How to JUDGE LEFT Side of CAR - Super TRICK.

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99% Drivers set their Car mirror wrong. Top car trick for avoiding blind-spots. #Vic87m

SMART BANO - Perfect PARKING SIKH LO.. Reverse Parallel Parking Tutorial.

Hindi - Park car perfectly between two cars. Easy method with explanation. Please Like, Share & Subscribe to our channel for more Car tips and tricks related videos. #Vic87m

7 Driving Habits That Ruin Your Car and Drain Your Wallet

How to drive a car easily and safely? How to brake smoothly? Here are a few simple driving hacks and secrets you should know to drive your car like a pro. Have you already been driving for many years or are you just starting to drive? This activity can be both exciting and exhausting. Of course, firstly it depends on road conditions. However, there is one more important thing to be considered while driving – the behavior of your car. The longer you own a car; the more driving habits you acquire. Unfortunately, not all of those habits are good ones. Moreover, the more experienced you become, the harder it is to break them. And very often those habits can affect the condition of your car. We decided to compile examples of unwise driving behavior. TIMESTAMPS Resting your hand on the gear stick 1:09 Refueling only when the tank is almost empty 2:13 Frequent braking 3:04 Ignoring suspicious sounds 4:26 Neglecting to use the hand brake 5:50 Running a cold engine at high revs 6:34 Keeping your foot on the brake while driving downhill 7:17 SUMMARY - Whether you own an automatic or a manual car, a transmission that is not working correctly can cause serious problems both under the hood and out on the road. Moreover, transmissions are very complex, they have many moving parts, ignoring this bad habit can easily bring you to huge expenses for a transmission repair. - The dirt gets into the filters and the pump causing damage. The purpose of the latter is to get fuel from the fuel tank and deliver it according to the demand of the engine. During winter months, be sure to always leave the tank at least half-filled with fuel to avoid the formation of large amounts of condensate. - To avoid unpleasant accidents, remember to promptly change the brake hoses and keep your eye on the brake fluid level. Keep in mind that braking is another skill to be mastered; it takes a certain skill level to do it correctly. - Please use the following steps to safely move your vehicle away from the highway and to avoid the possible danger. Firstly, pull over to a safe spot. Don’t hesitate to ask for any possible assistance because the process might not be that easy as it seems. And remember to switch on the hazard lights. If the car has completely broken down and you cannot start it, just push it to a safe place After, try to diagnose the issue. - To successfully park on an incline, hold the foot brake and shift into "park." Then pull the hand brake, and only then slowly release the brake. It doesn’t really matter if your car has a manual or an automatic transmission, car manufacturers recommend the use of the parking brake to immobilize any parked vehicle. - Most modern engines don’t need warming up. However, it is worth remembering that until the gauge indicates operating temperature one shouldn’t run the engine at more than 2,000 revs. In freezing conditions, it is advisable to keep the engine running for 1-2 minutes before pulling away. - The proper thing to do is to shift to a lower gear and initiate engine braking, which helps to reduce the use of normal brakes. It works by reducing the speed of the engine, which means that the speed of the vehicle reduces too. The aim is to prevent the vehicle get a too fast speed, especially while going downhill. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

How to judge left side of the car? ||Tamil || Thanks for Watching

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How To Judge Your Road Position | Learning to drive: Car Control skills

In the UK we normally drive on the left side of the road, but there is more to it than that - as our position within our lane is also important. Driving with the correct road position is important for safety and also helps traffic flow freely. Many new drivers find this difficult to judge, and find themselves accidentally driving off the edge of the road - so in this video we will show how to position your car on a few different types of road. This video includes; * 0:06 Introduction * 1:01 Why road position is important * 2:20 How to judge our road position * 3:40 Steering technique * 4:17 Wide 2-lane roads * 4:47 Narrow 2-lane roads * 5:31 Narrow road without road markings * 6:11 Single track road * 7:05 Summary If you found this video interesting then please click like, and subscribe to our channel - as it really helps other people find our videos. Thanks for watching! We really strive to make the best tutorial videos possible, but it costs us money. If you would like to help support this channel then please click our Patreon link to find out about our crowdfunding campaign. Thanks! EQUIPMENT: Camera: GoPro Hero 6 (x2) & 5 Computer: Apple Mac Mini Software: Final Cut Pro X Music: Time by Markvard Music Link:

Easy way to Judge left side of the car.

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