Aubrey Beardsley: A collection of 211 illustrations (HD)

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Interview with Brandon Boyd of Incubus in PRØHBTD Cities | Austin

Grow with us! SUBSCRIBE NOW : Incubus​ frontman, Brandon Boyd​, paints a unique picture of the interplay between art, music and cannabis while showcasing his exhibit in Austin, Texas. Look below to learn more! Follow the PRØHBTD Journey! FB: IG: TW: Brandon Boyd fronts the Grammy-nominated band Incubus, but when he's not making music, the Los Angeles native expresses his creativity through the visual arts. PRØHBTD Cities joined Boyd in Austin, Texas, where he had a recent gallery exhibit. The singer-artist talked about focusing on the process, not the end goal, while noting similarities in the process for his different forms of creative expression. "There really isn't a right way to do [art]," says Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd. "It's really up to the artist to explore the space and see what he or she is going to do with it." Boyd, who cited cannabis as a potential tool for making art, recently regrouped with Incubus to record 8, the band's eighth full-length album and its first since 2011's If Not Now, When? The new album—co-produced and mixed by Skrillex—features the lead single "Nimble Bastard," and the band launches a new national tour (with a few stops in South America) on July 6 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

30+ Brutally Honest Illustrations About Modern Life By The World’s Most Cynical Artist✔

For any copyright matter please contact us Follow us on instagram 30+ Brutally Honest Illustrations About Modern Life By The World’s Most Cynical Artist✔ Honesty can be very very brutal. Especially when it comes from Mexico City born illustrator - Eduardo Salles. This guy works to bring out the brutal truth about modern life in his hilarious illustrations, and he does so with a smart ass touch!

How To Write A Great Ending

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Modern Spell Caster's Tarot

This is a recently released 78 card deck and I just got it in today. I am so thrilled with the artwork and the images it portrays. This is definitely a deck that beginners could use, especially since it comes with a detailed 242 page guidebook. This does come in a kit and they spared no expense on the packaging but the card stock is very thin. I was a bit disappointed in that. Also, even though the book provides reversed meanings, the back of the cards does not lend itself to reversals. I'm excited to work with this deck. It follows the Rider Waite Smith tradition, imagery and symbolism but it provides a diverse view with different ethnicities throughout. Finally a deck that is up to date on how our world really is. The artwork is by Scott Murphy and the guidebook is written by Melanie Marquis. This is published by Llewellyn.

Prague, At The Heart Of Europe - Documentary

Prague is a magic city. At the geographic centre of Europe, this capital of a now new country boasts an incredible wealth of culture. Nestling amidst the meanders of the Vlatva river, the old city is a stone’s throw from the ultra-modern district of Karlin. The Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, Art Nouveau and the communist regime have in turn left their mark on the city’s physiognomy. Mozart, Kafka, Mucha and many others have also left traces of their talent. Alternating cultural heritage with more contemporary themes, Pierre Brouwers shows us that Prague is anything but a museum city. Wenceslas Square . The Castle . Changing the Guard . St Guy’s Cathedral . The Vltava and Charles Bridge . The Old Town . Puppets . Shadow Theatre . The Jewish Quarter, Cemetery, Synagogues . Astronomy Clock . Powder Case Tower . The Battle of White Mountain . Urban Vineyards . Artists Market . The John Lennon Wall . Karlin Market . Architecture . Kafka Museum . Mucha Museum . Gold Backstreet . Petrín Hill, "Eiffel Tower” and Funicular Railway . The Feast of Saint Wenceslas . Prague by Night, Original Bars . Traditional Brasserie . Zizkov Tower and Giant Babies . Organ Concert . Metro and Tramways . Opera House . Concert and Traditional Dancing . Bohemia and Prague from the sky . Etc.

Aubrey Beardsley: A collection of 211 illustrations (HD)

Description: "Aubrey Beardsley's artistic career was remarkably impactful for its brevity. In the seven years he was able to draw and write before succumbing to tuberculosis, Beardsley developed a reputation as one of the most controversial artists of his time. The linear elegance of his designs coupled with the artist's bizarre sense of humor and fascination with the grotesque and taboo simultaneously intrigued and repelled his Victorian audience. His illustrations comprised characteristics of Aestheticism, Decadence, Symbolism, and, most apparently, Art Nouveau. Beardsley's block prints allowed his work to be easily reproduced and widely circulated. The diabolic beauty of his work and its overwhelming presence in English publishing houses meant that Beardsley quickly became the most influential draftsman of his time."


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