Completed diamond paintings

author Matty Hooper   2 нед. назад

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Diamond painting haul

What is this?? Mystery Santa from Wish - UNBOXING Diamond Painting

#diamondpainting #5Ddiamondpainting #Wish It all got resolved in the end! Thanks so much for watching! Instagram:

Chinese Good Luck Diamond Painting | Product Post Review

Had a bit of bad luck with this diamond painting kit. Hopefully it's just this one as I have so many other #diamondpaintings from this seller!! #fingerscrossed 💛 My Etsy store: 💛 Facebook: 💛 Facebook Group: 💛 Cralopix Plays (gaming channel): 💛 Instagram: 💛 AliExpress Exclusive Coupon! (affiliate link) Music: My tiny violin. Lol.

Diamond Painting - Product Review 36

My product review video for diamond paintings. In this episode I will be reviewing a painting that I have been wanting for, well I would say about a year now. Of course I am over the top happy about having her now. Only bad part is... I have like 50 paintings that still need done before I can even think about getting everything set up to work on her. I got her from Angel's Hands Squares Drill Painting Store, with the proper website being, and she is a 50x60cm with square diamonds. Also as I said in my video I am over the top busy right now. If it wasn't bad before now I started working again to help out my best friend for a while. I am so sorry to the people on my Facebook, Facebook group, Instagram, and Twitter. I know I have not been on in what feels like forever. The last thing I want is for anyone to be mad or upset with me. I am only one person, as much as I wish I could do it all I can't. Love all of you beautiful Diamonds In The Sky. Thank you so much. ~Instagram~ ~Facbook~ ~Twitter~ ~Diamond Art Club~ ~AliExpress~ ~DIAMOND PAINTING~

Diamond Painting Tutorial

Introduction to Diamond Painting Currently (Nov. 3, 2017), you can find this diamond painting and two others like it on Aliexpress at

Here is my first collection of paintings, mattys mum

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