The Mercedes-AMG GT S Is Ridiculously Underrated

author Doug DeMuro   2 год. назад

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Preparing the Beast! AMG GT R PPF | GARAGE

Let's prepare the beast! I ordered my AMG GT R with straight black paint because it makes the best base for a colour change vinyl wrap in future, however upon seeing it for the first time I decided it absolutely has to stay looking stealthy and menacing for a while! That meant that rather than risking any damage to the paint, a trip to Topaz was on the cards to prepare the paintwork and install PPF to keep it pristine throughout the upcoming trips and full-on daily usage. The question is though, how long should I keep it black, or should I wrap it and if so, what colour?! Ahead of the official collection day I headed down to Mercedes-Benz Brentford to sign the paperwork and ensure everything was completed for a smooth handover with Nico Rosberg when we would return. It also meant loading the car into Topaz's own transportation to take it over for preparation. The biggest advantage of that is eliminating the chance of a stone chip on the short journey over (which has happened to me very early in a car's life before) while also planning ahead for potential horrible weather in the UK at this time of year. At Topaz, the car underwent a detailing process to remove imperfections in the factory paint. This is standard with any car as perfect paintwork is a hugely manual process and no brand can do it in full simply due to the time and cost required. With then an installation of Paint Protection Film to the vulnerable front, lower side and impact areas, you also lock in a wonderful paint finish underneath to always look great going forwards. For this part, we thought it would be interesting to hand the camera over to Nabil Naamo, co-founder of Topaz to walk through the paces and explain everything that's being done to the car. You can also find out more about Topaz with the following links: Fancy some tuning to my AMG GT R? Why not join the discussion to talk about the options over on Qutee: Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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I drove a Mercedes-AMG GT S and discovered that it is seriously, insanely, ridiculously underrated.

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