married Gloyd “Pink” Simmons, eventually having two children. The family first lived in Norwalk, Connecticut, moving to Westport, Connecticut in 1940. At the time, Westport was home to many artists, including fellow illustrators Al Dorne, Harold Von Schmidt, John Clymer, Stevan Dohanos, and Robert Loughweed. During WWII, Lovell joined the Marine Corps Reserve. He and fellow artist John Clymer illustrated the Marine Corps magazine, Leatherneck, as well as the Marine Corps Gazette. Lovell also completed a series of large paintings on Marine Corps history. These works are now in the collection at the Marine Corps headquarters in Washington, D.C. After the war, Lovell continued to illustrate for magazines, including McCall's, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, and Colliers.[8] He also painted a series of historical subjects for National Geographic Magazine, illustrating articles on the Vikings, Alexander the Great, the Bible, and the American Civil War. Lovell also completed a series of paintings for the Church of Latter Day Saints. His colleague, Harry Anderson, had already been working on a series of Biblical paintings. Lovell took on the illustration of scenes from the Book of Mormon.[10] Anderson’s and Lovell’s works remain well-known among Mormons and are still used in the Church of Latter Day Saints’ publications. During and after the 1960s, Lovell increasingly focused on the American Southwest. In 1969, Lovell was commissioned by George and Gladys Abell to produce a series of paintings for the future Permian Basin Petroleum Museum in Midland Texas. In 1995, Tom Lovell said the paintings he did for the Abell Foundation were "some of the most important commissions in (his) life.In 1975, Lovell and his family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, continuing to create works centering on Native Americans and the American Southwest. Lovell was a member of the Society for Illustrators, eventually being named as a Hall of Fame Laureate in 1974. He was also a member of the Cowboy Artists of America. In 1992, both the National Academy of Western Art and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame honored Lovell with a Lifetime Achievement Award. He was also a two-time winner of the National Academy of Western Art’s Prix de West. In 1997, both Tom Lovell and his daughter Dorothy died tragically in a car crash in Santa Fe." --- MUSIC: Kevin MacLeod - Danse Morialta Danse Morialta by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: SUPPORT MY WORK AT: --- Thank you so much for your support!

Leonardo da Vinci: A collection of 119 sketches (HD)

Leonardo da Vinci: A collection of 119 sketches (HD) Description: "Da Vinci was one of the great creative minds of the Italian Renaissance, hugely influential as an artist and sculptor but also immensely talented as an engineer, scientist and inventor. Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15 April 1452 near the Tuscan town of Vinci, the illegitimate son of a local lawyer. He was apprenticed to the sculptor and painter Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence and in 1478 became an independent master. In about 1483, he moved to Milan to work for the ruling Sforza family as an engineer, sculptor, painter and architect. From 1495 to 1497 he produced a mural of 'The Last Supper' in the refectory of the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan. Da Vinci was in Milan until the city was invaded by the French in 1499 and the Sforza family forced to flee. He may have visited Venice before returning to Florence. During his time in Florence, he painted several portraits, but the only one that survives is the famous 'Mona Lisa' (1503-1506). In 1506, da Vinci returned to Milan, remaining there until 1513. This was followed by three years based in Rome. In 1517, at the invitation of the French king Francis I, Leonardo moved to the Château of Cloux, near Amboise in France, where he died on 2 May 1519. The fame of Da Vinci's surviving paintings has meant that he has been regarded primarily as an artist, but the thousands of surviving pages of his notebooks reveal the most eclectic and brilliant of minds. He wrote and drew on subjects including geology, anatomy (which he studied in order to paint the human form more accurately), flight, gravity and optics, often flitting from subject to subject on a single page, and writing in left-handed mirror script. He 'invented' the bicycle, airplane, helicopter, and parachute some 500 years ahead of their time. If all this work had been published in an intelligible form, da Vinci's place as a pioneering scientist would have been beyond dispute. Yet his true genius was not as a scientist or an artist, but as a combination of the two: an 'artist-engineer'. His painting was scientific, based on a deep understanding of the workings of the human body and the physics of light and shade. His science was expressed through art, and his drawings and diagrams show what he meant, and how he understood the world to work." --- SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: --- Thanks for all support!

Philip de Laszlo: A collection of 223 paintings (HD)

Philip de Laszlo: A collection of 223 paintings (HD) Description: "Philip Alexius de László (30 April 1869 – 22 November 1937) was a Hungarian painter known particularly for his portraits of royal and aristocratic personages. In 1900, he married Lucy Guinness of Stillorgan, County Dublin, and became a British subject in 1914. László was born in humble circumstances in Budapest as Laub Fülöp (Hungarian style with the surname first), the eldest son of Adolf and Johanna Laub, a tailor and seamstress of Jewish origin. Fülöp and his younger brother Marczi changed their surname to László in 1891. He was apprenticed at an early age to a photographer while studying art, eventually earning a place at the National Academy of Art, where he studied under Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz. He followed this with studies in Munich and Paris. László's portrait of Pope Leo XIII earned him a Grand Gold Medal at the Paris International Exhibition in 1900. In 1903 László moved from Budapest to Vienna. In 1907 he moved to England and remained based in London for the remainder of his life, although endlessly travelling the world to fulfill commissions. In 1900, László married Lucy Madeleine Guinness, a member of the banking branch of the Guinness family and a sister of Henry Guinness. They had first met in Munich in 1892, but for some years had been forbidden to see each other. The couple had six children and 17 grandchildren. László became interested in Catholicism as a young man, probably through his friendship with the Valentins, an elderly Bavarian couple. He was baptised into the Hungarian Catholic Church in 1894 ... "he never worshipped regularly but read the Bible and was a firm believer in God and the Christian story". His faith was especially strengthened by his visit to the Vatican in 1900, where he met and painted the aging Pope Leo XIII. László converted to Anglicanism upon his marriage, and his children were raised as Protestants. At a lecture to the Fisher Society in 1934, he said "I believe that to worship nature is a religious duty. I see in nature the fullest revelation of the Divinity, and my faith is that only by acceptance of this revelation and by striving to realise it in all its perfection can I prove my worship to be sincere". László's patrons awarded him numerous honours and medals. In 1909 he was invested MVO by Edward VII. In 1912 he was ennobled by King Franz Joseph of Hungary; his surname then became "László de Lombos", but he soon was using the name "de László". Despite his British citizenship, his marriage and five British sons, de László was interned for over twelve months in 1917 and 1918 during the First World War. He was exonerated and released in June 1919. Due to overwork de László suffered heart problems for the last years of his life. In October 1937 he had a heart attack and died a month later at his home in Hampstead, London. In 1939, Portrait of a Painter. The Authorized Life of Philip de László by Owen Rutter, written in conjunction with de László, was published. In 2010 Yale University Press published De László, His Life and Art by Duff Hart-Davis and Dr. Caroline Corbeau-Parsons. His reputation still remains largely as a society portrait painter, but well numbered amongst his sitters were industrialists and scientists, politicians and painters, men and women of letters and many other eminent, as well as ordinary, people. Family members and a team of editors are compiling a catalogue raisonné published online and in progress. His oeuvre currently numbers almost 4,000 works, including drawings." --- MUSIC: Chris Zabriskie - There's Probably No Time There's Probably No Time by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: SUPPORT MY WORK AT: --- Thank you so much for your support!

Arnold Peter Weisz-Kubínčan: A collection of 107 paintings (HD)

Description: "Arnold Peter Weisz-Kubinčan was a Slovak painter . His works, many of which have been destroyed during the Holocaust , are considered to be one of the most original artistic expressions in Slovak inter-war art.

Between 1913 and 1916, he studied in the Arts School of Art in Budapest. In 1917, he had to interrupt and study the army, and a year later he succeeded in studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin. From 1923 he lived in Dolnom Kubin, later in 1934 he moved to Martin .

Arnold Peter Weisz-Kubinčan died in 1945 during the transfer to the concentration camp or shortly after that transfer."


MUSIC: Kevin MacLeod - Danse Morialta
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