2018 Chery Tiggo 3 Comfort SUV Interior and Exterior Overview

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2018 Chery Tiggo 3 Comfort Latest Car By Chery Auto

The 2018 Chery Tiggo 3 is a practical vehicle that comes equipped with a wide range of features surpassing many of our expectations and offers value for money, we can’t yet vouch for the the durability of the materials in the cabin, or the long-term reliability.The Chery Tiggo3 is definitely worth a great look… And could be the vehicle that helps change people’s preconceived ideas about the brand and its products. The 2018 Chery Tiggo 3 challenges preconceived nations of Chinese automobiles and their laid-back approach to quality., while offering significantly more, it’s worth your time if you’re on the lookout for a compact SUV. The Chery Tiggo3 is a compact SUV that goes up against the likes of the Kia Sportage and the Mitsubishi ASX, the Chinese Sedan isn’t one to be taken lightly.

Le nouveau TIGGO 3 à Chery Tunisie

Plus d'infos et son Prix sur ce lien : https://www.tunisieauto.tn/nouveaute-tunisie-auto-fiche-technique-video-galerie-photos-et-prix-du-chery-tiggo-3/

2017 Chery Tiggo 7 SPORT 1.5T Automatic Interior and Exterior Overview

China’s Chery Auto has launched the brand new Tiggo 7 SUV on the Chinese car market; it is the new flagship of the lineup and the most expensive Chery SUV so far. Design is a clear departure from the rather dull and conservative lines of previous Chery SUVs. The Tiggo 7 is also the first Chery to have the new family face with a typical inverted grille and boomerang headlights. Not too pretty, but certainly daring. The Tiggo 7 is aimed at young car buyers living in big cities, the hottest market segment in China at the moment. These car buyers are just married, fashionable, between 25 and 35 years old, with one or two children, and probably like to go mountain biking at the weekend. The Tiggo 7 slots just above the Tiggo 5 in Chery’s lineup. The 5 is a bit smaller and less expensive but it is living in a completely different world: aimed at a more conservative and older segment of the market with a more subdued design and image. Interestingly, both cars share the same engines: a 1.5 turbo with 152 hp and 205 Nm and a 2.0 with 122 hp and 180 Nm. The former is mated to a 6-speed DCT or a 6-speed manual, the latter to a CVT. The addition of the 2.0 to the Tigo 7 is a bit of a surprise. It is an old engine without much power that sits in a high tax bracket. The engine makes sense for the Tiggo 5 because conservative, and especially elderly conservative, car buyers are known to prefer larger engines over smaller ones, even if the smaller engine is cheaper and more powerful. The Tiggo 7 however is specifically aimed at the young, and they are into turbo only. Price for the 1.5 turbo starts at 97,900 yuan and ends at 153,900 yuan ($14,600 - $23,070) and price for the 2.0 ranges from 115,900 yuan to 123,900 yuan ($17,370 - $18,570). The Tiggo 7 competes with cars like the Geely Boyue, the Roewe RX5, and the Trumpchi GS4. The Tiggo 7 is the first Chery that is based on the new T1X modular platform, which was developed with some assistance from Jaguar Land Rover, Chery’s partner in the Chery-JLR joint venture that makes various Land Rovers for the Chinese market. The T1X platform can support different body styles. The platform will also underpin the successor of the Tiggo 5, a seven seat variant of the Tiggo 7, and a seven-seat MPV. All these cars will be launched before 2020.

Car 2018 New Chery Tiggo 7

Chery Tiggo 7 The all new 1.5T turbocharged engine integrates the exhaust manifold in the cylinder head and the water-cooled intercooler in the intake manifold. Such ingenious spatial arrangement allows for highly-efficient turbocharging, with a maximum power of 112KW and torque of 205Nm. As one of the world’s top five transmission suppliers, Aisin has mature technology and high market recognition: Efficient transmission: transmission efficiency up to 97.5%, 2.1% higher than 5MT. The sporty H.D.S body takes its inspiration from the hydropower of the nature. With the running water as the design element, it presents waterstreamed body lines while showing the momentum to move forward, creating a perfect combination of hardness and softness. The sportiness is evidently reflected in the dual-color interior trim with British noble spirit as well as the exquisite and stylish double topstitching. More Information http://www.cheryinternational.com/model-Tiggo7.html

2017 Chery Tiggo 5X 1.5T Luxury Interior and Exterior Overview

The company Chery will expand the line of versions of its new compact “SUV”. The Tiggo 5x cross went to the home market only a week ago. While the model is available only with one engine – a gasoline turbo engine 1.5 with a power of 147 hp, which works in tandem with a six-speed “mechanics” or “robot” with a double clutch. According to the “Celestial” media, soon buyers will be offered Tiggo 5x also with a two-liter “atmospheric”. It is assumed that the new cross will be equipped with the same motor 2.0, which is now available in the line of the flagship SUV brand – Tiggo 7. The “seven” this engine produces 122 hp. and is combined with a variator. Meanwhile, the Tiggo 5x “atmospheric” can be equipped with a five-step “mechanics”. The drive of both crossovers is only front. The list of equipment for the basic equipment of the Chery Tiggo 5x includes: LED daytime running lights, 17-inch wheels, ABS, EBD, ESP, two airbags, parktronic, cruise control, multimedia system with a 9-inch touch screen. In the top version there are side airbags, curtain airbags, a panoramic roof, a circular video review system and 18-inch wheel disks. Price Tiggo 5x starts at 79,900 yuan. The brand new Sports Utility Vehicle from Chery, one of the largest car makers in China, has just finished a six-day test drive in Germany. The Tiggo 5x had its debut appearance at the International Automobile Exhibition in September 2017 in Frankfurt. The Tiggo 5x is considered as an “intelligent, fashionable, high quality SUV”, embodying three advantages in technology, appearance design and function design. The target market of the model is 26 to 35 years old urbanites looking for a high quality car. Between the 21st and 27th of September, the Chery Tiggo 5x was put through its paces across Germany in a variety of motoring conditions. The test took the Tiggo 5x to Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, Frankfurt and Munich. The event was organised by Chery, in association with a number of well-known media platforms along with six of China's car websites. But, there was a lot of interest from international media too: Il Giornale, an Italian magazine, and Eir magazine from Germany, along with GBTIMES, teamed up with Chery to take part in the event. As the cars toured Germany, they received high praise from a variety of German motoring experts and car lovers from across the globe (and social media users, as we'll come to later). While we were in Germany we found that the Tiggo 5x covered distance with ease and comfort. Powered by a 147 horsepower, 1.5L turbocharged engine, the Tiggo 5x can get up to 100 KPH in just 9.7 seconds, with a top speed of 190 KPH. It’s not just the performance that’s impressive, it’s the software too. The design fuses East and West, with Chinese design and manufacture and Western software. The SUV is controllable via Android and iOS apps, with features such as remote locking controlled by an application on the driver's phone. There's built-in access to the China Unicom 4G network, with upload speeds that can reach 40 Mbps. And the system reaction is quick, thus the user can enjoy the interface operation. We found it really easy to use the software and, amazingly, it can detect and understand up to dialects, with a correct voice recognition rate of 99%. The Deputy President of the Bosch Marketing Department, Mr. Gaenzler, said that he thinks that the Chery brand has been very creative in their design, especially in terms of Internet applications, which are bolder than conventional automobiles. Chery describe the system as a “360-degree intelligent housekeeping system for driving based on cloud technology with an intelligent sensing database”. They say that they hope it will help you achieve seamless connection with mobile internet, personal and practical driving environments, making this the “smartest SUV”. The Tiggo 5x features McPherson front independent suspension, multi-link rear independent suspension and a double-frame subframe, which has been calibrated by a senior specialist from Lotus. All this together provides a high quality and smooth ride, across a wide range of road conditions.

The new 2018 Chery Tiggo 3, a modern SUV designed with Chery's new concept of "sensory quality”. The new Tiggo 3 is durable, dynamic and stylish. Its powerful and elegant integrated body design offers a trendy appearance to this stylish SUV.
Tiggo 3 is powered by 2.0L DVVT engine delivering an output of 137 HP. Mated with the latest CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission), the new Tiggo 3 provides excellent fuel economy and manoeuvrability.

The suspension system of the Tiggo 3which is vigorously tested by LOTUS to ensure comfortable rides comprises of MacPherson struts in the front and the rear employs a double link independent system. Combined with the ground clearance of 190 mm, the Tiggo3 makes traversing different terrain, effortless.
The new Chery Tiggo 3 is loaded with features which include a multifunctional steering wheel, electrically-regulated exterior side view mirrors, four power windows, automatic air-conditioning and cruise control as standard.
The latest model from Chery is equipped with active and passive safety systems which include dual front airbags, rear parking sensors, and ABS with EBD to create a comfortable and safe driving environment.

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