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SOTD: Phoenix Shaving "Starling" GEM style SE Razor & HTGAM "Oubliette"

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Starling Single Edge Razor First Look and First Impressions

Taking a look at the brand new Starling SE razor from PAA. Check out the the razor here: Thanks for watching! Pick up some more of my favorite shaving items here:

Starling Single Edge Safety Razor Up Close Demo - Phoenix Shaving

Find The Phoenix Starling SE Here: So what is the Starling SE? The Starling SE is a 7075 Aluminum, 3-piece design, GEM Type Razor with a standard 1032 size post so that you may mix and match your own favorite handles if you so wish...or you could just rock my Neo-Vic Handle! The Neo-Vic really shines when used with the Starling, especially for across the grain passes on the's all about the toggle on the end! "That was & will remain my favorite was hard to shave because I was smiling!" ~ Marty Pape (tester) 7075 Aluminum? If it's good enough for the aviation industry its more than good enough for us. I believe we were the first to introduce 7075 Aluminum into the wet shaving realm, dating back to the release a couple years ago of our DOC Evolution. You see 7075 aluminum has a few differences when compared to 6061 aluminum as it offers greater strength, durability, and hardness...yet a lightness. Think of the Starling as Bruce Lee. 2 Base Plates are better than one? We also decided to include a second base plate...BONUS! The "Beta Plate" is experimental and we are looking for your feedback on it. Historically we have picked the brains of 10-15 testers but we really want to get the community involved in the development of this razor. We aim to eventually offer a few variations of it; Multiple Base Plates, Colors, different aggression levels, etc. That said, the Beta Plate is more aggressive than the blue plate, some will absolutely love it, others may please let us know what you think of it! What's in a name? There is a duality to this as with most Phoenix Product names. Clearly calling this razor the Starling keeps it inline with our Space Age theme; Starling, Star Child, etc...but also it is an homage to all the other Bird named razors out there! Lol, am I the only one to notice this? Soooo, in order to play by this unwritten rule and my own theme, you get The Starling...BOOM! Special Thanks I need to give a shout out to Aaron Frugiradet of Frugal Shave, he has been very, VERY helpful and instrumental with his 3D design skills. Could not have completed this job at this price point without please show him some love and support Frugal Shave...really cool stuff to be found there! Instructions: The Phoenix Starling SE is a 3-Piece GEM Type, Single Edge Safety Razor, not to be confused for it’s more Forgiving cousin, The Double Edge Safety Razor. Please pay close attention when shaving with The Starling for the first few times. Expect a slight learning curve if this is your first time shaving with a GEM Type, single edge razor. One major difference you will notice with The Starling is the stiffness in the handling. This is due to the dramatic fixed angle of the head and the difference in thickness of the single edge blade versus the thinner, more flexible, double edge blade. You will also want to experiment with different blade brands and find the one that works best with your own unique face in combination with which base plate you choose. We include 2 base plates in an effort to give the user more control over the feel and performance of the razor. Give yourself a couple shaves to get a real knack for her and she will reward you 10 fold! Note: Be sure to remove and dry the blade after each use to extend the life of the edge.

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